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Connecting with Your Higher Self to Manifest the Realities You Desire

This post is inspired by a question from Irina, and her question was inspired by our following thought for the day post:

“It is the spirit’s job to create the perfect life you want to live and to provide you with all the challenges and joy you want to experience. Spirit knows exactly what you want.”

–The Council

Irina comments that she’s pretty good at manifesting, but it’s much easier for her to help other people manifest what they want than it is for her to know what she wants and set an intention to manifest it in her own life. Irina wants to know how she can connect with her higher self and get the information The Council says her spirit knows about what she wants.

Audio recording

The black bar below plays a 6½ minute recording of the segment of a session with The Council to answer Irina’s question.

Play: Click triangle (►). Pause: Click icon (||) that replaces the triangle while the recording plays. Fast Forward/Rewind: Click to the right/left of the play bar during play. Mute on/off: Click speaker icon. Volume: Click bar to the right of the speaker icon.

Highlights of The Council’s comments

The Council says they see that Irina is able to help others manifest their desires, and they encourage her to take a good look at beliefs she may have that prevent setting her intentions on manifesting her own heart’s desires.

Here are some highlights of The Council’s answer to Irina’s question. You can hear their comments in the context of the session by playing the audio recording (available at the beginning of this post when viewed in a web browser).

What are your beliefs about manifesting what you desire?

“That is a wonderful question because when you can manifest, you can manifest, whether you manifest a dime or winning Lotto and millions of dollars. Manifesting is manifesting.

“If you know you can manifest for others, then we ask you to ask yourself (and really work with it) why can’t you manifest for yourself? What is the belief about that?

“Do you not feel worthy? Can you not do it for yourself? There is something blocking you? What would be blocking you; you are the creator in your lifetime? Is that understood?

“If she can manifest, and we see here, yes [she can], then you can manifest. You can manifest for anything in your life. It is the belief that is somehow getting in the way.”

Start by focusing on manifesting something small and build from there

“We ask her right now – because she said she wasn’t sure of her desires – we say take the time to sit down and think. There is no rush here. What would you like to have in your life?

“Perhaps she needs to focus on something small and see that that can be manifested. And then move along the line until she sees that: ‘Oh, I can manifest finding this dime on the street; oh, I can manifest finding a hat that I have lost.’ And when you see you can do that, then you can go [for] what we would call the bigger guns.”

Write a list of your desires

“But in her case we ask her to sit down and write on paper some of the things she might like to have in her life, what she would like to manifest. That alone, concentrating on that, bringing it in, making it clearer to herself, then the manifestation can begin.”

More decision making is needed

“There is not enough decision-making, and so we ask her to think about that. And she will understand and get her answers.”

You are the creator

If you’re not familiar with the subject of manifestation that Irina is asking about, here’s some background on this fascinating and somewhat controversial subject.

In the early 1900s a philosophical movement often referred to as New Thought, began to talk about how your thoughts influence the reality you experience. In 1937 Napoleon Hill published one of the best selling books of all time, Think and Grow Rich, based largely on this idea. From 1963-1984, Jane Roberts channeled information from a spiritual guide named Seth, who emphasized the idea throughout his teachings that the reality you experience is created by your thoughts, your beliefs, and your expectations.

Not long after Jane Roberts death, Esther Hicks began channeling the spiritual guides, Abraham, who brought to a much larger audience the idea that you are the creator of the reality you experience. And Abraham’s teachings are the basis for the original version of the bestselling 2006 DVD and book, The Secret, which brought worldwide recognition to the idea that your thoughts and feelings manifest what you experience in your physical reality.

Like these predecessors, The Council continues the tradition of teaching that each human being is the creator of the reality you experience. You can learn more about what they’re saying on this subject in several of our other blog posts that have been included in our blog post category, You Create Your Reality. We particularly recommend the following posts on this subject.

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 We’d love to hear what you think about the idea that you’re the creator of the reality that you experience and we’re particularly interested in hearing about how you’re using this idea to manifest more of what you desire in your life.

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  1. Hi Cynthia and Bob,
    First of all I would like to say thank you so much for your site and blog. The knowledge and wisdom you are sharing with the world is incredibly uplifting and inspiring! I have devoured all of it so please do keep the content coming; it is highly valued and appreciated 🙂

    My one question, if you could please be so kind as to ask the council, is in regards to a long term commitment. I have been very blessed to have had a few amazing love relationships in this incarnation where I have grown and evolved on all levels. However when bringing in a marriage, I have been patiently waiting for a long time now. I have had many great life experiences while being single, and have really put a lot of effort into growing myself in this time. I feel there is no more I can do to bring about a marriage, but are there any blocks the council can see?

    Many thanks,

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by dealer99 | August 24, 2016

  2. Hi, Jan. Thanks for your appreciation. It’s nice to hear about the synchronicity of your manifestation activities and The Council’s recommendations for Irina. And thanks for your continued enthusiasm for the recordings as well as their content. It’s nice to hear when people find the recordings helpful.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 7, 2014

  3. A lovely post! It made me smile, because this week I sat down and wrote a list of the events I wished to manifest in order to sort out a few current problems. Excellent results – the first two arrived like clockwork. Now I’m expecting the next!
    I agree with Carol that the audio makes the message more powerful, especially when I can read along.
    Thanks for all the technical wizardry, Bob – and for your crystal clear channelling, Cynthia – Jan xx


    Comment by janonlife | October 7, 2014

  4. Hi, Carol. Thanks for your appreciation. We also feel that listening to a recording of the session helps us connect more powerfully with feeling of the higher vibration that’s present during these sessions. But sometimes the meaning of the audio recording can be difficult to follow without listening to it repeatedly. That’s when we really appreciate the benefit of The Council’s transcribed comments.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 7, 2014

  5. I really love the audio portion of the past two posts. I like to feel what The Council is saying and I feel it more powerfully with the audio clip as opposed to just reading the post. Thank you, as always for sharing this and all of The Council’s teachings.
    Much love,


    Comment by thejourneyofcarolj | October 7, 2014

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