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What Star Family Does My Soul Come From?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Nick, who says, I have considerable enthusiasm to connect with the Pleiadians. A message came to me subtly on YouTube, but it resonated with me like a nostalgic childhood memory. I’ve remained determined to face the light and listen to a lot of wonderful channelings, but I sometimes find myself lost. I understand that our lineage here on Earth goes to all distant star families, but I feel like a lost child trying to find my parents. I just want to know which star family my true resonance resides in so I know where to try and reconnect.

The Council says that in our different realities we’ve been to many star systems and we’ve had a lot of experience in these different places. We see you’re known as an Arcturian for the many lifetimes you’ve worked in the Arcturus star system.  We don’t want to say this is your true star family, but it’s one of them. That’s the one you’ve gone back to many times.

The Council suggests reading the many books on Starseeds. A very good book is The Star Transmissions, by Ken Carey. Start there and read many of the Starseed books. Some of these books have little tests so you can figure out what star system you come from. At one time or another you’ll say you came from one star or another because we come from all of these places. But we’d say Arcturus is your home because you frequent this star system the most.

Nick says, Deep down something in me misses all of my star families and I find myself sad that I can’t directly connect with them, but I just want to know which direction to look. Can you give me a hint which constellation I came from? The Council says Arcturus is in the constellation of Bootis and it’s in the Milky Way galaxy. Any reading about these subjects will help you to connect even more.

Nick says, I want to know how I may have intimate experiences with all of you wonderful beings of light. The Council says to meditate and speak with the Arcturians. They’ll always hear you. You wanted to connect with them again in your current lifetime because they are great healers and they take care of the Earth. They’re here trying to get the rest of us to be in the vibration of healing.

They’re trying to bring peace to our planet. In your everyday life you should focus on how you can do healing today. Ask yourself, How do I bring peace? Do I offer peace to the people I speak with and the people I’m around? This is what’s being done by the Arcturians, and many Arcturians are here on Earth and have been here for millenniums. Your purpose is to bring peace to your life on Earth and learn all you can about healing.

Nick says, I’ve read and heard a lot of testimony of people having these experiences of connection with their star systems of origin, but what can I do to start experiencing my own truth? The Council says just read these books we recommend. You will connect and feel this connection. At night you can go outside and look at the stars and talk to them. Your thoughts and words will be heard and there will be the connection you seek.

Nick asks, Is there’s a blockage I’m not facing. The Council says there isn’t any blockage. You’re on your way to connecting, which is what you wanted to do in your current lifetime. You wanted to find the direction. You wanted to learn more about this nonphysical reality than you wanted to learn about being in a physical body. You wanted to expand your knowledge, to expand your vibration, and to have more understanding. But not only the understanding of the words. You wanted to have the feeling of being a spirit able to travel to different realities and be able to tap into all the people you were in many of your lifetimes.

The Council closes by advising Nick to go into the vibration of healing and the vibration of peace. You’ll recognize this.

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