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You Are Your Higher Self, And Your Higher Self Is You

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, M.

M: My soul or higher self has “revealed” herself through me two times. And I’ve also seen her face-to-face during meditations.

Council: I love when you say, “My higher self has revealed herself to me.” And in that statement alone there’s still the thought that there’s a separation. There’s no separation. You are your higher self. You are focusing on your current lifetime that you are creating and what you want to experience, but you are your higher self.

And this higher self knows what you want to learn, what you want to have fun with, and what you want to experience in this lifetime. And it will, through this reality, show you the direction to go in, give you ideas that you think are your own (which of course, they are) on how to do things, what feels good, and what doesn’t feel good.

But it’s so important at this point that everyone learns they are spirit. And this other higher self that they speak of is you. It’s the larger part of you that’s partaking in this lifetime, and you, in this lifetime, are just the personality, the human going through whatever it is that you choose. And yet we see for so many, that understanding hasn’t come to fruition yet.

And so we just wanted to remind everyone that in meditations, or sitting quietly, or praying every day, or every other day, or whenever you have time, that the first thing to tell yourself is: I’m connecting now to my higher self. If you do that every day, your life will become clearer. When you have questions, the answers will be clearer and they will feel right because you’re not just a personality in this life. You’re connecting to the larger part of who you really are. And so we ask everybody to think about that.

M: I’ve also seen my higher self face-to-face during meditations. Once walking into a garden where she was talking with others.

Council: Where you were talking with others. And you are seeing this because you are ready to connect to who you really are. You are ready to connect with the larger part of you. And so the larger part of you knows that this personality in this reality is ready to go further and to learn there is so much more than what you think you are. And that’s why you are allowing yourself to connect with your higher self.

M: I’d like to know who I am, and who she is, and the purpose of each reveal or meeting.

Council: You are your higher self and your higher self is you. That’s who you are. This higher self that you’ve seen in dreams or meditation is you.

Bob: And the purpose of each meeting?P

Council: Is to connect you, is to get you comfortable with seeing this, and then eventually the knowledge of that will begin to take place within you.

M: One reveal was when another species summoned her. I’d like to know what that was about.

Council: That was just another lifetime, not on the Earth, but in another dimension. And so, again, for whatever purpose you are working towards, your higher self is allowing you to see that.

M: The other reveal was during a class where we meditated and my higher self thanked Archangel Michael. Why did Michael kneel before her, and did my higher self thank him?

Council: It’s just something you’ve brought forth to see, and Michael will become even more important to you in your current lifetime.

So you are connecting on other levels, to other dimensions, to other forms of existence, and that’s what your higher self (which is you) is bringing forth for you right now. So you were allowed to see this. You were allowed to see Michael. You were allowed to see yourself in another form.

This is just things to experience and feel when you think of it over and over again, to take that feeling and ask yourself what does it feel like? What does it make you think of? Does it bring joy to you? How is it affecting you?

So this is just things you are creating. Little bits and pieces at a time, you will get more revealed to you as you connect and as you stay with your feeling. And this is how you evolve and enlarge your reality at this time. It will just bring you further along in what you want to learn. And it’s all about finding out who you are.

M: How was I allowed into the garden to see my higher self face to face?

Council: Because you allowed it. Because you were ready, and you thought it was time to see your higher self. And you gave it the appearance that it showed to you. You could have given your higher self the appearance of being a dog or a horse. You chose this form.

Energetically, who you really are is light. You are light and the vibration of love. And so you can choose in this lifetime and other lifetimes to see yourself and to experience reality in the form that you choose.

M: Thank you for any answers to these questions that you may be able to provide.

Council: Keep connecting.

And so, as always, it made us very happy to help. It is so much fun for us to give answers to help people move forward. That is our purpose right now.

And so we wish you all love, and joy, and wonderful, happy experiences.

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