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A Question about Portals – an Answer About Creating Your Reality

During a recent session with The Council, at the end of a discussion on ancient historical records that were predicted will be found near the Sphinx in Egypt, I (Bob) asked why people who’ve been looking for these records for a century or more have not been able to find them. The Council gave 2 interesting reasons. First:

“Because much of what will be discovered will be powerful information that, at this time in history, we are not ready for; it would be misused.

“And so as spirit evolves and brings what it has planned – more love – and peace begins to be more present, and [there is] more understanding and more unity between all of the peoples, all of the nations that are here, then the documents will be released.”

–The Council
(The formatting above throughout this post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

When I asked for clarification about the process of releasing these documents, and how something that doesn’t appear findable can be found, The Council gave the second reason.

“We believe our friend, Esther [Hicks], that channels Abraham, has explained it very nicely when she lost her gold pen, and yet it was there all the time.

“So when the belief that it is not lost, and that this information is there and it is ready to be discovered… when someone feels they will make this great discovery and work towards it, it will be discovered. It is all there.”

Powerful Information

In a session a few years ago, The Council suggested Atlantis was destroyed by the misuse of power (this seems consistent with other sources of information on Atlantis), and I asked if the potential for misuse of the power in the undiscovered records is anything like what contributed to the destruction of Atlantis.

“Yes. It was suggested because that also needs to be recognized.

“When the information [is discovered] on how to utilize this power, and how the power is not just in these crystals or in this form of vibration that is conjured up, the truth will come forward that the power comes from within, in each person.

“And so that is, as what would be said in your time, very heavy information.”

The Council imitated the way people sometimes exaggerate their voice in a low tone when they refer to heavy information, which I found very humorous. Ordinarily I’d be probably be interested in asking for more information about the power of the information in the undiscovered records, about the crystals, and about conjured vibration, but the thought that came to me was a conversation with Cynthia earlier in the day about a client of hers who had lived in a house he described as seriously haunted.

What is a Portal?

Cynthia mentioned she received guidance for her client that the house was some sort of portal for disturbing energies that were coming into his physical reality from other dimensions. But neither of us understood this very well, and I found myself asking The Council what they can tell us about portals. The rest of this post describes a highly informative discussion that touches on the subjects of multiple realities, evil, rituals for protection, love, Satan, and most importantly, how your vibration brings what you experience into your reality.

The discussion began with the following comments from The Council, which can be a little challenging to understand on the first reading. In the 3 sections that follow these comments we attempt to clarify what The Council is saying here.

“There are inner bridges from your reality on this planet, connecting to many other realities. And because there is a great belief [people have] that there [are] positive and negative entities that exist… whatever you can conjure up in your mind can come through these inner bridges. The energy will be called upon to take shape in your reality.

“And what happens in this particular case… the people who lived there before this man, had what you would call severe mental problems. And there was fear, and there was a great belief in punishment and agony.

“And so the thought forms that you have never die; they are always out there in our atmosphere; they are always around. And so when this is very strong, someone can go into a place and hear from others, ‘I will not come into your house,’ which is what was told to him, ‘strange things happen there.’

“By thinking of this you allow these thought forms that were created – these negative (or what others would believe [as] evil thought forms – to exist with you in this area… in this place where you live.

“And so that is why it is taught that what you think, you create; and always try to have a better feeling thought. From the beginning of your reality on this planet there have been thoughts of evil, of things that go bump in the night. And as you focus your thoughts on this, you will experience it.”

Inner Bridges to Many Realities

The Council’s initial comments feel a little like they’re starting in the deep end of the metaphysical swimming pool, but essentially they’re saying your thoughts have the power to allow energies from other realities to take shape in your physical reality, by traveling along energetic pathways (inner bridges) between realities.

The concept of other realities can be a challenge to understand. Imagine they’re like the different media choices available on a TV, computer, mobile phone, MP3 player, radio, etc. Each available choice is one of many possible realities available to you, and each device allows you to make one of these choices more present in your physical reality. Now imagine your mind is like the controls on a media device, and when your thoughts focus on something in a non-physical reality, this brings what you’re focusing on along an energetic pathway leading to your physical reality.

