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Whether to Abort at Almost 42 Years Old?

This post is inspired by a comment from Diana, who’s experiencing an unplanned pregnancy at almost 42 years old, but is contemplating an abortion for financial reasons. She says she’d like to have a family, but she’s afraid of a life of struggle and poverty with a young child, and she asks The Council for any insight that might help her.

The Council says if Diana wants a family in this particular lifetime, this is her chance. And they tell her this so that later on she doesn’t regret giving up this opportunity. But at the same time The Council advises Diana there’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing not to bring a child into a life where poverty might be the only option if this is her choice.

The Council says they see the soul of this child has agreed to come to Diana this one time only. It isn’t likely to return. They say whether she chooses to abort the pregnancy or not, either way will be the correct choice. And they say the soul of this child knows it’s here for Diana to either abort it, or if she chooses to bring it into this lifetime, it has things it would like to experience. The choice is Diana’s, and each path will have lessons and experiences for her.

The Council says the poverty is something that her and her partner chose to experience in this lifetime. Staying with this partner it’s good to think where their path can go now and then begin to create the change they would like to have. This is something The Council recommends whether they decide to have this child or not. The inner work they do will bring them to outer experiences that will help them change. And The Council says if they decide to have this child, there will be time during the pregnancy to experience these changes.

The Council says no matter what they teach, and how they show us there are many paths in front of us, the choice is always ours. No one can make the choices for us. Go in the direction of love and you’ll see your answers come to you. Let go of fear. As you raise your vibration you will see the changes you wish, the understanding you need, and the clarity to see what’s going on.

Listen to the entire 8-minute session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Diana and the rest of us.

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  1. Dear Council,
    I am a 39 years old female living in Turkey-Istanbul. I have been pregnant two times last 4 months from the same person, I have aborted the first baby as I had just met my boyfriend that time and was not ready to bring a child with him. I thought if we want it later we can have it as we are both healthy. I also had started a new job that time and I didnt want to interrupt my first year with pregnancy. My boyfriend has a son of 3 years old from his first marriage and due to disagreements he is having with his ex wife he is not able to see his son thus he has strong longing to his child and was very eager to have our baby. He didnt want to abort it but he supported my decision that time. Another factor is my boyfriend is not good financially and I was worried of having financial problems in future too.
    Two months after abortion I have learnt last week that I am pregnant again. I was shocked as we were more carefull but still I think my boyfriend instictively wanted to make be pregnant again as he has several times told me that he regrets our decision of abortion of the first baby. During this time after we had the abortion our relationship went worse and worse as my boyfriend kept accusing me of telling him about my previous relationships. He says hearing about them hurt him and I was used my previous boyfriends and he sometimes hates me by telling him those experiences. He finds my previous relationships disgusting even. Meanwhile he keeps reminding me that he will not marry me as after his unsucessfull marriage he closed this section of his life.

    Now that our relationship is going nowhere I have decided to abort this baby as well and not to tell about this to my boyfriend as this weekend we have decided to be seperated, He made it very clear that he can not go an with this relationship as he is not able to forget about my previous relationships and told me many bad words which hurt me badly.

    I think my decision is correct considering the curcumstances as I dont want to raise a baby with this person. I kindly ask you for your valuable opinion.
    And I want to understand why this second baby came, is it out of strong desire my boyfriend has for a baby or any other reason.

    I must add I have always been very scared of having a baby as I dont feel I am ready for responsibility of a human being and I dont see myself being a good guide for a child in this caotic life. I have a pessimistic view of current order of the world and humanity. I live in a country which is in full turbulance with terroristic attacks and bad economy and very bad education system. I dont want to bring a child to the world in this country especially in restricted financial conditions which me and my ex boyfriend have now.

    Thank you for your valuable advise in advance.

    Kind Regards,
    Eylem Yildiz

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    Comment by EYLEM YILDIZ | December 26, 2016

  2. It was our pleasure, Diana.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | December 17, 2016

  3. Thank you SO SO much for your answer. I am truly grateful… I also love your advice of making a decision from a place of love (which is the opposite of fear)… Thank you xx Diana Walles


    Comment by dianawalles | December 12, 2016

  4. Such sage advice, always surrounded in love. I especially love near the end of the recording when the Council advices to make the decision from a place of love, (not fear). Making the big scary decisions, especially, through the lens of my heart, has never steered me wrong.


    Comment by mariner2mother | December 4, 2016

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