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Choose Better-Feeling Thoughts for a Better-Feeling Life

Anne’s question

This post is inspired by the following question for The Council from Anne.

“Do you see me in a loving relationship with a man coming into my life? I have created the space and I am open to be with an amazing man.”

Audio recording

The black bar below plays a 2½ minute recording of the segment of a session with The Council to answer Anne’s question.

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Keep Focused on What You Desire

The Council’s answer to Anne’s question emphasizes the importance of your focus of attention and how this relates to getting what you want in your life. The following Council quotes are session highlights to help you decide if you want to use the audio player above to listen to these comments in the context of the session. The first comment below was their response being read the first sentence of Anne’s question: “Do you see me in a loving relationship with a man coming into my life?”

“No, no, no, no, no [quickly 9-10 times]. Does she see herself in a relationship with a wonderful man coming into her life? Do you see where we’re going [with this]?”

“Talk about it… feel it… imagine it… draw pictures of it… watch romantic movies. Whatever it is that keeps your focus [on] the relationship that you want, right down to every detail that you would like, is a wonderful exercise.

“And so do we see it? Yes, we do see this. It is there in what she would consider her future.

“It is also there [in Anne’s future] that she does not meet this particular man that she would have a wonderful life with.

“It is her focus [that determines] what will be brought into her life. But if she, [as] she says, clears the space [and] focuses on this [relationship], yes we do see this for her.”

How is your attention focused?

If Anne consistently focuses her attention on the relationship and the man she desires in her life, The Council says they see this happening for her. They also mention the possibility of a future for Anne where this doesn’t happen, and The Council emphasizes Anne’s focus of attention on her desire will determine the future she experiences. The question is: what kind of focus of attention will allow Anne to experience her desired outcome?

Wanted vs. unwanted

Sometimes when we think we’re focusing on what we want, we’re actually more focused on what we don’t want. Being aware of the difference is important. For example, if Anne talks to people she knows about the relationship she desires, does she focus on how long it’s taking for this to happen? And does she feel frustrated this relationship isn’t in her life yet?

How do you feel?

The Council says your beliefs, your thoughts, and your feelings have energy, and this energy powerfully influences your reality. Being aware of your thoughts and feelings in any given moment, and how they affect your energy, is how to tell if you’re focusing on what you desire, or if you’re focusing on not having what you desire. And according to The Council this is how to tell if you’re paving the way for experiences you want most in your life, or if you’re paving the way for other types of experiences.

Paving the way

When you focus on what you desire and you feel uplifted, your good-feeling energy paves the way for this desire to come into your reality. When you focus your attention on what you desire and feel something less than good-feeling energy, your not-so-good feeling energy paves the way for experiences to come into your reality that match this not-so-good feeling.

Choose better-feeling thoughts

This may be a new way of thinking for you. Your physical senses are fine-tuned to perceive physical reality, and it can be a challenge to see how thoughts and feelings are energy that ultimately creates your reality. Even when you have an appreciation on some level for The Council’s advice, it can still be a challenge to choose better-feeling ways of thinking instead of habitual ways of thinking that don’t feel as good.

The Council is fond of saying that choice is your greatest tool as a human being. In any moment if you’re not feeling as good about something as you’d like to (maybe because you’re thinking about how you’re not experiencing something you desire), you have the ability to change the focus of your attention until you find a better-feeling way of thinking.

Any better-feeling focus of attention will do

The Council realizes it can be a challenge to find a good-feeling way to think about something that doesn’t feel good. If this seems too difficult, they say it’s not necessary to immediately shift your thinking about something that doesn’t feel good to you. Any better-feeling focus of attention will pave the way for better-feeling experiences in your life. Anything you can remember that feels good will work. If you have difficulty coming up with a good-feeling memory, imagining or fantasizing about something good-feeling works just as well. If this seems unrealistic and overly simplistic, The Council frequently says all the answers to a better-feeling life really are simple, but they’re not necessarily easy.

Thank you, Anne

Our thanks to Anne for her question. We feel it inspired an answer that can help many of you create better-feeling outcomes in your lives. Our apologies to Anne that it took longer than she hoped to get her this answer. We hope she feels it’s been worth the wait.

Copyright ℗ 2014 Bob & Cynthia Dukes

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  1. That’s the clearest response from The Council yet, explaining how we have the power to select our future from a range of possibilities. A really empowering message – and made even clearer by your interpretive comments. Thank you, Bob and Cynthia – and Council. I agree that this idea has a message for many other readers. -Jan x


    Comment by janonlife | September 7, 2014

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