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Will This Be My Last Lifetime?

This post is inspired by a question from an anonymous reader who wants to know if The Council can confirm that this will be their last lifetime. (This question was asked on June 8, 2015, but was apparently not posted, so we’re posting it today.)

The Council is clear that this person is the creator of everything that they experience in their lifetime. So if they feel it is their last lifetime, they will create it that way. And yet when they return to spirit and see how much more there is to do, they may change their mind and come back to learn more and help others.

The Council says many who wish to return to spirit and not come back become guides and helpers to others who are here. And so if they feel this will be their last lifetime, when they return to spirit they will create that. Eventually they want to come back into physical form, but it’s entirely up to them. No one will tell them they have to come back.

The Council advises if it feels good to think this is their last lifetime, then they should stay with that thought and feel good in it. And The Council also says they can’t tell if this will be this person’s last life. This is entirely up to them, whether they come back or stay in spirit.

The Council says they will still be creating and there is no ending. And they remind us our greatest tool is choice, whether it is here or in spirit. And they encourage us to have fun in our choosing.

When asked if there’s anything else they want to discuss, The Council suggests we meditate on who you are, that all is well, that we have choices in everything, and that we are here to experience love. And they remind us to look at everything in our lives and know that we have created it.

Listen to the entire 10-minute session with The Council (below) to receive their full guidance.

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  1. Hi, Carolyne. We’ll answer this question when we have time and post it on our blog. Thank you.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | December 17, 2016

  2. Hi, Carolyne. We currently offer readings from The Council that are not paid for and readings that are paid for. For a reading that isn’t paid for you simply post your question in one of the Comment boxes on this website (as you already did) and when we have time we’ll do a recorded session with The Council and post their response on this site. For a paid session with The Council you can read our Contact Us page. A session that’s paid for will not automatically be posted on our website. I hope this helps. Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | December 17, 2016

  3. Is everything that’s happening to me pre-planned, or happening by chance?

    Since 2013 my life has just been a confused one, from my love life to my fertility. How can the council help me to understand this?

    Now I’m in a relationship that everyone thinks is not right for me. With 3 terminations, the last one I’m thinking I made the worst mistake of my life.

    I can’t seem to concentrate on anything in my life. I wonder what’s wrong with me to keep a pregnancy and just decide to terminate it just like that. I miss my baby. Please let me know the reasons behind this. I do not want to repeat that mistake again. Living in shame, guilt and anger over myself. I lied that I had a miscarriage to everybody. Now how could this have happened? Am I meant to be a mother?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by carolyne ngina | December 5, 2016

  4. How does one get a reading from the council?


    Comment by carolyne ngina | December 5, 2016

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