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Desire for a Fuller Life in Ancient Egypt and Today

This post is inspired by a question from Christine, who’s interested in knowing if the information she received from a clairvoyant about her being psychic in a past life in Egypt and having her head cut off is correct.

The Council says they see a past life where Christine was in training as a high priestess in the temples of ancient Egypt. In the temple of Isis where she served most of the time, she was one of the young girls who were considered to have great promise as high priestess for the information she was capable of receiving.

The Council says the reason Christine didn’t make it to being a high priestess is that she was imprisoned for not worshiping exactly as she was taught. She had a desire to be out in nature and would sneak away from the temple. When this was found out she lost her position and was taken away.

The Council says Christine’s gift of intuition stayed with her and they see past lives after Egypt where this intuition was considerable. She carries this intuition into her current lifetime if she’d like to work with it and have it grow within her.

The Council suggests meditation and as she progresses she’ll be able to answer questions. They say Christine would do well in a class on developing her psychic ability if she took one. And they suggest she’ll be able to get some memories of the life she had in Egypt by meditating on this.

The Council says they don’t see Christine having her head cut off in this past life in Egypt. But they do see she had an early death from a brain aneurysm due to her imprisonment, and maybe this is why she was given information from a clairvoyant about losing her head.

The Council wishes Christine a great journey as she connects her past life in Egypt with her current lifetime. They suggest reading books on Egypt and visiting museums will bring her a lot of joy.

The Council says her desire to have a fuller life and more freedom in Egypt was brought into her current life. And they say as she connects with that lifetime, that feeling will return and push her forward in her current life to find what she’s looking for. And The Council adds they feel this will be a great experience for Christine.

Listen to the entire 12-minute session (below) to hear all The Council’s guidance for Christine.

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  1. Wow! Thankyou so much for responding to my question. As a little girl, my favourite part of the city’s museum was the Egyptian room which lead me to complete a degree in Archaeology. The clairvoyant did mention something about a lover in that lifetime, so maybe she had it wrong or she had it confused with another lifetime. I knew I had been intuitive from a very young age and knew that this was not the only lifetime I had been connected to this type of spirituality. I also sense that i have had a lifetime in ancient Greece and as a Gypsy, but I may ask questions of this further down the track if that is ok. So grateful for your answer, Christine x

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    Comment by Christine | June 3, 2016

  2. I have no doubt in your abilities and connection i I truly hope that it leads to your fulfilment in this life and im sure it will.

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    Comment by Aquarius 4 | June 3, 2016

  3. Always felt that there was something Egyptian about you Sparkle.


    Comment by Aquarius 4 | June 3, 2016

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