Thoughts are Real Energetic and Vibrational Things

Living in a physical reality it’s quite common to think the only things that are real are what you perceive with your physical senses. But the more aware you become that you’re a spiritual being having a physical reality experience, the easier it is to understand that your thoughts are also things – energetic, vibrational things. And similar to the way physicists say energy can’t be destroyed, The Council says thought forms can’t be destroyed either.

The Council’s explanation for Cynthia’s client’s haunted house it that the people who lived in the house previously were so focused on thoughts of fear, punishment, and pain, that this vibration became associated with the house, and that vibration is attractive to similar vibrations from other realities, which make their way along energy pathways between realities, and eventually take shape in the physical reality of the house.

Look for Better Feeling Thoughts

Although a haunted house that’s a portal for “evil” energy can seem like a “heavy’ topic for a post on spiritual guidance, we feel it sets the stage for an important discussion on how you can acknowledge the presence of unwanted energies that may come into your awareness, without those energies distracting you from the well-being available to you as a spiritual being in a physical body. The Council’s suggestion to get in the habit of looking for better feeling thoughts is an important part of that process.

What is Evil?

The mention of evil twice in their initial comments prompted me to ask The Council how they define evil.

“Most people think of evil as something that would harm them, [something that] would take their souls – which nothing can take your soul – [something that] will capture you and bring you to a place where you will suffer forever.

“Evil is what many believe the worst [things], that you can never get away from.

Bob: “So is another way of describing it as the absence of the feeling of love that you are as a spiritual being?”


“And now [at] this time there are many many that believe still in this evilness, and [they believe] you must do this and you must do that to protect yourself, or something will get you and you will be lost to this [suspected evil]. And [people believe] you must meet in groups, and bless a house, and go to a place of worship and cover yourself with the incense and holy water that is needed.

“Because so much in the past – whether it be in the Christian church, or the Jewish church, or Buddhist that believe when you pass over, you must fight your way through bad spirits to reach every level until you get to your heaven – these thoughts are still there.

“But as we can bring more belief and more and more thoughts of love, and acts of love – always kindness and acts of caring – these thoughts of evil and being punished and captured and being (as some believe) in an eternity suffering… the thoughts will always be there, but not as effective as they are now.

“The love will not erase it because the thought is an energy and can never be erased, but there will be so much love that people will radiate towards that, and that will be your experience.”

Belief in the Need for Protection from Evil

The Council emphasizes that although the thought forms people think of as evil will always be present in physical reality, the more you’re able to focus on the energy and vibration of love and kindness and the caring you are as a spiritual being, the more these uplifting energies will make their way along inner bridges into your physical reality. And even though the love you are won’t erase what people think of as evil, by focusing on and allowing more and more love into physical reality, the overall vibration of physical reality will be more loving and evil will represent a smaller and smaller part of physical reality’s vibration.

Who is Satan? The Choice is Yours

Talking about the subject of evil got me thinking about the subject of Satan, and so I asked The Council about this.

“It has happened because it has been believed. [long pause] Now there’s a thought.”

I asked if they’re saying that people’s belief in Satan is what makes Satan real.


“There are many stories also in religions where Satan was the best friend of what you believe as your god, as your leader. And they had this great fight and Satan fell from grace.

“And so as that story is entertaining and people accept it, yes it happens, it is there, alive in your reality.

“As we have said over and over again: the bottom line to your reality is what your believe.

“And so if you ask if there is evil there…. Yes.

“Is there Satan there? Yes, if you believe it.

“And so if you create a world of a loving god, and there is only good spirits, and there are angels surrounding you each and every day, everywhere you go…. Yes, [it is true, if you believe it].

“And so what do we say? The choice is yours. And this [information] will help many.”

Reality is What You Believe

It may feel like The Council is back in the deep end of the metaphysical swimming pool here. What many think of as science, has done a lot to convince people there’s an objective reality that’s not affected by people’s subjective thoughts, feelings, perceptions, etc. But The Council says the opposite is true. They emphatically state the bottom line to reality is what you believe, and as they’ve said in other sessions, there’s no such thing as an objective reality.

“And as you write, as you put this material out there, it is important [to write] that what you believe, you will experience. And so if you have been taught that there are many rituals you must do to protect yourself, then you will do it to protect yourself and feel safe, or you will let go of that. And when you realize you are safe, you will be safe.

