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Does My Son Have A Mental Disorder Because He Hears Voices?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Katie, whose 8-year old son recently told her he hears voices. He’s always been a spiritually tuned in person, but it scared me when he told me this because my first thought was he had some sort of mental disorder.

The Council says many children hear these voices and they’re aware that this is their connection to spirit. But as these children begin to age and become more settled in this reality, they lose the memory of these voices. They no longer hear these voices unless it’s planned that they’ll have that ability again. When your son hears these voices they’re a connection to spirit he hasn’t let go of.

Katie says, I prefer that he’s hearing spirits. I asked how these voices made him feel and he told me it feels kind of weird, but it doesn’t feel bad or scary. I asked him if he could hear what the voices were saying and he said it sounds muffled and he can’t make out specific words. The Council says eventually this connection will become stronger if this is the path your son wants to follow. We see part of this was pre-planned in spirit.

Play games with your son. Have him imagine his ears becoming larger so he can hear sounds that other people can’t hear. Tell him this is a talent some people have and that it will help him in this lifetime. He can relax into this knowledge and try listening to these sounds he’s hearing. When he listens to these sounds, ask him to pay attention to the feelings that come with these sounds. This is one of the paths your son has chosen in this lifetime.

Katie says, I’m not sure what would be the best support for me to offer my son. He says he’s been hearing these voices for a few years and he doesn’t know why he’s never told me about it. The Council advises Katie to not deny the voices her son is hearing. Don’t force your son to feel these voices are only make-believe, or that they’re something that’s not positive and that he should stop listening.

Your son’s purpose is to do what he wants with these voices. The best support you can give him is to play games with him where his ears grow big, perhaps like an elephant. You can suggest that it’s fun to hear these voices. Advise him to pay attention. Maybe it’s just a sound. Then ask him if he can make one word clear. Eventually you can ask if there’s a picture that comes with the word. This will help your son develop this ability.

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