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A Past and Present Lifetime Relationship

This post is inspired by questions about a relationship from a reader who goes by the name Aquarius 4. He recently had a private phone session with us which brought up more questions that he’d like us to answer in a post.

Because Aquarius 4 discusses several different subjects that relate to material we discussed in our phone session, his comment can seem a little difficult to follow. The basis of his story is a problematic relationship with a woman in this lifetime that he’s experienced in other lifetimes.

Toward the end of our session with The Council they say Aquarius 4 won’t rid himself of this woman or the problems he’s experiencing with her in his current life. They are here to be experienced, The Council says. They say the connection with this woman is strong because the two of them have a spiritual desire to heal their relationship.

The Council advised Aquarius 4 he must take his focus off these past lives. They are there to provide information about what’s happened and what’s desired, but constantly focusing on what went wrong in those lives won’t fix the problems he’s having with this woman is his current reality.

The Council says to focus on what went right, no matter how brief it was, and focus on what he desires. When Aquarius 4 is able to create more of what he desires in his current lifetime, The Council says that’s when he’ll see change and feel more at peace.

The Counsel advises Aquarius 4 not to pressure himself to heal this relationship right now. They say healing will happen when they both feel safe and are able to look at the situations around them and overcome them.

At the end of our session The Counsel says Aquarius 4’s letter is full of questions and fear in the beginning, but by the end he sees himself handling and acknowledging things differently. They add that through this situation with this woman he has already begun to grow and is on the path he wants his life to be on.

The Council’s parting words are to be present, focus your mind, and feel your heart. They ask what Aquarius 4 has created in his reality and what he wishes to create? They advise seeing his situation as he wants it, feel the love, and he’ll bring this into his reality.

Listen to our entire 19-minute session with The Council below to answer Aquarius 4’s questions.



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  1. You need to show this woman that you have changed because words mean nothing when your actions show the complete opposite. Until then, they are just words, and you need to show some responsibility as you are now in this reality and you are responsible for this lifetime. Heal with gentleness and empathy as I feel this is what this woman needs to hear and feel from you. I hope this helps with your urgency to heal to the situation. A.

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    Comment by Anonymous | July 25, 2016

  2. Hi Cynthia, Bob and the Council. Thanks to you all and the many others who have helped me put the pieces together. The experience has gifted me some amazing gifts of change, friendship, love and peace as I seeked answers. But most of the time I found me questioning myself and the need to heal and find a deeper love and compassion for people, self and world around me.

    My greatest Gratitude is to Sparkle Girl for bringing the opening of the wounds so they can be healed. As a person said, that I have consulted on the way said this fractured you, it was a opening I needed.

    As the great Persian Writer and Mystic said, the wound is where the Light enters. And so it enters.

    I understand that the past lives are not the focus, but hidden in those 2 lives are what is in this one, and that has revealed what needs healing to have manifest the desire of this life. So no accident that I’m having more about them being revealed. Its ongoing, but not my focus.

    I was one who believed but held no real significance in past lives. I hold hope one day that we will bring the final healing of what seems to be many lifetimes together through some communication and no longer have to chase each other through time and space. If not I guess we do it again in another life, but that wouldn’t be my choice. Much love and Respect to you all.

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    Comment by Aquarius 4 | May 23, 2016

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