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Son’s Pre-Birth Planning About Anxiety

This is an interesting post inspired by a question from a reader named Susan who goes by the blog handle, Mariner2Mother. She says her 13-year old son is extremely sensitive to energy, but he experiences a lot of anxiety and she asks what her son’s pre-birth plans were around this anxiety.

The Council sees Susan’s son is very sensitive to energy and that he planned  to experience this anxiety so he could learn to overcome it. This anxiety comes from another lifetime where many people would seek his advice and his healing abilities, but there were others that were afraid of what he could do and they killed him.

Because he enjoyed helping many people in this other lifetime and that life was cut short, he created similar experiences in this lifetime to learn from them, but as a child he’s doesn’t understand what’s happening yet.

The Council says Susan and her son will gain a deeper understanding of what he’s going through if they study meditation, yoga, and energy work. She should talk to him about spirits and ask him to write down his feelings and what he thinks is going on. In another lifetime he was an accomplished writer and The Council says writing will help him now.

Susan mentions she’s now home schooling her son because he was so anxious and overwhelmed in Middle School last year, and The Council says this was a very good decision.

Susan says she’s looking for reassurance her son will grow up and things won’t always be as difficult for him as they seem right now. And The Council asks Susan to focus on her son being fine in the present instead of the future when he grows up. Her son needs to know right now he’s fine and that he’s working on what he wishes to experience in this lifetime.

The Council adds Susan is here to help her son see how wonderful it is that his life is on track with what he planned to experience, and he’s bringing in this anxiety to experience turning it around. And he can ask on a daily basis for signs of this from spirit and The Council says they’ll hear him and help.

Listen to this very interesting 10-minute session with The Council (below) for all their guidance for Susan, her son, and the rest of us, and let us know what you think.

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  1. […] did with medications was a short-lived miserable failure. And since then, I’ve learned that my son’s soul chose to manifest anxiety in this lifetime to give him an opportunity to overcom…. And I really believe he […]


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  2. Bob, Cynthia, and The Council, thank you all so very much for this message of hope and guidance. I absolutely understand everything that The Council brought through, and I’ve been learning about energy and energy healing for the past several years. I had a spiritual awakening almost six years ago now, and I talk about spiritual and energy things with my son. I will share this message with him, and will follow your advice. How validating to know that my intense feelings of not wanting to medicate him are right on. I understand that medications to mask anxiety would likely prevent my son from having the learning experience he sought during this lifetime. I will do my best to keep my focus on the current moment, and know that my son is just fine, as we explore things like meditating and having him write down his feelings.

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    Comment by mariner2mother | November 28, 2016

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