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Spirit’s Availability in Your Human Experience

It’s one thing to go along with the idea you’re a spiritual being in a physical body, but to what extend do you believe spiritual reality is available to you in your day-to-day human experience? This is an issue for a reader named Bobby, who says she believes it’s important to reach for her connection with spirit. But she seems to rely on psychics and mediums when she wants guidance from relatives and spirits no longer in their physical body, and she wants to know why spirit doesn’t seem to come forward to help her in those sessions.

You Are Never Cut Off From Spirit

As I (Bob) read Bobby’s question to The Council they were quick to point out spirit’s availability, and they emphasized this throughout the session.

“They [spirits] are always available.”

“You are always in touch with these people you believe that have passed on. And while you are waiting for them to appear during a session, you have visits with them constantly. Most [visits] are when you are asleep in the physical body. You connect with these people.

“And we would like to say here that if you have gone many times to other psychics and mediums, and you believe these people [spirits] are not coming forward to speak to you…, maybe it is in part for you to know that these other people, these other psychics, are not necessary for you to connect.

“And so if you meditate, if you ask for signs, in one way or another these spirits (who you believe have passed) will come. And while they may not come and sit down and have a cup of coffee with you, they will come and show you that they are around. But you are constantly in conversation, and you are constantly meeting with these spirits that are passed.”

“When you sleep, when you are what you call unconscious, the beliefs of time and space do not constrict what you can do, and you can, with your thoughts, be in communication with the spirit world, and you can be with the others that have passed. You are never cut off from spirit.”

“Spirit is always willing to communicate, so perhaps…the psychic is not hearing the communication. But usually that is so you can on some level become more determined to have a communication, and know (and here we go again back to you are a spirit in a physical body) you can have this communication yourself.”

“This desire to communicate with others that have passed on, it is important that Bobby understand they are always around her; they are always communicating with her.”

–The Council
(The formatting above throughout this post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

Bobby’s desire to communicate with spirit and her curiosity about it inspired her to ask, “At what time (if ever) is Spirit that has left this realm, available to us here for information?


Bob: “And it seems that spirit doesn’t have to leave this realm to be available for communication. Would you agree?”

“Exactly. Many times during the sleeping hours you are communicating with other spirits that are also in a physical body.”

Osama bin Laden

Bobby’s question continues, “For example, Osama Bin Laden recently left our planet. Is he going to be a Spirit out there that someone, anyone, can speak with?

“Of course.

“And we believe that how everyone has experienced him, this also was an agreement to let the spirit come into the physical and portray this role.

“And so there was a great agreement of consciousness to have this unfold.

“And so this spirit called Osama did his part that he agreed to, and being completely in spirit, is evolving…is expanding, and will also return to the physical.”

The Council’s answer to Bobby’s question about Osama bin Laden raises some interesting questions about spiritual agreements, but this information came as the session was coming to an end (after about an hour Cynthia begins to feel tired) and there wasn’t time to explore it further. During the writing of this post we became sufficiently curious about The Council’s reference to a great agreement of consciousness, that we asked for clarification on this during a recent session, and we’re planning on publishing a separate post that we hope will shed light on this.

A Desire for Tangible Evidence of Spirit’s Presence

It’s nice to think spirit is always available, but I imagined Bobby wants what she considers more tangible evidence of spirit’s presence in her life, and I mentioned this to The Council.


“We believe that perhaps Bobby would like to know that Jellybean is sending love.”

Bob: “I think if that has meaning to her, I’m sure she will have a lot of appreciation for that.”

“And when Bobby is giving aid and caring for other animals, Jellybean is assisting in this.”

Bob: “So Jellybean was a loved pet?”

“Yes, and so we believe this will be appreciated.”

Bobby’s Grandmother

“And so we would like to say, from your [Bobby’s] grandmother, while she sends much love, she is saying to you, ‘Be tough, and do not rush your decisions.’ We believe that will be understood.”

Bob: “This is in general, or at [that] particular time in her life?”

“At [that] particular time in her life.”

