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Can I Change Something That’s Already Happened In The Past?

This post answers a follow-up question for The Council from a reader named, Leo Moon, who recently asked about tarot card readings. They’ve listened to The Council’s answer several times to understand it because they’re not very familiar with the concepts of multiple realities and parallel versions of ourselves that are mentioned during the session. Now Leo Moon wants to know if they can change the past, or switch over to a parallel reality with a different past than the life they currently inhabit. And they say for example: If I went to multiple tarot card readers and they told me someone cheated on me, could I reject that past and switch over to a parallel reality where that person never cheated on me? Is this even something that’s possible?

The Council says of course it’s possible because you’re the creator of your reality, but we want you to know you’re already experiencing that other life in another dimension. What you forget is that in your current lifetime you may have dreams to experience a different ending in this life, you may have visualizations or meditations where you can see your life ending differently, but it’s important to remember that you created this in another reality to experience it. But you’ve also created this reality to experience it the way it is now.

In your current reality you’d have to concentrate, visualize, or meditate with a very strong focus to spend some time in another reality so you can experience it, but you’ll always come back to your current reality. The part of you that created your current reality would always come back to this lifetime because you want to experience it. You’ll come back to your current reality where perhaps this person cheated on you because your higher self wanted you to have this experience, even though it may not feel like it.

With your focus and with astral travel you can switch your reality to experience an alternate reality for a brief period of time, but you wouldn’t get rid of your current life that you’ve created. A part of you will always be here. Unless you know how to time travel, which is a possibility, you’ll always have short spurts of another lifetime and then your focus would come back to your current lifetime. But all the different parts of you would experience your life in as many different ways as you wish to experience that situation.

Enjoy your current reality. Know that you can experience your current reality any way you desire, but you’ll still go on in it because you created it and you want to see how you’ll handle it, how you’ll feel, and how you’ll grow from it.

You wouldn’t change your current reality’s past because you’ve created it the way you wanted in a different reality. There’s no reason to change the past of your current reality. You can consciously try and visualize or imagine what it would be like until you actually get close enough to feel it and be in it for a few minutes or a few seconds and bring the feeling of that experience back with you into your current reality. But your current reality won’t go away. It’s something you wish to grow from. It’s something you wish to experience and see how you’ll handle this experience in this lifetime.

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  1. I had a dream recently where I woke up and felt strong emotions. It felt like the situation in the dream actually happened to me – maybe not in the exact form, but a similar scenario. I am wondering if this is just a story created from my subconscious doing its normal processing, or perhaps it did actually happen to me in some form (past life, parallel life). I am also curious to know about the particular person that appeared in my dream.

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    Comment by core | August 20, 2021

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