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Past Life Information and Focusing On Your Present

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Spiritual Girl.

Spiritual Girl: I’m fascinated by The Council’s response to my earlier questions in your post, Are My Past Lives Affecting My Addictions In My Current Life? I wanted to know if The Council could elaborate on my past two lifetimes?

Council: We would say, yes. But at this point, many are so interested in the lives they’ve had before. While we’ll give you this information, we’d say at this time the way the reality that you create is going, it’s most important to focus on your present life, to learn how to create, how to use your feelings, your mind, your heart chakra, and to move forward.

Spiritual Girl: For example, what city or country did I live in when I was murdered, and when I overdosed in a previous life?

Council: That was right in New York City in the early 1800s, and you were what they’d consider household help or a maid. You got into a fight with the woman you worked for, and that’s where you were murdered in that lifetime.

Bob: The woman she worked for murdered her?

Council: Yes. She had quite a few lives where she was murdered. That was sort of a theme that she was learning about.

Bob: And what about what city and country did she live in when she overdosed, or was it the same lifetime?

Council: That was in Germany in the later 1800s. You had cancer, which they didn’t fully understand at that time. And so you were taking medicine for pain and to help yourself, and there was the overdose and you died from that. You were also going through a significant depression, and all of that added to really just wanting to end that particular lifetime.

And so again we’d say that’s all very interesting, but what are you doing now? Concentrate on the now. Always concentrate on bringing in higher vibrations. It’s very important at this time.

Spiritual Girl: Also, the life where I was sick and addicted to laudanum, what was I sick from? And did I happen to be an artist?

Council: In that particular lifetime, no, you weren’t an artist. But again it seemed like these lives it was one after another where you wanted to know the different ways you’d feel if you decided to end your life because you realized you couldn’t turn your life around.

And so again, it was in the 1800s, and that also was an overdose, we see. That was done on purpose.

Bob: Can you say what he or she was sick from?

Council: What is known now as dementia. There was a feeling of losing touch with reality. And so this was done to remove yourself, again, from this life.

Spiritual Girl: Also I was thinking of trying Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy for my addictions. Would The Council recommend this? And would The Council recommend trying the Edgar Cayce oil pack therapy?

Council: Yes, definitely. The oil packs help on many, many levels. The Edgar Cayce castor oil pack actually communicates with the cells in the body and gives them more strength and clarity to heal, and to work with the body to accomplish what needs to be done. And so any sort of healing is recommended.

Also, if you’d like to try the meditation therapy that Edgar Cayce taught, the way to do it, that would be very helpful for you.

And doing the neck exercises every morning, bending the head to the left four times, forward four times, to the right four times, and back four times every morning

Bob: Are you familiar with the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy?

Council: It would work. It is something that there’s an interest in, and more will be learned while going through this. So, yes, we’d advise that.

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