[Laughing] “To be tougher, to have a strong backbone, but that does not mean to be like her mother.”

Bob: So, Bobby’s grandmother wants her to…

“Be strong. Have a strong backbone.

Bob: “But not necessarily be like her mother?”


Bob: “So I guess her mother was strong in a certain way and her grandmother doesn’t want her to be like that.”

“Right. And so we usually would not do this in a public forum, but we feel this is needed.”

We apologize to Bobby for taking so long to pass along the information from this session. Until recently we didn’t realize this session went unreported.

A Personal Note

Dependence on psychics/mediums

During the writing of this post it came as something of a surprise to realize how much Bobby and I [Bob] have been alike in our dependence on a psychic or medium to connect with spiritual guidance. Although it was 2 years ago when we did the session with The Council on Bobby’s question, it wasn’t until we recently started working on this post that I really heard, understood, and began to believe The Council’s guidance that spirit is always available if you’re willing to be open to it.

I used to think Cynthia’s the one who connects with spirit and my job is to make the information available to those who are interested. I realize now that I didn’t used to have a lot of confidence in my own ability to receive guidance from spirit unless it came through Cynthia.

Challenges become opportunities

In small but noticeable ways this seems to be changing lately. For example it’s sometimes a challenge finding words that adequately express the uplifting feelings and the spiritual point of view we experience during a session with The Council. Faced with a challenge like this in the past it wasn’t unusual to leave something out of a post when we felt unsure how to communicate it to readers. But lately, by being more open to The Council’s teaching that all human beings are spiritual beings, I’m more likely to trust there’s a spiritual part of me already offering the guidance I’m looking for, and if I’m open to this guidance and I’m patient it will most likely come to me.

A Recommendation

It took 2 years for me to hear what The Council is saying in this session on Bobby’s question. Like Bobby and me, maybe you believe you’re a spiritual being in a physical body, but maybe you also believe you have human limitations that prevent you from experiencing this spiritual part of you in your physical reality. It may take time, but by patiently considering the possibility you can directly experience spiritual reality in your day-to-day human experience, you may be pleasantly surprised by your results from this openness.

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  1. I was wondering if I could ask:
    What are some ways to prepare and train ourselves to be aware of the energies + entities available to us? I am hoping + desiring to hear more directly from my spirit guides and to be more immediately aware of the flow of energy around me. I am not necessarily looking to “channel” for others, but perhaps some personal connection for myself?


    Comment by aspicco | July 14, 2014

  2. Hi, Jan. Thanks for the appreciative feedback. Until we started working on this post, I don’t think I realized how much I took for granted that I relied on Cynthia to get whatever guidance we needed from The Council or other spiritual sources. I thought my role was to understand the guidance and make it available to people who are interested. The Council’s guidance for Bobby helped me realize on a deeper level what they’ve been saying to us from the beginning – we are all spiritual beings in physical bodies and we all have the ability to experience this spiritual part of ourselves while we’re in human form. I think I’ve understood this for a while, but maybe I didn’t believe it enough to have the experience of it. My experience writing these posts has helped me believe more in the spiritual part of myself because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to make much sense of this material unless I was getting guidance from a larger part of myself. Here’s wishing everyone who wants to is feeling increasingly connected to who they are as a spiritual being. Love, Bob.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | May 19, 2014

  3. An important message for everyone. Becoming more spiritual teaches us all to become more self-aware and deliberate in our actions, and we rely on spirit’s assistance in this.


    Comment by Anonymous | May 19, 2014

  4. A fascinating post, Bob, and very empowering. It’s heartening to read that you are starting to trust your ability to access spiritual guidance directly. That must have been quite a challenge, given Cynthia’s extraordinary clarity in her ability to channel The Council.
    I too have been working hard to trust my ability to connect directly with guidance from spirit as well as to connect directly to the spiritual aspect of people still in physical reality. Your post seems to suggest that less-than-helpful experiences with professional mediums and psychics may be spirit’s way of alerting us to our own innate abilities in this area.
    Love, Jan


    Comment by janonlife | May 19, 2014

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