“And if you walk around a corner and expect evil can jump out from behind a tree, and there are ghosts in the house across the street, you will experience that. It is that simple. That is how strong your beliefs are.”

Portals Revisited

This reminded me of something I wanted to ask about portals, and when I mentioned that (but before I could ask the actual question), The Council offered the following.

“The portal we speak of is where all thoughts are, and so these portals are everywhere. It’s (again) like a giant warehouse with no walls and no ceiling, there’s just thoughts, and what you focus on will bring these thoughts to you. And people describe this as a portal – where these thoughts come in [to physical reality].

“But it’s always a portal… very interesting… [people believe it’s] never where the good comes [in]; it’s always [people believe] the evil comes from this portal (and we find that quite amusing), until you realize this is not so. But it would be fun to have movies or books and stories about the portal where all the goodness comes in, and all the love comes in.”

“It’s as if you have a catalog to Lands’ End (we believe you [Bob] like that) and you are thinking of this shirt… this shirt you would like to have. And then eventually you order it, and sooner or later it comes in the mail.

“And so there is a catalog of thoughts in this portal, in this tunnel of energy, of vibration. And you think and think and think of whatever it is [that you think about] – whether [you think] it is good, or it is bad. And it’s like you put that order in, as if you have mailed the order or sent it to Lands’ End.

“And as you think of something, whether you believe you want it or not, if you think of it, if you focus on it, that’s what you’re going to get in the mail… that’s what you’re going to get in your life. Is that understood?”

A Giant Warehouse

In a session a few years ago The Council used the metaphor of a huge metaphysical warehouse to describe how you bring into your physical experience what your attention is focused on, and in this session they fine tune this metaphor a little.

As suggested earlier in this post, imagine your thoughts are real energetic, vibrational things and each of these things exists in a giant warehouse in a non-physical reality. Now imagine each of these things knows when its vibration is in harmony with your physical reality vibration, and it responds to your vibration by moving along an energetic pathway toward your physical experience.

As long as you maintain a physical reality vibration in harmony with the vibration of what you desire, what you desire will continue making its way toward and into your physical experience. But if your physical reality vibration is not in harmony with what you desire, what you desire stops making its way to your physical experience, and whatever’s in the warehouse that’s in harmony with your new physical reality vibration begins making its way toward your physical experience, whether it’s something you desire or not.

Your Spiritual Point of View

If your physical reality orientation makes it difficult to appreciate The Council’s metaphor, consider you are also a spiritual being and imagine that from your spiritual point of view you can see how your thoughts are real things, you perceive they are vibrational creations that exist in a vibrational reality, and you see how these things are responding to your physical reality vibration.

Your Focus of Attention

And you also begin to understand how your physical reality vibration is powerfully influenced by what you give your attention to. When you give your attention to what feels good to you, similar feeling vibrations in the warehouse respond to your good feeling energy like a satellite-guided GPS (global positioning system) in a car on its way to a desired destination.

And if you give your attention to things that don’t feel so good to you, then not-so-good-feeling vibrations will be drawn to that physical reality vibration. This is a good reason to take The Council’s advice earlier in this session to “always try to have a better feeling thought.”

“Every single day, every single moment, you are sending out a vibration that will create the similar situation in your life that matches that vibration.

“And so many do not understand that at all times you are creating.”

This is something The Council said during the session when they first used the warehouse metaphor to explain the influence you can have on your human experience when you’re willing to notice what you give your attention to, and you realize that every moment is an opportunity to feel better about your life if you’re willing to choose thoughts and a focus of attention that feels better to you.

According to The Council and other spiritual teachers, the more focused you are on the way things are in your life – whether you like what’s going on in your life or not – the more that focus of attention supports a vibration that maintains the way things are going in your life. And they say the more focused you are on the way you want your life to be, the more you are bringing that to your physical experience.

But if the attention you’re giving to what you want is in the form of feeling not so great because you don’t have it yet – you guessed it – not so great feeling vibrations of not having what you desire keep making their way into your physical experience.

Portals That Good Comes Through

The Council says it amuses them that when people think about portals from or to another dimension/reality, etc., people seem more likely to think about it as someplace where unwanted or evil things come from, until you realize portals are also where goodness and love comes from also.

