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Why is My 4-Year Old Son So Attached to Me?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader who goes by the name, WorriedMom, who has a 4-year old son who’s very sensitive, introverted, and attached to her. She knows this is typical for his age, but he always wants to be with her. Why is he so attached to me, and how can I make him stronger rather than so sensitive and anxious to leave me for even a little while?

The Council says they prefer the word, intuitive, for her son rather than introverted, and they add that he’s learning to deal with this. It’s not WorriedMom’s job to keep her son from being so sensitive. This sensitivity is a tool that will help him as he grows.

Being attached to you is very normal at this age. In this lifetime his closeness with you will raise these questions for you. Your son’s childhood will evolve and this great tie he has with you will change. Why do you find your son’s attachment disturbing?

Your son is a gifted child. The best you can do for him is to spend time with him and your husband together. The three of you should play games and go for walks together. When your son does spend time alone with your husband he should give your son lots of praise.

Your son is here to learn a lot about family. There were other dynamics in other lifetimes where your son was abandoned, where he had no family, where he lost his family, and where he left a lifetime early. In his current lifetime your son wants to learn what it’s like to be fully involved with a family.

Please don’t criticize your son for what you imagine as weakness. This is just your son evolving and bringing in memories from other lifetimes that he’s working on in this lifetime. You don’t have to change your son or get him to be less close to you. This will come when your son feels safe.

Right now your son doesn’t have the words to explain the way he feels, but when he begins to talk more of things he sees or hears, or he asks questions that seem more about the spirit world, please acknowledge these things when you speak with him. Always ask him about what he’s seeing and feeling. Read up on children who are spiritually gifted and can feel energy.

It’s your job to learn how to raise this gifted child. Learn how to be patient, how to be loving, and how to always soothe him when you think he’s upset. Teach him everything is well in our world and teach him about gratitude. This is what he’ll go on to learn about. This is your son’s purpose.

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  1. Hi, Maria. Your questions are way to long and involved for a free session. If you’re still interested in a free session, please limit your questions to one or two closely related questions and not go into so much detail about the story behind your question. If you’re interested in answers to the above questions we’re available to do a one hour paid phone session ($100/hr). We look forward to your decision. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 4, 2019

  2. Hi, Kate. We’ll ask The Council your questions about your abusive childhood and what lessons you intended to learn from it when we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of their response as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for your question and keeping them reasonably short and to the point. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 1, 2019

  3. Hi Bob, Cynthia and the council. I have a question for the council. Why did I choose to have such an abusive and sad childhood. Also why did I never decide to get away from that negative environment when I could have so easily done so? Why did I decide to just stay and get abused for what seemed like an eternity? What was my lesson to be learned through this abuse? Thankyou.

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    Comment by Kate | October 1, 2019

  4. Hi, Maria. Your comment is quite long and we may not address all of it in a session with The Council, but we’ll try to address what we feel are the most important parts as soon as we have time. We’ll post an audio recording of our session as soon as it’s ready. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | September 30, 2019

  5. Hi Cynthia, Bob and Council,

    Please call me Maria. Thank you for your service.

    I think I didn’t get to send my question the other day.

    I’m married for almost 24 years and have a son that is 19 years old. We are all having difficult and chronic health issues.

    It’s because I’ve tried to find a way to handle my health situation that I met a man going through his own struggles. We were participating in a very intense program (and I did this going against my husband’s wishes…) and everyone in that group bonded but we were specially connected. I’ve felt a pull towards him and he got interested in me as well. We got together for a very short period of time but I felt we knew each other from eternity. Many weird things happened to me: my heart chakra or heart center got activated.

    He ended up cutting our connection. He was very depressed and kept saying he was going to be dead in 6 months. He ended up dying. Everyone thinks he committed suicide but I think God took him so he didn’t have to do it himself. That’s what makes sense to me. I prayed for him a lot and he was a very good man, with an exquisite sensitivity and an artist like me. We were in awe when we share our drawings, he was very good at it. I didn’t meet anybody else that could draw as well as me (I don’t think this is bragging since this talent is a gift from God I didn’t have to work to get).
    We had many similarities. I’m also blood type O – and I think he was too (could the Council confirmed this?).

    Since he died I’ve been getting many signs from him, the strongest most shocking thing is that I’ve heard his voice the day I found out about his death and I was recovering from a very complex surgery myself.
    I feel we’ve been together before in past lives. I would like to work with him to bring the 5th dimension to the 3rd dimension and do this working as a team with some doctors in a university setting. He would be great at this since we had excellent communication and he was very intelligent, medically trained, detail oriented and analytical, just like me. I think we could be a very good team.

    Before I met him my husband and I were already talking about getting a divorce and I would have leave everything for him but now he’s not in this plane anymore…

    He did apologized for getting into my life so abruptly and then leaving me in such a cold way. He was very regretful. We had some beautiful emails exchanged about this. I did forgive him, how could I not since I love him so much? I thought we were going to, at least, remain friends but he stopped responding to my emails/texts and he died shortly after, unexpectedly…

    I’m still thinking about divorcing my husband because our relationship is very bad but I can’t be financially independent and I’m concerned how this would affect our son. Our son is a very special young man, very sensitive and I have the intuition he could be very helpful and do a lot of good to other people; he has a great heart, but he’s very sick and depressed and he and his father are always fighting. It’s very difficult to leave with my husband.

    I’ve been saying for some time that life is very difficult to live for me. That I feel like an alien, that life in this planet is very difficult. I’m amazed at my own words. Am I an alien?
    My questions are:

    What is my connection to that man I met this year. Did we have past lives together as a couple? Can we work together transcending realms to investigate in a scientific way the consciousness after death that can keep us connected and therefore bring this knowledge to people as a way of healing and other benefits? I feel I (we?) have a mission regarding this.

