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Discovery of Records from Ancient Civilizations

During a recent session to answer a reader’s question about spirit’s intention for the roles of men and women, The Council casually made the following comments about historical records that will be discovered and bring to light many things not currently known about gender roles in earlier times.

“In Jesus’ time many many of the great healers and great teachers…were women, and so many records from that time will come forward, where many women were great leaders, where the women were the rule makers.”

Regarding the current perception of male dominance throughout most of history:

“With the knowledge that has been accepted, with the documents that have been found, and yet there is more that will be found, where we will learn more of the interchangeable roles of men and women.”

“In the times where Jesus walked the Earth, one of his greatest teachers was a woman named Judith, and so much of what he learned as a child came from her. And yet very little is known of this at this time, but there is much to be discovered.”

“Judith was also a teacher and friend of his mother, Mary. And she taught many of the women in that time to be great healers. The men at that particular time in history were not the healers until Jesus came to the forefront, and so that will be discovered also.”

–The Council
(The formatting above throughout this post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

(For additional information on our discussion with The Council on gender roles, please refer to our post, Spirit’s Intention for Female and Male Gender Roles.)

The Proof We Are Looking for Will Surface

This session wasn’t the first time The Council mentioned historical records from earlier civilizations will be discovered, but for some reason we hadn’t explored this subject further in those earlier sessions. So when our discussion on gender felt complete (at least for the time being), it seemed like a good idea to ask The Council for more information about these records.

It was exciting to imagine documentary proof of earlier advanced civilizations being discovered, and I (Bob) was curious to hear what The Council might add on this subject. This post is about that discussion, which began with the following response when I asked, “And is there something or some things that you can talk about relative to these discoveries that you mentioned?”

“Many of the caves…are in the deserts in Europe, [and] of course knowledge is already being known there are great books and papers that are stored in the Sphinx that have not been found.

“There are many documents that will be found when more excavations bring to the surface the proof…of Atlantis [and] of Lemura. These were not stories that were made up, as some like to believe. These places existed.

There are more documents, and many of the towns [are] by the seasides. In Malta there will be information that will come forward.

“And so as we expand, our expansion and our search for knowledge will bring the proof that we are looking for to the surface.”

Timing of Discovery of Records

The reference to records in the Sphinx known about and not found yet appears to be a reference to several predictions by the famous psychic/medium, Edgar Cayce, in sessions during the first half of the 20th Century. If you’re interested in learning more about Cayce’s predictions, there are several books and quite a bit internet information. We enjoyed reading a blog post titled, Edgar Cayce on the Lost Hall of Records, by Angelicview, which reprints an article by Cayce expert, John Van Auken, a Director of the Cayce organization, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.). This post also contains 3 video clips of an interesting Van Auken presentation on this subject.

Documentary proof of the ancient civilizations, Atlantis and Lemuria (aka Mu), is an exciting prospect and it was reassuring to hear The Council confirm aspects of Edgar Cayce’s predictions. Perhaps we can learn more about these records in future sessions.

Bob: “Is there anything that you can say about why people who have been excavating around the Sphinx have not been able to locate this record room?”

“Because much of what will be discovered will be powerful information that, at this time in history, we are not ready for… It would be misused.

“And so as spirit evolves and brings what it has planned… more love… and peace begins to be more present, and more understanding and more unity between all of the peoples… all of the nations that are here… then the documents will be released.”

Apparently humanity isn’t quite prepared to properly handle the power of the information in the ancient records located near the Sphinx. But as people bring the love we are as spirit into physical reality, the understanding and unity this brings between people and nations will make it possible for these records to be discovered.

Why It’s Difficult to Find What’s There All Along

Bob: “And can you say a little something about how that process [of the document being “released”] works? How something that doesn’t appear to be there can…?”

“We believe our friend, Esther, that channels Abraham has explained it very nicely when she lost her gold pen, and yet it was there all the time.

“So when the belief that it is not lost, and that this information is there and it is ready to be discovered… when someone feels they will make this great discovery, and work towards it, it will be discovered. It is all there.”

If you’re not familiar Esther Hicks and the spirit guides, Abraham, that speak through Esther (in a manner similar to the way The Council communicates through Cynthia), there’s a story that Abraham has told over and over about Esther’s favorite gold pen being lost. The point of the story is that when you believe something is lost, it can be right in front of you, but you won’t see it.

In Esther’s case, when she finally forgot about her favorite gold pen and wasn’t focused on it being lost, one day she reached into a handbag she had searched thoroughly many times, and her pen was there where she left it.

Similarly, The Council suggests the belief these records are hidden makes it difficult to find what’s been there all along.

The Power is Within You

Bob: “And when you talk about the misuse of power… would you say that the type of power that you’re referring to… was this power known and misused at the time of Atlantis, as it’s sometimes suggested?”

“Yes. It was suggested because that also needs to be recognized.

“When the information on how to utilize this power… and how the power is not just in these crystals or in this form of vibration that is conjured up… but the truth will come forward that the power comes from within… in each person.

“And so that is, as what would be said in your time, very heavy information.” [Humorously and with a deepened voice, The Council imitated how this slang phrase has often been used to refer to something very serious.]

The Council re-emphasizes the importance of understanding the power of the information in these undiscovered records and its potential for misuse, which is one explanation for what caused the destruction of Atlantis.

And although stories of Atlantis may emphasize powers that came from crystals or were called forth from other sources beyond the individual, The Council says the discovery of these records will reveal the real source of these powers is within you, as a spiritual being. We think the prospect of this is quite exciting also.

Next Post: Portals

That ended our discussion of undiscovered records from ancient civilizations, but this session wasn’t over yet. Earlier in the day Cynthia mentioned a story a client told her about living in a house that was diagnosed as a portal for frightening energy, otherwise known as a seriously haunted house. And I asked The Council if they could shed some light on this subject, which they did. What followed was a fascinating discussion that we plan to write about in our next post.

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