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Do We Need a Mother’s Womb to Reincarnate?

This post answers a question from an anonymous reader who asks why we need a mother’s womb to reincarnate into this lifetime. According to The Council we don’t need a mother’s womb to reincarnate, but this is something we’ve chosen at this particular time because it’s a physical and emotional experience we desire.

The Council says in the beginning when spirit came into this reality the womb wasn’t needed. Spirit would project itself into trees and animals by an act of creation. After a while we desired a change and decided to experience this reality by being born from a mother’s womb to know the physical sensation of this process.

The Council says Earth is a teaching ground for physical and emotional experience, and at this particular time when you chose to come here, being born through your mother’s womb is part of the knowledge you acquire. They also say there are spirits who take the place of people who no longer wish to be in this reality, but there are still lessons to be learned by other people from these people. And The Council says there are angels who pop in and out of physical form to help people, and experience some knowledge while they’re here. And the mother’s womb isn’t needed in these instances.

The Council emphasizes that life is constantly changing and while we want to experience birth through the mother’s womb at this time, they also say we’ll eventually create a way to enter this reality where the mother’s womb isn’t necessary.

Bob’s curiosity about The Council’s comments regarding angels prompted some additional questions and some interesting answers about the bodies the angels incarnate into, the number of angels that choose to inhabit physical form at one time, and the amount of time they spend here.

The Council briefly touches on the subject of cloning and goes on to say they think we’ll go beyond cloning to the point where we can experience birth without the mother’s womb as an adult or a child, simply by willing this process of creation through our mind.

The Council emphasizes that our freedom and our choices are limitless and it’s their hope we’ll go on to experience different ways to incarnate into this reality, and they remind us whatever we wish to create is possible.

They also remind us there are people who choose to leave this reality very peacefully just by willing it when they feel they have learned enough, rather than create a disease or an accident.

The Council finishes with a reminder to enjoy your life, be grateful; stay in positive choices,  positive actions, and positive reactions; and continue to serve your purpose which is to spread love everywhere. And they close with a reminder they are always with you.

This was an exciting 17-minute session that touches on several noteworthy points about the power of who we are as spiritual beings in a physical body. Listen to the entire session below and let us know what you think.

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  1. Hi, Jan. We’re glad you like this post, even if it does raise more questions. It’s not our impression The Council’s use of pronouns has to do with them identifying with Cynthia. For the most part it seems like Bob is having a conversation with someone different from Cynthia. The Council does seem to use ‘you’ and ‘we’ almost interchangeably. We attribute this to their desire to be as inclusive as possible rather than exclusive.

    We’ll ask The Council about this and about non-physical entities like angels, etc. that watch and interact with humans, and post the conversation as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing what they have to say about these interesting subjects. Thanks for your questions, Jan.

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    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | November 18, 2015

  2. What a fascinating post. It raises as many questions as it answers, though!

    I have always been intrigued by The Council’s use of pronouns – they seem to say ‘you’ and ‘we’ interchangeably when discussing physical life. I’ve spotted it before, but it’s particularly noticeable in this recording. E.g. they say, “WE have chosen to be born…” but in the next sentence are saying “YOUR reality”. I used to think this was because they were speaking through – and therefore partly identifying with – Cynthia, but now I’m not so sure how – or if – they differentiate between themselves and those of us experiencing physical reality. It would be great if you got a chance to ask them about that sometime.

    Then there is the matter of angels… I wonder how they fit into the picture. I suppose what I am really asking is this: I understand that I am an eternal soul, part of which has chosen to incarnate and experience physical existence in order to bring in love, but I would be fascinated to know more about the guides, spirits, channelled entities and any others who choose to watch and interact with us from non-physical, non-local reality.

    It’s an amazing job you are all doing. Thank you so much – Jan x


    Comment by janonlife | November 16, 2015

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