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Why Have My Boss and I Come Together in This Lifetime?

This post answers questions for The Council by a reader who goes by the name, Anon, who says she’s faithfully married with children and recently began a new job. Her boss took her breath away when she met him. There was instant recognition and desire, and both are committed to their spouses. Anon asks why they’ve come together in this lifetime when they are both unable or unwilling to be together romantically?

What The Council sees here is a spiritual agreement between these two souls who have a strong bond from working together in many lifetimes as husband and wife and as siblings. The agreement was to go separate ways in this life so they could have experiences they wished to live through and learn from, and at a certain point perhaps these two souls could come together again if they both created the idea of drawing each other into their lives.

The desire to be together was there for both of you, but life got in the way and you both met other people. You went down a different path than the one you originally envisioned. And yet because the energy between you and your boss is so strong, you still managed to come into each other’s lives even though you have both have different partners. There’s a comfort that’s felt from the two of you being together.

In this life can the two of you be supportive friends to each other? Can you feel the happiness of being able to come together in this lifetime in different roles and help each other grow and learn? Can you experience a different kind of relationship than you’ve had in other lifetimes? You both have the ability to create this relationship the way you want it.

In spirit the two of you originally planned for the possibility of becoming partners again after going in your different directions, but each of you went down a different path where you wouldn’t be marriage partners, but you can have a strong friendship.

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