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What’s My Purpose In This Lifetime?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Monica, who’d appreciate guidance on her purpose in this lifetime. Why am I here on Earth? I feel like there’s nothing special about me. The Council jumps in here and says you came into this life to learn about yourself and to show people how you improve the way you feel, how you handle your life situations, and how you create in your life. But you’re in this place where you believe there’s nothing special about you. You brought this challenge into this life with you.

The Council says there’s everything special about you. You’re a spirit. You’ve come into this lifetime to focus every part of you on feeling good and learning who you truly are as a spiritual being in a physical body. You want to connect with your higher self. There’s nothing you need to go out and create. There’s no special career and no special way of living or making a lot of money. What you wanted for this lifetime is to be part of the beginning of people learning how to connect with their higher self and how to believe in who they truly are.

Monica says, I have a fashion business and I try to achieve financial security, but unfortunately I always fail. I can’t fulfill my dreams and I don’t understand why. The Council says this is caused by your negative thinking that you’re nothing, that you’re unable to fulfill your dreams, and that you can’t get ahead in your chosen field right now. All of this will change for the better when you do the work to connect with your higher self.

Monica asks if her situation is related to any of her past lives. The Council says it’s not. You wanted to come into this life at the beginning of a great movement forward for all spirits in this reality and help them connect with who they really are as spiritual beings. You wanted to be able to bring love into every situation, make wise choices, have the answers within you, and be able to reach them for yourselves.

Monica asks, How can I improve my financial situation? The Council says before you start focusing on your financial situation we ask that you learn to meditate any way you can. Anything will work, even if you just sit in a chair very quietly for ten minutes and watch your thoughts. Then we’d like you to do an exercise where you feed yourself energy. Imagine a beautiful star above your head and call energy from that star down into your head, behind your face, down your neck, arms, chest, stomach, down your legs to your feet and toes, and out your feet into the ground.

When you’re able to see, feel, and know you can do this, we ask you to look at the objects around you. It doesn’t matter what it is. Focus on one object at a time and see the beauty in it. Find the beauty in any object you’re focusing on. There is beauty in every object. When you can feel the beauty in the object you’re focusing on, you should see the color of it become brighter. As you look at the object it becomes clearer. You’ll notice you’re seeing the object differently. That’s when you’ve connected to the energy of that object.

Take the feeling of seeing the beauty and the love in every object and bring that feeling into yourself. Concentrate on that feeling being inside you. When you get to this point, whatever you need to know or are trying to manifest, we ask you to think of it and ask your higher self, how do I create this? Where do I go? Where do the answers come from? Help me to meet the right people that will help me in this endeavor, and you’ll start to bring whatever you’re focusing on into your physical reality. When you begin to see these things happening, you’ll get the answers and the direction by ideas popping into your head. When you follow these ideas and the things you want begin to happen, you’ll realize you’re creating what you desire.

When you practice this more and more, starting with little things, we ask that you talk to people about how happy you are that you’re doing what you’re doing, you’re learning about this part of your life, and you’re creating your future. Share this with other people. It’s your desire in your current life to grow for yourself, to connect with yourself, and then to show others how to do it also. Begin to talk about it. This is the way you’ll change your reality and help others change their reality. This is a big assignment you’ve given yourself. This is where you are right now. You’re ready to begin this part of your reality.

The Council says if you keep this up you may think this isn’t much, or how will this help. That’s fine, but let go of your doubt and do it anyway. The act and discipline of doing it will bring you the proof you need that this is working. This is a beginning for you to help others around you. We wish you well with this. This is what you wish to create in this reality.

Remember that before you create, fill yourself up with the energy, find the objects around you. and see the beauty in them. Once you feel a lightness, once you see that all of a sudden that object does look beautiful, then you know you’ve reached a point where it’ll be much easier to create what you want.

Listen to the entire 9-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Monica and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. Or you can ask The Council your own question by typing it into the Comment box that appears at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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  1. Glad we were able to help, Amanda.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | February 17, 2022

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for your response! I feel so blessed to have you respond to my question. You all are a bright light in my life and you have helped me so much on my journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Amanda | February 16, 2022

  3. Hi, Rose. We’ll be happy to ask The Council about your life path as soon as we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of their response as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for your question. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 22, 2021

  4. Hello Bob, Cynthia and the Council. As always, thank your for your work here. I come to you again with yet another question. I’m still trying to figure out my spiritual path and your words always help! I have always had this feeling, or urge inside me that I am meant for something bigger than what I have settled into in my life. Since childhood I’ve always imagined myself being something great. Now into early adulthood, I’m struggling to find the path I should be on. I know this is not what my life is meant to be, and this person I am is not who I am meant to be. But I am struggling to move forward. I understand this is incredibly vague. So my question isn’t specific I guess. I just need some guidance. In any way you see fit to offer it. Thank you for your time. Sending love

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Rose | October 22, 2021

  5. Aww, thanks so much. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Tiaa | October 15, 2021

  6. Hi, Tiaa. We’re glad you thought this post was informative. Thank you for your encouraging words to Monica. It’s very helpful when someone else has gone through something we’re going through and is coming out the other side. Keep reading positive books and believing in yourself. Let other people believe what they want and realize it doesn’t have to affect you. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 13, 2021

  7. This is very informative. I understand Monica very well. I was once there, very useless, less in many personal situation. I really feel that am not good for nothing but when I moved and start to read positive or motivational books, I started to believe in myself.
    Sometimes, people around us make us less with their perceptions and we accept which destroy us

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Tiaa | October 12, 2021

  8. Hi, Amanda. We’ll be happy to ask The Council about this person and moving on when we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of their response as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for your question. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 11, 2021

  9. Can you let me know about a person in my past, thanking them for their role and understanding how to move on from a difficult relationship?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by davis1amanda | October 9, 2021

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