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Why Did My Brother’s Spirit End His Rugby Career with an Injury?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Phindezwa, who’d like to better understand her role in her younger brother’s life. A few years ago he was injured, which led to the end of his professional rugby career. Since then he’s struggled to find a meaningful career path and I’m currently supporting him, but I want him to be fully independent. Phindezwa asks why her brother’s spirit chose to end his rugby career and experience major difficulties over the last few years.

The Council says your brother’s spirit chose this path to be an example for others. It was pre-planned in spirit for him to have a rugby career he felt good about and to remember how that felt. Then your brother’s spirit wanted him to experience a feeling of failure, to not understand what happened, and not be able to move on. Once that was felt, you chose to be the creative and comforting one. It’s good that you’re playing this comforting role. But when your brother is trying too hard to find another career, almost out of desperation and sadness because that’s not what he wanted in his life, this makes it difficult to bring in this other career.

It’s good for you to talk to your brother as much as possible and share any ideas you and he might have about his new career. He can still have a career in sports if he wants, but not as a professional athlete. He needs to have a feeling of: I experienced the accomplishments I achieved, I believe I created this change in my life, and now there’s something more I can accomplish. There’s something out there that can make me feel even better than I did playing rugby. When he finds this he wants to show people that face the same sort of loss, whether being fired from a job or not finding one, how to go about overcoming this loss.

When your brother is able to pick himself up and try almost anything until the right position comes along, and if he faces everything he tries with the idea of seeing how it goes, and if this isn’t it then it will be something else. Each job leads him closer to what he wants to do. But we suggest somehow your brother keeps looking for work in the area of sports.

Phindezwa asks what her role is in her brother’s life. The Council says it’s to be a supportive person, the one that talks ideas through with him, the one that lifts his spirit, and the one that teaches him he can create whatever he wants. He was good at one thing. Now he’s in a place where he can be great again at something else.

You’re also there to see how your brother’s life is affecting you. Do you like being in the role of a supportive person? What feelings does it bring up in you? Know that you and your brother have pre-planned these experiences in spirit. You’re in the role you desired to experience. You wanted to see how to be supportive and yet step back and let your brother find his own way, but always be there for him. You’ll be showing your brother love and accepting him exactly the way he is. As you accept him and you know there’s a new career for him, he’ll begin to feel that.

As soon as your brother can create independence in his life, it will be there for him.

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