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Spirit’s Intention for Female and Male Gender Roles

This post is inspired by an overlooked question asked several years ago by reader named Fe, who made some interesting observations about the differences between the roles of men and women, and she asks The Council: “When All That Is conceived of and created our species for this physical reality, what was the intended nature of each gender, of their roles, and of their intimate relationship?”

“From the very beginning, when spirit created male and female it was known that as we continue through our expansion and our many many lives, that we would take part in each gender. And so we would experience being the man [and] we would experience being the woman.

“And the only thing that was pre-planned at that time was that we would have the man and the woman. We would come into this lifetime… into these bodies… and (as they say) work it day by day. There was no assumption that the male would be stronger and the female would be weaker.

“And through different periods of time the man was stronger and the woman was weaker. And the roles were reversed and the woman was stronger (and we believe you have heard stories, which are true, of the Amazons) and the man was weaker.

“The intention was to experience both and create it the way you wanted it to be. So there was no fine line that said the man will be stronger [and] the female weaker, or vice verse.

“In your recent generations many women were taught that the man was the head of the house… that a woman that was not married was an old maid… and pity the person that could not find themselves in a permanent relationship. And then there was the thought that if you did marry and did not have children, that was oh so sad.

“And so now you have seen this changing. Many women choose not to be in relationships. Many women choose to set their sights on careers, or just evolve in their own lives, whether with different partners or going forward alone.

“And so as you can see, through all these generations the roles do change; they swing like a pendulum. The most important thing right now is (of course the way we always say) to remember you’re a spirit in a physical body, and you will experience both. How you experience it is entirely up to you because you create as you go along. Is that understood?”

–The Council
(The formatting above throughout this post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

Spirit Has No Pre-planned Intention for Gender Roles

The Council begins their answer to Fe’s question by making the point that your human experience isn’t limited to what you experience in your current lifetime, and that you have many many experiences in both male and female physical bodies as a result of the many human lifetimes you experience as an eternal spiritual being.

The Council’s next point may be a little challenging for some to accept, but it’s consistent with what they’ve been saying about how things are: spirit created the female and male genders (they explain why a little further into the session) with no specific pre-planned intention for each gender, only the intention that gender roles be determined day by day by according to what you desire.

Several of The Council’s initial remarks address Fe’s comments (in her question) about the differences between men’s and women’s roles, particularly the notion that men are superior to women and that women are created to serve and benefit men; and The Council emphasizes this is not spirit’s intention.

Less Defined Gender Roles in the Future

For clarification I (Bob) asked if they’re saying that the more aware you are of yourself as spirit in a physical body, the more you will experience male and female aspects of physical reality.

“Yes. And that is why we see at this time, classes, the seminars, the books that are written on past life regression becoming so popular. A woman will remember a life where perhaps she was a warrior [or] a soldier… a man [will] remember a life where he was in a home taking care of a bunch of children, as a woman.

“And as they see this, it is immediately accepted [and] recognized that you were in this other life… that you were in the opposite sex. And when there is acceptance, it is easier now to break down the walls of many many ideas that are not needed at this time. The expansion has already begun on many many topics.

“And so as we move forward there will be less ideas where the man goes to work and the woman stays home. It has already happened… there are many husbands that are home and the women are going out to work. And in the beginning this idea was not accepted… now it is more accepted. And so that is how the expansion is moving forward.”

Experiencing the Unity

Bob: “To what degree is there awareness of masculine and feminine, or male and female, in spirit?”

“In spirit you are both… there is no separation… you are male and you are female.

“As you return after each incarnation you are whole… you are one. And all your memories, all your experiences from every life – as man, as female, as adult, as child – goes back into spirit with you.”

We like this idea that in spirit you are both female and male, and the idea that all your memories and experiences from all of your lives are available to you in spirit.

Bob: “Is there something you can say, in general, about this duality?”

“It was only created to experience the difference. A difference was wanted.”

“As it expands it will be a unity of everything. There will be an acceptance that you are love… and love encompasses everything… and there is no separation.

“And so a man can be weak, a woman can be strong… there will no longer be a separation.

“And the beginning… the acceptance of All That Is… all are connected (which is said many many times now)… but as you expand, it will be experienced.”

Spirit creates male and female for the difference. The more you can accept you are spirit and you are love, the more the love you are expands to encompass the differences, and you experience unity rather than separation.

Cultures Where Women Are More Dominant

I asked The Council about examples of cultures, like the Amazons, where women had a reputation of being more dominant.

“Even in Jesus’ time many many of the great healers and great teachers in Rome – in different sects and of course what was called the Essenes – were women.