    Why he cut the contact with me? He said he panicked but I still don’t understand it. I keep wondering if I did or say anything wrong that turned him off. The way he cut me off initially was very cruel. You only treat someone like that if you hate them and I didn’t do anything to deserve it. And I know he didn’t hate me. Then later he gave me the silent treatment and again I don’t know why because all I did was love him and try to help him.

    He was married too, for as many years as I was, no children, and I felt his marriage was over. I wouldn’t break a marriage, I really thought it was already broken and anyway, I felt our relationship was older than before all this traditional beliefs started, before the bible was written, before any rules, laws, etc., were established, I even felt we’ve been together even before there was people in this planet, perhaps coming from somewhere else… and then all the things I felt in my heart chakra opening like a cannon… I’ve never ever felt these things or this way before in my life, never.

    My other question is about my relationship with my husband. I understand you are not going to tell me what to do but could you tell me, at least, if we are safe with him?

    And last one and most important: how can I help my son? I’m very worry about him.

    I’m not looking forward to living if it has to be like it is now. I can’t continue fighting at this level. I don’t think I have the strength, energy and motivation to keep going like this. I feel super tired, depleted, and meeting that man just to lose him has been very devastating. In combination with all my/our health issues and problems with my husband I feel I hit rock bottom.

    It feels like a cruel joke having met this guy, having him interested in me, if not loving me, just to lose him. But I know God is not cruel and He loves me so there has to be a reason why this has happened. I need to know the meaning and the purpose of this love experience.

    I also have the intuition I’m going to live a long life but I don’t want it to be long and miserable. I don’t think I can’t take it much longer like this. I miss this man immensely and I wish I could be with him wherever he’s now but i need to be here for my son whom I love so much. Even though I love him so much he’s not a source of happiness but constant worry and sorrow. I’m trying to be strong for my son and I wish he could experience happiness, meaning and fulfillment in his life. It breaks my heart to see him how he’s now. I want to see him healthy and smiling, enjoying life.

    What can I do? Can you please help me?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Comment by Maria | September 28, 2019

  6. Hi, Miyagi. We’ll ask The Council about people’s perception of Astrology and Tarot as soon as we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of our session as soon as it’s ready. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | September 26, 2019

  7. Hi, Miya. We’ll ask The Council about your financial difficulties as soon as we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of our session as soon as it’s ready. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | September 26, 2019

  8. Good question, Keith. We’ll ask The Council when we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of our session on our blog as soon as it’s ready. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | September 26, 2019

  9. Who dictated the ten commandments to Moses?

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    Comment by Keith Ruenheck | September 26, 2019

  10. Hello, Lately I’ve been into astrology and tarot readings, but also I get people like family members that think it’s witchcraft and it scared me.

    A friend on social media told me it was demonic, but for some reason I don’t believe it. I believe the Bible is metaphors of events, but why do people have a hard time believing in the stars, moon, and the sun for guidance also.

    I look at everything as it was created from the divine source. I can sense when something is evil, like black magic and stuff, but I don’t know. I just want your opinion and/or understanding on it.

    Thank you.


    Comment by Miyagi | September 26, 2019

  11. Hello, I’ve been in a repeated cycle of financial troubles and I try to work for it, but it seems like my focus and attention on a job I don’t like makes me not want to be there. I’m very intuitive, but it’s like a block on me or something. I don’t like being around any negative energies and the majority of the jobs that would accept me deal with the public so I have to deal with different types of people, and I would notice that by the end of the day I’m drained.

    I feel so comfortable waking up on my own and doing what I love to do, which is music and arts, but whenever I get into music and arts I have trouble with computers and software, plus my environment to produce is not comfortable. I’ve been in a repeated cycle of living with relatives, crowded, and their energies aren’t the same as mine. They don’t believe as much in spirituality as I do.

    My last computer was a MacBook. I was doing projects on it and it just went out on me. This is the same computer my abusive ex-boyfriend broke in half. I forgave him for it, moved away from him, and no longer deal with him. So I thought when I released the past that my life would change. I feel like either I’m doing something wrong or this isn’t my career path.

    I love music so much. I am very helpful and understanding with others. I haven’t done anything malicious and I try to stay righteous, kind, and loving. I’m not sure what spirit is telling me when I ask for assistance. I’m waiting for a response for an interview I did, but I know it’s not what my heart would love. And the more I think about being forced to wake up and work for someone else makes me not like to work for someone.

    I’ve tried to do things like sell jewelry and no one supported me except one person and it was a guy who only wanted to get sexual with me. It’s kind of hard for me to find freelance work because it seems like in my area everyone is always out to only help me for their own personal motive. I’m very beautiful so I know I attract those types, but also I attract people that don’t take me seriously.

    My social media’s show that I’m into what I’m into. It’s just like a disconnect somewhere and I’m not sure what it is. I released negative thoughts about the situation, but society reminds me that I should be financially stable. I’m in my late 20s with a bachelor’s degree in audio and I still live with my parents. I recently lost my car and it’s a struggle using someone else’s car because they need it too. It’s like my whole family is barely getting by. We are all crowded in a small home in a disturbing neighborhood.

    I still find ways to be happy but happiness doesn’t pay the bills. I want a financial change and I pray and try to manifest a miracle. I’m not sure what to do or say correctly to my divine spirit guides or angels that protect me, but I know they are there and watching. They help me with everything else but that. This job that is coming into my life is going to be ok, but my patience for having money in my hand is disturbing me. Maybe it’s my spending. I’m not sure. So I’m asking to see what spirit will say.

    Thank you. Love and light.

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    Comment by Miya | September 26, 2019

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