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What Do You Think About My Mother Wanting to Reconnect with Me After Abandoning Me?

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader named, Anxious, who wants to ask about the mother they were separated from as a baby. She abandoned me years ago, but now she wants to connect with me again.

The Council says there is no need to rush into connecting with your mother. You don’t need to know how to react right now. Sit with the thought of reconnecting and imagine how you’d like it to be if you choose to reconnect. And remember, if reconnecting is too much for you in your current lifetime, you’ll both have a chance to reconnect in another lifetime.

Anxious says I don’t know how to react to my mother’s request because I barely have any loving feelings for her since I never really knew her and she left me. Do you feel I’ll be seeing my mother in the near future and if yes, how long it’ll be before we reconnect?

The Council says whether or not you reconnect is always up to you. As we see the direction your energy is going now, you will reconnect sometime in your future. It’s entirely up to you how long the reconnection will take and if you feel this is something you’d like to explore.

Listen to the entire 2-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Anxious and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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