In Closing

This post began with a quote from The Council about powerful information from ancient civilizations – information humanity apparently isn’t ready for at this time because of the likelihood it would be misused – and guidance about bringing more of the love you are as a spiritual being into physical reality, and how this will make it possible for that information to eventually becoming known. And during our discussion The Council offered guidance  about paying attention to what you give your attention to, and how this influences your physical reality vibration and what comes into your physical experience. We believe this material contains important insights that can help you be more successful at experiencing the reality you desire. We hope you find it helpful.

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  1. Hi, Mary. Good to hear from you and thank you for your gratitude for the reading we did for you last year. We’ll be happy to ask The Council your question about negative spirits when we have a chance, and post a recording of their response on our blog. We’ll also ask if people who have epilepsy, or are differently wired, have more interactions with spirits than those who don’t have epilepsy. Good work on being able to use your mind to tell what felt like a dark spirit to leave you alone. Often this is all that’s necessary. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 5, 2018

  2. Dear Council,

    First, I want to thank you for your answer a year ago to my question about my life’s purpose. I’ve listened to the answer often, trying to reinforce the message. I always appreciate your statement that we’ve know each other a long time. I hope you are receiving as many blessings as I am. And as we are old friends, I hope you can answer a few more questions. 🙂

    I’ve listened to many posts on your blog, and I feel this new question of mine about negative spirits is still not quite answered.

    I want to disclose from the outset that I have epilepsy. I’ve heard over the years that those of us who are “differently wired” often have interactions with spirits and more frequently than most. Is that true? Experiencing a seizure isn’t like sleeping or going under anesthesia. Seizures feel like you literally lost time as a spirit in your body – at least that’s how seizures are for me.

    When I was younger, I often had sleep paralysis that felt like a spirit was taking the life out of me. It was terrifying, but I know they weren’t seizures which leave you perplexed and lost, but not scared. I learned to use my mind to tell what felt like a dark spirit upon me to leave me alone. I was amazed at how it worked so quickly. It happens to me rarely now, but when it does it’s more of an annoyance. I simply have to tell it to go away, and it does. Was it a real spirit or negative thoughts?

    Thank you again for all you do for the world,


    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Mary | March 5, 2018

  3. Hi, Marie. We’re glad you found our blog and it’s bringing you more clarity on how we create with our thoughts and feelings. We’ve read a lot of Esther and Jerry Hicks books about Abraham and have listened to many of their recordings. They’ve been very inspirational. We definitely thank your guides for putting you in touch with our blog. We hope you keep enjoying and learning from it. Feel free to ask a question if you like. Love, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 11, 2017

  4. I’ve just discovered this website and material and how glad I am to be able to read this material. I’m writing now to say that the explanation above regarding our thoughts and vibrations and how we create from that was so clear and understandable for me to recognize. I’ve read much from Abraham but this explanation really brought it into clarity. Thank you so much Cynthia, Bob and the Council and, perhaps, my Guides who most likely put me on to this track of information.


    Comment by Marie | March 4, 2017

  5. Hi, Robin. Thank you for your enthusiasm for this blog, for your appreciation of The Council’s guidance for so many years, and particularly for your desire this information be shared with others. Until we have a chance to ask The Council about your questions, here are some of our impressions based on what we’re learning from The Council.

    1. It seems to us that Abraham, The Council, and Eckhart Tolle all agree your present moment is where you have the greatest potential to influence your life. Instead of thinking about Abraham’s and The Council’s guidance to focus on desires for your future, as something that takes your awareness away from your present moment, allow yourself to be more aware how your desires for what you call the future are influencing your vibration in your present moment, and how your present moment vibration is continually attracting into your present, experiences in harmony with that vibration that exist in other dimensions/realities (in your present moment :-)).

      Just because you don’t see something happening in your physical reality present moment doesn’t mean you need to think it is taking place at a point in time other than your present. You can experience it as something taking place in your present moment, but in another reality that has connections to your present moment reality. We believe the inner bridges The Council describes in this post on portals are these types of connections.

    2. Based on The Council’s guidance in this post on how your vibration determines your experience, we imagine The Council might point out to you that every moment your vibration is of concern for the horses you love and what you believe is their vulnerabilities, similar vibrations of concern in other realities are responding to your vibration of concern by making their way to your physical reality experience, which could explain why you continue to be aware of those concerns.

