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What’s Going On with This Relationship with My Co-Worker?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Gabby, who asks about a situation she has with a co-worker that’s become serious. She says, I remember when I first met her I felt something about our connection that I interpreted as romantic interest. The Council says that’s because a romantic interest is something you want to create in your life. On meeting this person you hoped a romantic interest was present.

Gabby says the feeling between us is intense, but after interacting with her for the past year or so, not only doesn’t it seem like we’ll have a romantic relationship, but the relationship has become very toxic and full of drama.

The Council says the relationship will go in the direction of drama if your vibration is wanting something and the other person isn’t wanting what you want. It’s like a little battle that goes on that begins to cause separation because right now you’re hanging on to something the other person doesn’t want.

Gabby says, I gave her so much love, but it’s like she has a wall and can’t accept any of it. The Council says it’s not that she can’t accept your love. She isn’t interested in that kind of relationship with you. When you give and give and give, at first it’s nice, but then the other person will begin to see you have feelings that they don’t want from you. This is when you have the drama and the basis of the relationship changes.

Gabby says, When I stopped giving so much I noticed that there’s nothing there, which makes me very confused. How can you have all this connection with someone and at the same time there’s absolutely nothing? The Council says you can have a wonderful and strong connection with someone because of the past lives you’ve had together, but that doesn’t mean that in this particular life there would be a romantic connection.

Gabby says, I don’t think this has ever happened before in my life and I don’t know how to interpret it. What’s the purpose of us meeting in this lifetime if our intense connection simply disconnects? The Council says the purpose that you set up in spirit before you came into this lifetime was to be supportive of each other. In spirit you didn’t create this relationship to be a romantic one.

Looking at this relationship what have you learned? Have you learned not to push to have something happen that you see the other person doesn’t want? It’s a simple lesson of being aware of what’s going on around you and in your life and knowing it’s okay not to have this particular relationship grow the way you want it to. It’s safe to let go of this idea of romance with this person and look for it somewhere else.

Gabby asks, What do this other person and I need to learn? The Council says you need to learn to be friends if that’s what you both want to create. You need to learn how to create distance between each other and how to live your own life and your own path and still be friendly.

Because of past lifetimes when there was a stronger connection, it was a fun thought for both of you to see if you could just come into each other’s lives and be friendly and help each other out. This is what you intended to experience. You just wanted to get together and make a friendship happen and share other parts of your life.

Gabby says, I’m at the end of my rope here. The Council suggests you let go of the rope and look around. When you start putting out the vibration of wanting to find someone who can come into your life and you can have that romantic relationship, it will come. Let go of the idea of a romantic relationship with your co-worker and wish this person well. Wish yourself well and go into detail about the kind of relationship you’d like. What kind of person? How would you like the relationship to be? See this and focus on it every day and it will come.

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