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What Can I Do To Find A Partner To Love and Who Loves Me?

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader named, ACuriousSpirit, who asks: What can I do to find a partner to love, who loves me, and to have a happy and long-lasting relationship?

Council: Become like a child and pretend. The more pretending you can do, the better it is to create what you want.

Be specific in your thoughts. What kind of person would you like in your life? Think of this often. Do you need someone handsome? Do you need someone with a lot of money? Do you need someone that’s beautiful and caring? Do you want a tall person? A short person? Do you want someone with a good sense of humor?

When you do this, the mistake most people make is thinking of all this, but thinking of it from a place of frustration that this is what they want, but they don’t have it. The minute you go into, “I don’t have it yet, but this is what I want,” that but this is what I want and I don’t have it yet, slows down the process of what you’re trying to create.

We advise you to create from the beginning of your relationship. You meet this person. Can you imagine your phone is now ringing and you’re getting a call from this person? This person is asking you out. Are you laughing on the phone? What does your first date look like? What are you wearing? How does the relationship develop? Do you go on trips together? When you marry, how does that happen? Who asks who to get married?

Bring the relationship along in every detail you can imagine. Do you buy a house? What does that house look like? Go in every room and design it, feel it, and pretend like a little child that you have it. And in that pretending and make-believe you know you’re just starting to create what you desire.

The more you can get yourself happy, and laugh when you think: Let me go into this visualization, let me fix this, I saw this last time, but I’ll change it and make it better. And continuously do this and know what you desire is there for you. The more you do this, the quicker you’ll create it. But you have to do this from a place of happiness, and a place that it’s something that’s yours, that it’s available to you. Get away from the thought of, it’s taking too long, and will I ever be able to do this?

You must create what you desire out of faith, and know that you’re the creator. And along with that, you can create anything else you want. But you have to come from a place where you see what you desire, and you feel it. Feeling what you desire is the key. Visualizing what you desire sends those thoughts out into the universe. What brings it back to you and is the magnet is feeling what you desire.

Like a little child creates, they are a spaceman and they’ll see the whole thing in their head. And they’ll be excited because they’re going to the moon, or they’re going to Mars. You must feel the excitement that this is true. You’re in charge and you’re the creator. The more you can do this from a place of happiness and a place of belief, you will create what you desire. There’s nothing you cannot create. It’s all there for you.

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