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Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and Future Lives Together

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Rose, who asks The Council about soul mates and twin flames. She says, I was in a relationship with a woman for about 5 years, but we clashed a lot. So I left for one year and was in a relationship with someone else.

My grandmother passed away and I traveled alone to the funeral. Something told me to contact my previous love. When I returned home I decided I would leave the woman I was with for a year who was my fiance and pursue a relationship with my previous love. Two days after getting home and bringing my original love back into my life, my mother passed away. This shattered me, but my original girlfriend kept me afloat through it.

The Council says this is a role that you and your original girlfriend have played together many times. You’ve been a support of any kind that’s needed in each reality that the two of you have created.

Rose says, The love I have for my original girlfriend is something I didn’t think was possible and it’s grown stronger since we were together the first time. Once as she was leaving my house she looked at me funny and said, It’s like another part of me is staring back at me, like an extension of my soul. The Council says this is because we’re all one, and sometimes what you see in the other person is a part of who you are. When you see great love and recognition in another person, you’re seeing the love you have within you and the spiritual part of yourself.

Rose says, While I have no doubt that this woman being in my life was planned in spirit, I’m not sure what her role is. Is it possible that she’s my twin flame? The Council says she is not a twin flame, but you are part of the same soul group that has chosen to come together many, many times. There’s great comfort in this relationship in each reality, whether you’re being a mother, father, siblings, or friends. It’s something you’re very used to.

Many people believe being a twin flame means you are created at the same time and you go through many lifetimes meeting each other. There’s great recognition as soon as one meets the other, and you have this great feeling that this person you’re with is part of yourself.

Bob asks if twin flames have anything to do with one soul being born into two bodies and The Council answers that twin flames can come in many different ways. It comes when you’re in spirit and there’s a blending with another spirit so the two of you feel as if you’re one, but this feeling isn’t felt in every lifetime.

When you feel this connection it’s you, in your current lifetime, connecting to all the lifetimes you’ve been with this other soul where you’ve changed roles. As time passes there’s a recognition that begins to get stronger and stronger, but it’s started in spirit where you both begin.

There’s a blending of spirits and you always want to learn the same lessons, and you have a desire to be of support. That’s why you have such a connection. It’s such a feeling of great love because you’re recognizing this other spirit subconsciously and you’re feeling the love, but because there’s such a connection you begin to feel and understand the love you have for yourself.

Rose asks if it’s possible for this woman to be her partner again in another lifetime. The Council says it all depends on what you both decide in spirit. If this is something you both want when the two of you are planning another reality, you can make this happen.

Rose says, I can’t imagine spending a lifetime with a different soul. I understand I have lessons to learn that other souls may need to teach me, but is it possible our souls will decide to pair again romantically? The Council says in your relationship you have a desire to share what you learn from other souls in your current reality. What you each learn you share with each other, and this will continue into the other realities you create if this is what you want. You are the creator.

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