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Was Abortion Part of My Soul’s and My Unborn Child’s Soul Plans?

Ask The Council audio recordings

A couple years ago we experimented with including audio recordings of Ask The Council sessions in a few of our posts. With this post we continue to make these recordings available to readers in the hope they’ll shed additional light on The Council’s teachings.

Beth’s question about abortion

In June 2013 we published a post to answer a question for The Council from a reader named Beth about the subject of abortion (Abortion, Loss, Reincarnation, Life, Love, Expansion – Beth’s Story: A Spiritual Perspective). Interestingly, but maybe not surprisingly, this post has received many more views from readers than almost every other post except our Welcome post, and it has received almost three times the number of comments of our next most commented post (also excluding our Welcome post).

Emmy’s question

One of those comments is from a reader named Emmy who says:

“I think this post is great in helping understand [abortion], as it can be overwhelming at times. I had an abortion in 2012 and I still think about it every day. And I want to ask The Council if the spirit will come back to me in the future, and was it part of our soul plans?

To listen to the recording of The Council’s answer, left-click on the triangle (►) on the left side of the audio player below. To pause the audio player, left-click on the icon that that replaces the triangle (||) while the recording is playing. You can also left-click along the length of the audio player to skip forward or backward in the recording. The volume can be toggled off and on by left-clicking on the speaker icon, and the volume can be adjusted up or down by clicking on the right or left of the horizontal bar to the right of the speaker icon.

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We feel the spirit will come back

The Council begins by posing a couple clarifying questions for Emmy before offering their answer:

“You want to know if the soul will come back in your future, in this particular life?… in another life in what you consider the future?… will it return?

“Yes, we feel it will, in other realities – in what you would consider future lifetimes. There is never a loss or an ending when you are together with spirits who have come to help you.”

“This spirit may choose not to come in as her child. We see they will choose to be together, probably many more times, but in different roles.”

The terminated pregnancy was planned in spirit beforehand

“So there is no loss. The connection is still there.

“The termination in this life was worked out beforehand… was available for this spirit to experience an ending in whatever way it was chosen to be done.

“And also for Emmy to have the experience of what she thought was a loss, until she begins believing (as we try to tell everyone), ‘You are more than just this body in this one lifetime.’

The feeling of loss will begin to disappear

“When she begins to understand and believe that she is a spirit in this physical body… that we are all one and we are all connected… the feeling of loss will then begin to disappear.

“And perhaps [with] the happiness knowing that there will be other lifetimes, other realities, where they will play roles in each others lives to experience together… whatever the so-called reasons that they come up with… whatever they want to experience – they will again be there to help each other out.”

Be open and welcoming to new spirits available to share your journey

“And so we ask her to be open if she decides to again, at some point in this reality, to have children, to be open and welcoming to the new soul, [rather than] where so many stay in that grief and that longing of the old soul. This was all agreed upon before hand.

“So again, there is no loss. There is a continuation of what you [Emmy] planned to do. And there is a welcoming of new spirits who now enter your life for whatever roles you wish to play.”

“If there is a choice to have children after this first [pregnancy] – what she believes is a loss – she will bring in souls that she has planned this journey with.”

Our thoughts

Some experiences and choices seem more likely than others to help us connect with who we are as a spiritual being in our physical body. Deciding what to eat for breakfast seems less spiritually significant than deciding whether to give birth to a new human being.

The Council teaches that as spiritual beings we all choose to create the reality we experience, including what appears to be a pregnancy that may not be wanted. Pregnancy, whether it results in the birth of a new human being or not, seems to offer an abundance of opportunities for all involved to realize more of who you are as a spiritual being, and bring more of that part of you into your life. This can feel challenging.

The question is how do we respond to the challenge? Do we repeat familiar patterns of behavior with predictable outcomes, or are we willing to look within ourselves for untapped spiritual resources to guide us toward better feeling outcomes?

The key to making sense of The Council’s answer to Emmy’s question is openness to the possibility you are more than a finite human being in a physical body for a single lifetime.

From The Council’s point of view, Emmy and the unborn child agreed and planned as spiritual beings to experience this terminated pregnancy so Emmy could experience what she initially believed was a loss, and through this experience become more aware of the unconditional love she and the unborn soul have in spirit for who Emmy is in her physical reality. The more Emmy can let this feeling of unconditional love expand into her physical reality, the more all spirit rejoices in this expansion of love as it raises the vibration of all physical reality.

The spirit of the unborn child expands from helping Emmy have this experience, and it expands as this spirit supports Emmy through her feeling of loss, by loving Emmy unconditionally for her part in this expansion of love.

It was interesting and a pleasantly surprising to hear The Council suggest that the spirit of the unborn child will be in Emmy’s life in the future, but not necessarily in this lifetime, and not necessarily in the role of Emmy’s child. This idea makes it a lot easier for us to think of this spirit as much more than an unborn child, and to imagine this spirit is helping Emmy release unwanted feelings about the pregnancy, and replace them with loving feelings from spirit.

In closing

Thank you for your interest in this post. If there’s something about it you’d like to understand better, or if it inspires some other question you’d like The Council to answer, we encourage you to write your question in the Comment section that follows this post.

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  1. Hi Agnes. We’re glad you found this post on abortion helpful. We understand it can be challenging when most people you know are telling you to do one thing and you feel strongly about doing something completely different. Until we ask The Council for guidance for you we suggest you read through some of our blog posts that answer similar questions about getting in touch with choices that will be satisfying for you. Trusting there is a larger spiritual part of you that is always offering you this guidance is a big step in that direction. Prayer and meditation can be very helpful. Thank you for your question. When we have guidance for you from The Council we will pass it along.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | September 27, 2014

  2. Hi I ve been looking for a long time for some answers with abortion and I find this post very helpful. I had 1abortion when I was 18 .After that I met my husband and have 2 lovely children together.In 2010 I got pregnant again but we aborted the pregnancy.Left me guilty, sad, depressed and wanting more children.I am just looking for the answer what to do cause everybody pussing me to concentrate on my carrier (even told by my dead grandma) but I feel completely the opposite. I would appreciate your advice on that…what to do when we feel stuck in this life and comfused not knowing what is our path to follow. Thank you very much



    Comment by Agnes | September 24, 2014

  3. Hi, Jan. Thank you for your uplifting feedback. It’s nice to hear you also appreciate the idea an eternal, “fully-formed spirit being” participates in terminated pregnancies. Until we wrote this post we didn’t realize how much we still tend to unconsciously associate the spirit of the embryo/fetus with a helpless child. When we get a chance we’ll see if The Council has any insights related to the miscarriages you mention. And thank you for the feedback on enjoying The Council’s guidance while listening to it and reading it at the same time. It didn’t occur to us this might be a pleasantly reinforcing way to experience what they have to say.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | September 2, 2014

  4. Thank you for your appreciative feedback, Emmy. We like to think your question inspired an answer from The Council that will allow many others to also move forward more easily and joyously with their life after the experience of a terminated pregnancy.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | September 2, 2014

  5. What an enlightening and reassuring post. It’s great to think, as you say, of the unborn child as a fully-formed spirit being, and not something ‘unfinished’.

    I had two miscarriages in my twenties and am comforted to think of those children as spirits I may link with again – or perhaps I already have? I’d welcome any guidance The Council could give on this.

    I found scrolling down the text while listening to The Council’s answers was a lovely way to experience their guidance, by the way. It works really well. Jan x


    Comment by janonlife | September 2, 2014

  6. This post is amazing and has given me the answers to move forward in my life. I will forever be grateful for this, Thank you, Emmy


    Comment by Emmy | September 2, 2014

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