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Your Spirit’s Purpose – Helping Others or Finding Joy?

Lola’s question

Lola wants to know if The Council thinks service to others is the underlying purpose of spirit, and her question appears to be inspired by the following quote from The Council that was posted as a Thought for the Day.

“You are pure spirit expressing itself in the physical. You have come to enjoy the dance of life – sometimes leading, sometimes following – but always with the intent to find joy in every step.”

Listening to the audio recording

You can listen to a 10 minute audio recording of the The Council’s answer to Lola’s question using the audio player bar below. Copyright ℗ 2014 Bob & Cynthia Dukes

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Here are some excerpts of The Council’s answer to Lola’s question.

You are here to bring love into physical reality

“Well #1, you have come here to bring (as we have said before) love from the spirit into your physical world. Now many believe life should be of service to others. Helping one another always brings love into the situation, which is what we [all spirits] are going for — this is our goal.”

Loving is service to others

“There are some [who] believe [that] in their service to others, they will help the poor, they will volunteer for some job in a hospital, [or] teaching, and that is wonderful because this is needed.

“But coming into this reality, just radiating the energy of love is just as important as going out and volunteering at some particular job. … So it is always your choice. What do you feel brings you joy? With joy comes love, always.”

Feel the energy of love and joy

“Just by being in that energy [of love and joy] you are making it available in this reality for others who are open to feel that vibration. We see there are some people who maybe feel they don’t want to volunteer, don’t want to do extra stuff for people. It is not that they are selfish, but they are in a place that the thought of this is not bringing them joy.

“So it’s not like you must be in service every day to be on the right path, to be a good person. You will always have the opportunity to be of service to someone. And yet we say: feel the love, feel the energy of joy and bring that with you. And that will reach out to many, many people, and that is why [you] have come here.”

When service to others doesn’t feel enjoyable

“Sometimes your spirit will bring you along and you will do service to others, and in some way [you will] not enjoy this. [You are] not having the knowledge of how this helps another spirit, or how this is bringing expansion [of love] to you or the other person or persons.

“And so you are in this feeling [of not enjoying] until you are (perhaps) doing this for a while, and eventually your higher self will sort of knock on your brain and say, ‘take another look at this, feel what this feels like,’ and then the joy will begin to come.

“Sometimes it takes time to acknowledge that what you are doing is of service to other [and] is of service to yourself. And when you serve others, you always expand. We all expand from it.”

Purpose of joy and purpose of service

We’re not sure if Lola’s question was inspired by the thought for the day where she posted her question, but we were curious what The Council would say about the relationship between spirit’s purpose being service to others, and spirit’s purpose being to enjoy life.

The Council quickly pointed out we’re in physical reality to bring in the love we are in spirit, and they say this happens when you are being of service to others and when you are enjoying your life. Interestingly they also say if you’re feeling the energy of love that you are in spirit, this is as much service to others as volunteering to serve in traditional ways.

Your spirit will bring you along

We’re also interested in The Council’s idea that who you are as a spiritual being will sometimes arrange for you to be of service to others in a way you don’t initially understand or enjoy because it’s difficult to see how anyone is benefiting or spiritually expanding.

Although they say it can sometimes take a while to see and feel how your situation may be helping others and yourself, The Council promises that your higher self is always trying to help you see your life from a more joyous spiritual perspective and help you feel spirit’s love as you go through your human experiences.

What is the purpose of pain?

One of the more difficult to understand aspects of The Council’s teachings has been that who you are as a spiritual being will sometimes lead the physical part of you into experiences that are less than enjoyable or even very painful from your human point of view. Assuming there’s an unconditionally loving larger spiritual part of you, it’s common to wonder why spirit would allow the human part of you to experience pain? What’s so unconditionally loving about that?

As The Council said at the beginning of the session to answer Lola’s question, you have come to this physical reality to expand the love you are in spirit into this reality. From this point of view, every unenjoyable (or painful) human experience is an opportunity for the spiritual part of you to expand the love you are into that experience and transform it into something more enjoyable and loving. This can be a challenge to appreciate from your human point of view, but the more open you are to experiencing life from your spiritual point of view, the easier it becomes to appreciate life’s challenges as opportunities.

