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How Can I Help My Alcohol and Drug Addicted Cousin?

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader who goes by the name, Desperate To Help Him, who has a cousin addicted to alcohol and drugs. Their cousin has tried to quit many times, but there were always challenges placed in his path. He’s a kind and wonderful human being who’s suffered too much. It seems unfair to me that such a good person should suffer so much.

The Council says this suffering you feel so bad about was a spiritual choice your cousin made and he’s right on target. In another life The Council believes was London, your cousin was also a caring and wonderful person that saw many alcoholics and people who were physically abused. Even though he didn’t understand why these people felt so lost, he helped these people also. He followed a path of kindness.

In his current lifetime your cousin chose to be an alcoholic and a drug addict. He chose to experience emotional abandonment while still showing the kindness he showed in his life in London. For him this is just a learning lesson. He wanted to be kind and help people, but he also wanted to feel what these less fortunate others felt and learn from that. When your cousin returns to spirit he’ll have a lot to teach us.

Instead of feeling sorry for your cousin and wishing he’d get a break, you should applaud what he’s going through. Honor the path he’s chosen and don’t feel it’s in any way your place to fix his situation or change it. He’s growing by leaps and bounds by experiencing the difficulties he’s chosen.

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