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This post is inspired by questions from Barry, who wants to know why his higher self woke him with chest pains that sent him to the hospital. A cardiac problem was ruled out, but he asks why this happened and how to avoid it in the future.

The Council also sees no physical disability to worry about and asks Barry what the focus of his attention was during the episode. Was it fear or was it hope that things would get better?

This was a lesson about what happens to people around him who experience illness. Does he understand the emotions? Does he have the feeling of empathy and love for people around him with unhealthy bodies?

When family or friends are going through a similar situation, can he have the patience to help the person through it? Can he remember what it felt like and can he be a source of support? How can he ease that fearful feeling? How can he help another get to the hope to feel better? The Council says this is what he wanted to learn from this experience and was what he created while still in spirit.

Can he learn from this and help others? That is what he specifically created this situation for. And when he can learn from the feelings he had and how he handled his situation, he can know how to be of assistance to others and he will not have to experience this again.

Listen to The Council’s entire 5-minute portion of this session on Barry’s question for all their guidance.

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  1. Dear Anonymous, it is not uncommon to be under the impression this life is your last life, but maybe it is. In any case, we will ask The Council about this and let you know what they have to say. Enjoy.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | June 9, 2015

  2. Dear Bob, Cynthia and The Council. Last year I had Energetic Healing and the healer told me that this is my last life. I, myself, had thought the same thing, as I had always said that it is my last life. Is the council able to confirm this? Much appreciative of your feedback. Thank you and all the best:) xx Anonymous


    Comment by Anonymous | June 8, 2015

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