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What’s the Purpose of My Meeting This Man Online?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Puzzled Aquarius, who met a guy online 11 years ago, had online contact on and off over the 11 years, but they’ve never met in person. The Council says it wasn’t planned in spirit for this reality that the two of you would get together permanently.

The Council says the first past life we’d like to share with you that’s affecting your current relationship takes place in England. You were in a religious order living in a convent. In this life he was a gardener and handyman. You’d speak to each other even though you were cloistered and really shouldn’t have been conversing with this man. There was flirtation going on, and yet you both knew the relationship could go no further.

In that life you built a bond and shared a closeness that you experienced a lot of guilt over this because it was against your religious order. The gardener knew he couldn’t push you in any way to create any sort of a relationship. It was a strong friendship and that’s how it remained in that life.

After that particular life you both planned that you’d like to come back and be close and see where you could take this next life. But what happened was you created a life where you were brothers who were close, but there was also great competition. One was always trying to win over the other, trying to be better, trying to have more than the other. This was to learn how to try and be together without the rules, without anyone saying you can’t do this like they did in England. You picked being brothers and you tried to build a closeness then.

In your current life you thought you’d give a relationship another chance. There were no plans made in spirit to see where this relationship would go. You didn’t know when you’d meet, if you’d meet, or what would happen. In your current reality it was arranged that you’d see day by day what would happen.

There may be a closeness that’s felt, that you want the same things, but we also see in this lifetime there’s part of a subconscious memory of your life in England that keeps this man from taking your relationship further. He likes the connection. He likes when the two of you talk. He likes knowing where you are, but there was no close relationship planned. You agreed to see what happens. You’re going into this relationship again, but is it what you want?

If it’s not what you want, can you let go of it? Like your relationship in England, can you have conversations and meetings every now and then and be satisfied with that? That’s the best you and this man are likely to achieve in this lifetime. That’s what’s going on. Of course you can always try with your thoughts and feelings to make this relationship more if that’s what you want. You can create anything, but you didn’t plan in spirit that it would be more.

Puzzled Aquarius says, I don’t understand why, after so long, we get connected and disconnected and we never seem to meet. What’s the purpose of this. The Council says the purpose is for the both of you to see what you could create. What you’re experiencing is the best of what you’ve created in your current lifetime. That’s all that was wanted. Let’s see what we can do. Now that you’re aware of this, is it enough? Would you like to hang onto this, or would you like to look elsewhere for a permanent relationship?

Puzzled Aquarius says we’re both still single, no children, never married, but we both want these things and we have a deep connection when we chat. The Council says this deep connection is something you also had in the relationship in your lifetime in England.

We’ve video-talked also. It’s like we’ve known each other from so many lifetimes. Did we have a recent past life and is that the reason why we’ve found each other? What were we to each other if we did, and what was the point of this? The Council says these two lives we’ve described to you are what are affecting your present life. The point was to try and get together again and see if you could create more closeness and to see how far you could take a relationship with the freedom to do whatever. Coming and going is part of this freedom. With the understanding of why this relationship is happening, is it wonderful? Would you like to keep this creation, and perhaps create it again in the future?

This man would have difficulty committing to a permanent relationship in this lifetime because he’s not consciously aware the lifetime in England is affecting him, but it is. It’s not only how he acts with you. The subconscious memories from his life in England have him acting the way he does with many other people. He doesn’t have a desire to get closer. There’s a desire to keep his distance, being a friend, but not committing.

Puzzled Aquarius says, I want to meet him, but can you see if this will eventually happen? The Council says where you’d want this, we don’t see him wanting this at this time. And yet he’s the creator and can change at any moment.

This man likes the idea of speaking or writing to people and finding out they also want the same things he wants. This is a closeness he craves, but there’s no intention of going beyond this. He’s interested in finding people who agree with him and what he wants that these other people also want.

We don’t see your relationship with this man going in a permanent direction, but as the creators, as you develop, as you experience and live this life, you can change what you want. A romantic connection is there on some level, but not at the level you’re looking for.

Puzzled Aquarius may be able to find a permanent relationship if she chooses to look somewhere else.

The Council closes by advising us to take information from our past, but don’t stay stuck in those lives. Take all that information and use it to further yourself in the life you’re creating at this time. We in spirit, as we watch you and see how you grow, learn from you and we grow also. We’re all gifts to each other.

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  1. Glad you liked the blog, Puzzled Aquarius, and happy it’s given you clarification. We’re so glad you love our blog.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 17, 2021

  2. That was such an incredible response, Thankyou. And it all makes sense on why he is a runner. This has given me the clarification I needed. Thankyou for helping so many people. I absolutely love this blog.
    Love and light,
    Puzzled Aquarius xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Puzzled Aquarius | July 16, 2021

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