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Can You Provide Some Validation About a Dream I Had

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Conner, who says: I’ve been thinking about other lifetimes and I had a dream where I saw a woman named, Rachel, doing what appeared to be a slow dance or some sort of exercise. A voice during the dream told me that Rachel is the mother of my soul in another lifetime that will overlap with my current lifetime. Can you provide some validation about this dream and some impressions I’ve had?

The Council begins by telling Conner he already had other lifetimes with Rachel. In your current life, you and your higher self are already subconsciously creating two to three more lifetimes in your future. You’re already starting to create these lives by what you’re going through now, by who you want to have in those lives, and some of the things you want to experience.

Rachel is a soul you’ve known before from other lives and you’re planning for her to also be in the three lives you’re trying to create in your future. These lives aren’t perfected yet. All the souls involved haven’t agreed to be in these lives because you’re still creating what you want in these lives. It’s not fully ready in your mind how you want to be, the sex you want to be, what you want to look like, the length of your life, the lessons you want to learn, and the spirits you want to be with. All of this hasn’t been decided yet.

What has been decided is you have had other lives with Rachel and it seems the two of you like working together. She will appear in your future lives, but it hasn’t been decided in what form, but you are the creator. If you like to think of this dream you had and you want to get close to the feeling of Rachel, you can experience more of what you want to put together in the future.

When asked if The Council could comment on Conner’s impression that one or more of these three future lives he’s planning will overlap with his current life, The Council says, yes. What Conner is experiencing in his current life, he’ll bring into future lifetimes. He’ll bring in things he wants to experience again, things he doesn’t like how he handled them, or very funny and very happy experiences. There will be an overlap because Conner will take some things from this life and bring them into the future.

Bob asks The Council if what they mean by overlapping lives is that either of these three future lifetimes will take place at the same time as Conner’s current life. The Council says these future lives are already taking place in another dimension because Conner is creating them, but they’re not fully created.

Just a thought is a lifetime. A dream is another lifetime in another dimension. By seeing Rachel in a dream you’re calling her and she’s responding. The Council can’t tell you where these lives are going, who you’re going to be, how you’re going to be, or what your life is going to be because you’re the creator. We, in spirit, will learn with you as you create and as you move forward.

Conner says, I was also told this life I was dreaming about would have many variations in various realities with different individuals and different settings which would allow me to explore many places and perspectives. The Council says you can create this if this is what you want.

Conner asks if his interpretations of his dream are correct, and The Council answers, Yes, we feel you’re on the right track.

Conner wraps up his questions by asking, Is there anything else I should know about this dream and my impressions? The Council advises Conner to know what a powerful creator you are. While you’re living your current life there are already other parts of you that are being created in other lifetimes. There are parts of you you’ve already sent out to one, two, and three lifetimes beyond your current life. It’s an incredible thing that you can do. That’s why we always wish you to get in touch with the thought that you are the creator.

You are this powerful spirit living in your physical body because in your current reality you need a physical body to get around. But your physical body isn’t all of what you are. Tap into being the spirit. Tap into knowing how powerful you are that you’ve allowed and Rachel’s spirit has allowed the two of you to connect again, and to try and get you to understand you are planning future lives. It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing. You are so much more than your physical body.

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