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What Can I Do to Have Good Health?

This interesting post contains questions from a reader named Marie, who asks The Council about issues with her health. Marie’s been healthy most of her life, but starting over six years ago she’s experienced breast cancer, lymphoma, and skin cancer, one after the other.

The Council says Marie needs to fully understand that going through these different illnesses doesn’t have anything to do with being a bad person, and has nothing to do with what she believes as karma (her illnesses aren’t payment for things she’s done in other lifetimes). She’s experiencing these illnesses so she can balance her energy.

In this lifetime and other lifetimes it’s the intent behind Marie’s words and actions and what she wishes for other people that creates this imbalance of energy when these words, actions, or thoughts are negative. As Marie came into this lifetime, her focus was on what she desires to bring into balance.

Next The Council said something about Marie not having to experience what she’s created, but she needs to understand it and learn the reality she’s living is the most important one because it’s creating the energy that needs to be balanced, and it’s creating an easier lifetime when she goes forward into other lifetimes.

At this point in the session, The Council asked Bob (as they frequently do) if this is understood, and Bob said, “No”. After a little laughter on both The Council and Bob’s part, they attempted to re-explain.

The Council said if you don’t understand when people go through poverty in another lifetime, you would experience going through poverty at some point in your future lives to try and understand it better. As you grasp that you’re going through this poverty, The Council says you can experience compassion for yourself.

When you can accept the experience of poverty (or in Marie’s case, illness) without judgement (whether you judge yourself for creating it or you judge it as a horrible situation that you’re angry about), you are balancing this energy, and when you do this with understanding and love, the poverty or illness will cease to exist.

The Council says there were a few lifetimes for Marie where there was no patience on her part for being around people who were sick. There was a time where there was a loss of a limb and there was a lot of sadness and judgement against what Marie experienced as her God. In another lifetime Marie was angry for experiencing bad luck.

Now Marie is setting up her life to go through these illnesses, not to judge them or be angry for going through them, but to simply understand this is what it’s like and to work through it. And in that understanding and peacefulness of wanting to learn and grow and take the next leap on her spiritual path, future illness will not be necessary.

Marie asked if she planned these illnesses before she incarnated into this physical life, and The Council says, definitely yes.

Marie asks what more she can do to get on a stable path of good health? She feels like she’s on some kind of a loop. The Council says this feeling of being on a loop is because she’s trying to balance many other lifetimes in her current lifetime. They suggest she think of all the health issues she’s experienced in her current lifetime and in a peaceful way, accept that she’s created this to understand it, feel what this is like, and to keep moving forward.

The Council adds that this situation of illness after illness is able to easily turn around for Marie, and if she is able to calmly come to a place of understanding what the illnesses feel like, these illnesses will disappear.

The Council closes by saying that in the greater scheme of things the experience of these illnesses is a good thing for Marie because as she accepts this and wonders about it in a calm way without judging it, she is creating wonderful energy for future lifetimes.

Listen to our entire 10-minute session with The Council to hear all their guidance on balancing and understanding illness for Marie and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about this, or ask a different question.

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  2. Hi, Marie. Thank you so much for your enthusiastic reply. We’re glad The Council’s guidance is working for you. And thank for your comment to the anonymous reader who has the challenge of hair loss. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | January 27, 2018

  3. Dear Council, Cynthia and Bob,
    This is Marie and I cannot give enough thanks to the generous explanation for my questions. As soon as I heard the part about coming into peace with my problem I knew that was what I had to keep working on. I felt relief to hear that I didn’t need to punish or judge myself because I had done that as I think many people do going through serious health problems. I knew that I needed to be at peace and without resistance and it is something I will have to work on continuously but it also feels right. For the person who wrote above please keep working as I have to on loving yourself no matter what the physical body looks like. We chose a challenging lesson but ask for all the help you can from the non-physical world to help you to feel peace. That is what I do and in this lifetime I have great compassion for you. With love, Marie.


    Comment by Marie | January 26, 2018

  4. Thank you for your question, Anonymous. We’ll ask The Council about your hair loss and post a recording of their reply as soon as it’s ready. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | January 25, 2018

  5. Dear Cynthia and Bob

    I feel as though I have grown a lot just from following your blog and from my own questions which The Council has generously answered. Thank you so much.

    After reading Marie’s question about health I felt moved to ask a question about a physical issue which I have been dealing with for years, even though it might seem superficial to other people. I am a healthy female and started losing hair on my frontal hairline some years ago. Medical tests have come back with nothing. I have tried so many attempts at healing, changes in diet, topical treatments, Reiki, EFT, meditation, praying, fasting, focusing on positive thoughts, visualizing myself healed.

    I know The Council always advises staying in a positive vibration for healing and yet when I try I am often overwhelmed by deep feelings of shame, especially when I look at myself. It feels as though the shame overwhelms whatever positive feelings and thoughts I muster. My heart feels so broken, especially because of all the roads I have traveled for healing, both within and without. I feel disappointed in myself as if I am missing something despite my concerted effort. I have been praying for healing for ten years.

    I know that I have in spirit created this condition. I am grateful for the knowledge and growth that has come as a result of me seeking answers. And yet I feel a part of my soul is breaking everyday because of the shame I feel when I look at myself. Please do offer guidance if you are able about why I created this condition and how I can heal it.

    Thank you so much


    Comment by Anonymous | January 25, 2018

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