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Why Has the Man in My Life Become So Distant?

This post answers questions from a reader named, Confused Aquarius, who says the man in her life has become distant and he’s not the same man anymore.

The Council says it’s not this man’s intention to hurt you. There are other issues he needs to go through. One of the issues affecting him from past lives that he’s trying to work out is the issue of commitment. There’s a fear of commitment because of what he’s experienced in other lifetimes. He wants closeness and finds it, but fear enters into it and there’s a pulling away. His pulling away isn’t about you or something you’ve done to cause this. You volunteered in spirit to come into this lifetime and help this man learn about his fear of commitment.

Confused Aquarius says this man has gone from one extreme to another and he’s left me so confused. The Council advises Confused Aquarius to forget the confusion. You’ve entered into a relationship with this man to help him grow and to figure out what you’ve learned. What was the relationship like? What parts of it do you want to continue? What parts of this relationship do you not want to create again? You are both helping each other to grow.

Confused Aquarius says, just when my walls came down, he’s changed. He says he has a lot going on, but I can’t help but feel shut out of his life. He’s very intuitive and I feel he was drawn to me because we shared a past life. The Council says he was drawn to you because of a very strong agreement that you made in spirit. He wanted to face this challenge, learn from it, and not have to experience it again. And this makes the attraction between the two of you possible.

Confused Aquarius asks if there’s anything The Council can tell her about the past lives she’s shared with this man so she can better understand their meeting in the current life. She’s very confused why he entered her life in the first place. The Council says the challenges this man is facing, including the big one about commitment, weren’t created in another lifetime that you shared, but it’s something he’s experienced in many lifetimes. Because you know of each other from past lives, you agreed to help him, and you also agreed you would learn from this relationship.

The Council says it was planned that Confused Aquarius and this man would ultimately overcome these commitment challenges, but everyday life gets in the way. They say we’ll see what they create and where they take this relationship.

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