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Why Does My Cat Urinate Outside Its Litterbox?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Janet.

Janet: My 18-year-old cat is going to the bathroom outside his litterbox. His veterinarian has ruled out medical issues and says my cat’s trying to tell me something. What’s he trying to tell me?

Council: At this point we can see that this cat is forgetting, almost like a person having dementia, so sometimes he just forgets to use his litterbox. But your cat also wants attention. So we’d say, at some point during the day or in the evening, have this cat in your lap or next to you, pet it, give it a lot of attention, and speak to it. That’s what this little soul wants.

Bob: Eighteen years old is kind of old for a cat. Do you think the extra attention will…

Council: Yes, it will help, but part of this problem is your cat just forgets to use the litterbox.

Bob: And can that be helped?

Council: Yes, with the extra attention you give this cat.

Janet: I feel soul-connected to this cat as well. How are we soul-connected?

Council: You are soul-connected. We see that the soul of this little cat has chosen you, and you chose it to work through this issue of his not using his litterbox sometimes. Also for you to get more of an understanding of what happens with age, not only in humans, but also in animals. And for the soul of this cat to still have the love it wants, as if it was a kitten. And so you are connected where you’ve chosen each other to experience this.

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