Copyright © 2014 Bob & Cynthia Dukes

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  1. Hi, Susan. We did a session a week ago to answer your question and it’s one of the most interesting sessions we’ve done in a long time. We’ve been doing our best to assimilate the guidance and we’re working on a post to share this information with readers. There was a lot of information in the session, but the short answer to your question seems to be that you didn’t end up a drug addict or alcoholic living on the street because who you are as a spiritual being has something else in mind for this particular reality the human part of you is experiencing.

    Interestingly The Council also says the spiritual being of the man you know has exactly what he’s going through in mind for him to experience in this lifetime. We realize this can be difficult to appreciate and when you listen to the recording of the session maybe it will be easier to understand The Council’s point of view. We’ll email you a link to the recording of the session. It had so much information that we expect it will take more than one blog post to cover it. We also plan to include the session recording in the blog post so other readers can also appreciate The Council’s answer.

    Thank you so much for this question and for the guidance from The Council that this question inspired. We expect to be thinking about this information for quite a while. Love, Bob & Cynthia.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 17, 2014

  2. Thank you very much!


    Comment by mariner2mother | October 5, 2014

  3. Hi, Susan. What an insightful comment and wonderful question. It’s our impression that each person (as an eternal, unconditionally loving spiritual being) is always looking for ways to experience the expansion of they love they are. But from our human point of view it’s not always easy to understand how someone’s human behavior is a manifestation of that spiritual desire.

    The Council seems to say some spiritual beings have a desire to experience alcoholism (or addiction to food), unemployment, and homelessness, etc for the opportunity these provide for the spiritual expansion of love into these experiences. As a human being it may seem natural to wonder why it takes one person longer than another to transform what appear to be similar experiences of abuse, but as a spiritual being time is eternal and when expansion takes place doesn’t seem to be the same issue it is in our human reality.

    One of the things we really like about your question is that we think it will give us an opportunity to write about something related that we’ve been thinking a lot about lately. From a spiritual point of view you are the creator of the reality you experience. From this point of view when you experience the man you know as alcoholic, unemployed, and homeless, you are the creator of that reality you are experiencing. If you want to experience this man as recovering or recovered from the abuse you mention, The Council seems to say you have the ability to do this. And then this man has the free will to choose if his reality will be similar to the way you experience him, or some other way.

    We like to think that by imagining better feeling realities, even when they appear to contradict what’s currently happening in the physical reality you perceive, these better feeling realities are more likely to manifest in what you think of as your future.

    Thanks again, Susan, for your comment and questions. We look forward to The Council’s comments on them and passing the information along to you and others. Love, Bob & Cynthia.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 5, 2014

  4. Over the past few years, I had come to believe that we are here to experience and to expand. I love the idea of “You are here to bring love into physical reality.” I have experienced the energy of God as incredible unconditional love. And in having a variety of experiences (what we label both good and bad) during our physical lifetime, I now see that we always have opportunities to bring love in to any situation. Many times I see that we, as a species, choose to bring in fear. But how amazing is it to see what happens when we decide to turn to love.

    I do have a question for the Council. I have noticed from my own experience that people can have trauma and abuse during their childhood and can either find the way to heal from it and end up thriving, or they become mired down by their beliefs and end up with addictions, out of work and homeless.

    I am thinking particularly about the differences between me and a man I know. We both had trauma and abuse during our childhood. And today he is an alcoholic, out of work, and homeless. Although I have addiction (food), I’ve come a very long way in healing it. This man has had several opportunities to improve his life, and it appears that he chooses to live in a what I call a victim mode. I have always had something in me that is constantly searching for improvement for my life. I don’t know what it is, but I’m always looking and taking in information to better myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

    My question is why did I not end up a drug addict or alcoholic and living on the street, when it could have been so easy to do? What is it with me (and other like me) that keeps looking and reaching for better? And why don’t people like this man I know, find a way to help themselves? Am I really so different from him?

    I understand that we set up challenges when we come into the physical, and also that we all have free will to choose how to respond to those challenges. I appreciate any and all illumination to this question. -Susan


    Comment by mariner2mother | October 4, 2014

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