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What Past Lives Did I Chose To Work On In This Life, And Why?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named Maureen.

Maureen: I’d like to know the main scenarios of the past lives that I chose to continue to work on in my current lifetime, and why.

Council: There’s never one thing you want to accomplish in each life, but what we see here is the main thing that’s happened in other lives that you’d like to work on in this life is self-esteem and teaching.

Look at the life you’ve created now. Are you proud of your creations? Are you satisfied and feel happy about what you’re doing? Is there more you want to do and don’t feel capable of?

To work on that you must look at yourself, see what you desire, and then find a way – and we always say the quickest way is meditation – to meditate and see it, and then see yourself accomplishing it, whatever it is. It could be the tiniest thing or winning a million dollars. But it’s very important for you to see your accomplishments in your current lifetime, and then to help others that are in a place with low self-esteem. You’ve experienced that in other lives.

First find a way to look at yourself, see your accomplishments, be grateful for them, then see what else you want to accomplish, and then share these desires, even if it’s just with friends. Share what you want, and as you share it, just that little bit plants a seed in others, and they will learn from you, and they will go on and accomplish more.

Those are the main topics that you want to be done at this time. There’s plenty of work to be done there. And so we’d say, now it the time to work on this.

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