“And so many records from that time will come forward, where many women were great leaders… where the women were the rule makers (so to speak). And as you know, there was the Egyptian pharaoh, Hatshepsut, who was a woman and ruled Egypt.

“And so there are many many times, and even in this day, where the man is (so to speak) the head of the household, and many of the ideas that he comes up with has come from his partner that is a woman.

“And so there is no strong definition any longer about who is what, who is the boss, who is the leader, who is the weak one. This, as you look around you, you will see has begun to change.”

Gender Roles Are Interchangable and Will Continue to Change

I asked for some additional clarification on Fe’s question about the intended nature of each gender:

“It will change… it has changed, and will continue to change. There is no intended nature of how each gender will be. It is a pay-as-you-go (so to speak).

“There are many men that are (as you say) [as] desperate as women to be in a relationship. There are many women who, [like] men, are afraid of relationships [and] do not want to be in relationships. So there is no longer a separation in that thought. These were generalities that were brought forward.”

I asked for clarification on spirit’s intention for how men and women are to interact, relate, and cohabitate with each other:

“As they wish… as they create… as they move forward.”

“Always with love… that is why we are here.”

“We in spirit wish expansion of more love in spirit, and those who have gone into the physical wish to bring that expansion of love into physical.

“And so the roles are interchangeable and that is what Fe should focus on now, and as she moves along in her life to create her role, as she wishes, for herself.”

Dominant Women in Early Greek History

I came back to the subject of the culture of the Amazons and other cultures where women were more dominant, and The Council interjected humorously regarding the Amazons:

“And they weren’t 20 feet tall.”

Then they described a less well known example of a culture where women were more dominant.

“In the earlier Greek history the men were warriors and that was it. The women made the major decisions, ran the household, were teachers, were actors in the theaters. And in that culture, as many people think of the Greek warriors as powerful, yes they were, but that was their role. The women, which not that much has been taught about, fulfilled all the other roles at that time. And so it has always been interchangeable.

One of Jesus’ Greatest Teachers Was a Woman

I mentioned that recorded history seems to give much more emphasis to male dominance and female submissiveness, and other than the few examples The Council has given, I asked if this is relatively accurate.

“With the knowledge that has been accepted, with the documents that have been found… and yet there is more that will be found, where we will learn more of the interchangeable roles of men and women.

“And we would like to say here that in the times where Jesus walked the Earth, one of his greatest teachers was a woman named Judith. And so much of what he learned as a child came from her. And yet very little is known of this at this time. But there is much to be discovered, and that is the fun that is experienced along the way.”

I asked for additional information about Judith:

“Judith was also a teacher and friend of his mother, Mary. And she taught many of the women in that time to be great healers. The men at that particular time in history were not the healers until Jesus came to the forefront. And so that will be discovered also.”

Summing Up

The Council seems pretty clear on their point of view concerning spirit’s creation of gender roles:

  1. More important than understanding gender differences is understanding you are spirit in a physical body and from this point of view, gender differences are experienced as part of a changing unity where separation between roles doesn’t exist.
  2. Spirit creates male and female gender roles in physical reality in order to experience physical reality from these two points of view.
  3. You have many male and female human experiences during your many human incarnations.
  4. Spirit has no specific intention for how female and male gender roles should manifest themselves. There is certainly no desire for one gender to be stronger or superior to the other.
  5. Spirit intends for you to determine how you will express your gender in each lifetime; this is based on your day-to-day desires. These roles are changeable and there is much evidence of this change in current and recent times.
  6. In spirit you are both male and female.
  7. Historical records yet to be found will give evidence of unknown examples of more dominant female cultural roles. (More on the discovery of these historical records in a moment.)

We’d like to thank Fe for her question and the guidance it inspired. And we apologize it took us several years to answer it. We hope the guidance is worth waiting for.

Discovery of New Historical Records

This wraps up what we learned during this session with The Council on the subject of spirit’s intention for gender roles. As you may have noticed, more than once The Council mentioned historical records that haven’t been found yet will be discovered and will provide evidence with potential to change many people’s beliefs about the nature of humanity.

We were fortunate to be able to discuss this subject with The Council in some detail during the session on gender roles, and we plan to make this information available in our next post.

Additional Topics Covered in This Session

After our discussion of discovering historical records, the conversation shifted to the subjects of energy portals; what people perceive as evil; the enjoyment many people get from being frightened; the power of your beliefs; and deliberate creation. As you might guess, it is a very interesting session and we look forward to describing what The Council is saying about each of these subjects in our next few posts.

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  1. Fascinating post! I’m really looking forward to the information on energy portals – a subject I’d love to understand more about. Thanks, Cynthia and Bob. – Jan 🙂


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