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What Happens to Our Future Lives After We Awaken to Our True Self?

The post answer’s questions for The Council from a reader named, Darla, who’s the author of the very entertaining blog, She’s A Maineiac. Darla says it seems as if one of our main purposes is to have a spiritual awakening, rediscover our true selves, and realize just how powerful and divine we are. The Council acknowledges that this is wanted in every reality we are in.

Darla says during a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy session I had a profound experience of my higher self. I was expansive and gigantic, full of divine love, energy, and power. My Council spoke through me and answered all of my questions. My question for The Council is, what happens to our future lives after we have an awakening to our true self? The Council says as the creator, you’ll create what happens in your future lives.

In some lifetimes you’ll completely forget who you are and what you’ve discovered in your current life because the fun of coming into a new reality is having the joy of rediscovering who you really are again. Some people come in with some knowledge of who they are and they feel their power and they use it in their current lifetime. Others come in without this knowledge and they learn as they go. It all depends on how you wish to experience your future lives. (Here The Council seems to imply that we can’t get enough of awakening to our true self and we’re inclined to create future lives to give ourselves more opportunities to do just that.)

Darla asks if we have to reincarnate again and therefore forget who we really are again? The Council replies that there isn’t anything you have to do. You’ll reincarnate if that’s what you want. It’s very important to understand that you are the creator of everything you experience.

Darla asks if there’s an end to reincarnation once we’ve fully awakened to our higher self on Earth, or do we at least transcend to higher states of consciousness? The Council says you’re always in higher states of consciousness when you’re in spirit. There’s never an end to reincarnation because there’s always a desire to spread the love. We don’t stop reincarnating because we want to continue to grow and to bring love from spirit into physical form. There are many times where you don’t reincarnate for a long time, and yet there’s always a desire to jump back into physical life. It’s when you’re ready and when you want it.

Darla asks what her path is moving forward? The Council says your path forward is to meditate and imagine what it could have been like in many lives where you jump in and live your life, and when you go back to spirit you look at this life and say, Wow, that was difficult, but I got the message by the end of that lifetime. Or, What fun it was to take those steps of knowing nothing and finding the connection to spirit, and finding the connection to my higher self. I want to do that again.

What you create in the future is the feeling you want. It’s the joy of jumping into a life and seeing how you handle each lifetime and how you bring that love in.

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  1. Our pleasure, Darla.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 15, 2021

  2. Thank you for this insight! Much appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by She's a Maineiac | July 13, 2021

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