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Should I Give This Man Who’s Come Back In My Life A Second Chance?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Eva. She says, After one year without any contact, this man who The Council told me (in a previous session) was my son in a previous life, has come back into my current life. He’s a father now, but he claims he can’t be with his wife and he’s asked me for a second chance. My common sense is stopping me from getting involved with him again. I’m not really happy in my marriage, but I haven’t made a decision to get a divorce.

The Council says if you’re thinking this person would be the answer to finding happiness, we would say this isn’t the way to find it. This man won’t bring you a deeper and truer relationship than what you have with your husband. Find ways to feel good about yourself.

If there’s no rush for a divorce from your husband, there’s a reason for this. Pay attention to this and look for the goodness you can find in your marriage. Be grateful. As you look for this gratitude, more will appear in your life. You’ll still be able to make the choice in the future whether to leave the marriage or not. Being with the other man isn’t the answer to what you’re trying to achieve.

Eva says, I’m always trying to do the right thing for everyone. The Council says it’s time to do the right thing for yourself. Eva asks if The Council has any advice on how she should move on. The Council advises meditation. If you can’t meditate, just sit quietly for ten minutes and see what thoughts come to you and what direction it takes you in. It’s the quieting down of your mind that will give you a stronger direction and answers to your questions.

Now is the time to focus on what you’d like your life to look like. The more you can focus on this while being grateful for what you already have, the universe will deliver more loving and happy situations to you. Meditate. Do chakra breathing to align yourself and you’ll see your life get more clarity. Ideas will come to you through your intuition, which you’ll immediately know are the right directions for you.

Eva says, I’d really like to help this man with his little girl. I’d really love to be part of his life, but at the same time I don’t want to hurt anybody. The Council asks Eva, Can you seriously think about being in this man’s life and helping him with his daughter, and not being pulled into trying to make that relationship what’s missing in the relationship you have with your husband?

If you truly want a relationship with this man, we say take your time about it and focus on the way you want this relationship to be. But there’s a lot you need to look at now in your life with your husband. Look at it, learn from it, find the gratefulness, find the love, and then create with your mind what you want your life to be like. Your marriage was something that was preplanned in spirit and you need to focus on this first.

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