      Consider that from your point of view as an unconditionally loving spiritual being in a physical body, you see the situation with the horses (who are also spiritual beings with a spiritual point of view) as an opportunity to expand the love you are into this physical reality experience. The more you can focus in your present moment on the love you are and the love these horses are, the more similar vibrations in other realities will be drawn to your uplifted vibration and become part of your physical reality present moment, if you allow it.

    Interesting questions, Robin. In the present moment we feel the vibration of The Council in another reality offering you guidance that helps you feel in your physical reality the love you and the horses are, and the well-being that is yours and theirs. Love, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 7, 2014

  6. Hi, Diana. Thank you for your longstanding interest in these posts and your appreciation of this one in particular. It’s gratifying to hear that this post has helped you see things in a new light. If you’re the Diana who asked The Council a relationship question back in August 2010, thank you again for that question. The Council’s answer was the one we refer to in this post when they first used the metaphor of a warehouse to describe the difference between creating and attracting, and it was also the first session they mentioned multiple realities. That session is a turning point in our understanding of The Council’s teachings. –Love, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 7, 2014

  7. First let me say that I’m thrilled that this blog exists as I love the council!!!! I’ve had the privilege of learning from their guidance/teachings over the past ten or so years and it was always my belief/hope that this information would be shared, so yippee…keep it coming!!!

    My question today is two-pronged and stems from some ideas that I’m grappling with as I’m reading, ‘The Power Of Now’, by Eckhart Tolle. The premise, for those who are not familiar, is based on the fact that “the present moment is all [we] ever have.” I am finding this practice of rising above my analytical/fear-based mind (what he terms ‘being unconscious’) and becoming/being (in his terms) ‘conscious’ (or in the Now) a helpful way stay present and calm…and much closer to better feeling thoughts…in midst of some difficult issues. However, it has raised some questions for me.

    In this practice the author speaks to the idea that “negativity is caused by an accumulation of psychological time and a denial of the present.” In other words, living in our past and/or longing for our future is a resistance to being truly present because in hoping for the future we are resisting the present…where he states we’ll find our answers. One of the questions it raised for me is how to combine the teachings of Abraham (and the Council) as it pertains to creating/manifesting your future without focusing too much attention off of the Now. In Abraham’s teachings we are asked to spend some time each day creating our wants/desires for the future, then letting go and allowing them to manifest. This seems to contradict Eckhart Tolle’s idea that focusing on the future is “reducing the present moment [as a] means to an end” because the future will always seem better and the present not good enough”. Both teachings speak to me, but i was wondering if the council could share their thoughts on these ideas.

    My second question also relates to the book’s idea that remaining in a state of presence and rising above the mind’s identification with all of it’s fears frees us from our obsession with focusing on our problems. While I understand the concept that we create more burden by focusing our attentions on things that we can do nothing about, I’m having a hard time understanding how to let go of life’s very real, concrete situations. A personal issues that I’m currently dealing with is my inability to be with the horses that I love and cared for in the past. In dealing with this separation, I’ve relied on my Reiki and energy work to connect with these five equine souls while working to ‘manifest’ a better future for all of us. In ‘The Power Of Now’, the teachings ask that we stop ‘waiting’ because waiting is a state of mind where we want the future and we don’t want the present. However, concrete issues such as the one I’ve presented exist in one form or another for all of us. Personally, I can work on being present in the moment to find some peace and stillness, but I’m having a very hard time letting go of my concerns for these animals and their vulnerabilities. How does one deal with the very real, sometimes painful situations, while staying present and creating better feeling thoughts for the future?

    I so look forward to the Council’s perspective on one, or both, of my questions.

    Thank you, Cynthia and Bob, for all that you are doing to share the love and abundance of the Council with us all!!!

    With love and light,


    Comment by Anonymous | April 7, 2014

  8. I have been following your posts since the very beginning and I have to say that for me, this was one of the best ones yet. During my journey of self-discovery over the last few years, I have often questioned love, good, evil, religion, God and everything else in between. But questions about Evil and what it really is have always been in the back of my mind and I feel that today’s post helped me see things in a whole new light. Thank you so much! Diana


    Comment by Anonymous | April 6, 2014

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