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Will the Soul I Aborted Return to Me?

This post is inspired by a follow-up question from a reader named Casey, who asks if the soul she aborted will return to her in a future pregnancy.

The Council says Casey will meet this soul again when she returns to spirit at the end of her physical lifetime. This particular soul is already moving on to another lifetime it wishes to experience.

The Council says Casey and this soul may choose to be together again in a future lifetime so they can learn together and support each other again. Their time together in this lifetime is as it was planned in spirit.

Casey isn’t  disconnected from this soul just because it has passed on. They have been together in other lifetimes and learned many lessons in different roles. Because we always return to the same family of souls after each lifetime, Casey and this soul will meet again in spirit.

The Council says because we are all connected spiritually Casey is able to ask this soul for signs that it’s around. This soul is sending Casey love and trying to get her to understand they are still connected. What Casey needs to do in her current lifetime has to do with other souls on a different path.

Listen to full recording (below) of our 5-minute session with The Council to answer Casey’s follow-up question, and let us know what you think.

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