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Abortion and Creation

This post is about The Council’s answer to an anonymous reader’s question about how many children she’ll have in this lifetime. She says she was told by someone she’d have one boy and one girl, but she recently had an abortion and is sad at the thought she aborted one of these children that she badly wants.

The Council begins by introducing the idea of pre-birth planning. This is the idea that as a spiritual being you plan various aspects of your physical life before you are born. They say the most important thing to understand is that as spirit you are creating your physical life. And after you come into this physical reality there continues to be a spiritual part of you that is still creating your life. And yet so many of us give away our creative power to others.

The Council asks A., who told her she’d have a boy and a girl and why does she assume they were correct when she, as a spiritual being, is the creator of her reality. Suppose she got pregnant again under circumstances that tell her she’s not ready for that child. Does that mean her chances for these two children she wants is over?

The Council says you are a powerful creative spirit in your physical body and you create what you want from your beliefs. And they say this abortion has come into her life at this time to let her learn about creation. And so if she has more abortions, is her desire for children strong enough that it doesn’t matter what anyone says if she wants to create these children in this lifetime?

The Council says everything you want is already created in vibration. And how you bring this vibration into your physical reality is by putting yourself in the highest vibration you can (love, happiness, joy). And without knowing how it will happen, imagine these children she wants in her life. Feel as if she already has it (because she already has it in spirit) and that will bring it into her physical reality.

The Council sees children in A.’s life. The question is will she create this? The Council says no one can do this for her, but she has the tools to make this happen. A.’s grief over loosing a child has brought her to the point where she can change her perception of her life and what she can create moving forward. The Council encourages A. to match the vibration of her desire for these children, to know she is the creator of her reality, and then this must come into her physical reality.

The Council asks A. to see the pattern in her life where someone came along and changed her mind about creating whatever it was that she desired. The issue of her abortion is part of a larger issue of creation and what she is capable of creating when she sticks with what she desires rather than give up her creative ability by believing what other people say.

Listen to the entire 20-minute session below to hear all of The Council’s guidance, and let us know what you think.

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  1. Hey Cynthia and bob,

    I am going through the most difficult phase and coincidentally I have found the site when I needed It the most.
    I am 7 weeks pregnant and I have always been against the abortion because my religious beliefs and I don’t really like killing my own baby for any reason.
    The situation I am in right now, I am in bad health condition and can’t afford another baby without doing the job and additional support. My husband and I also have ongoing issues and we had many in the past well. I already have a son and I had a very difficult pregnancy with him.
    I have gone through the posts online. Can you please help me ? I took appointment for abortion tomorrow. But I can’t make my mind still about it. Not because I want to have another child but for the fact that I would be killing my own 2 month old featus.
    I want forgiveness from my baby. I have cried enough, stressed enough. Don’t know for sure why is this happening to me.

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    Comment by learningsoulsite | September 20, 2016

  2. Dear Cynthia, Bob and The Council,

    It’s been a while since I last spoke to you, but I feel like I moved mountains since then. Listening to your advice and connecting with like minded people I basically turned my life around 360 degrees. After years of depression and tragedies in my life, I have finally learned my lessons from every one of those tragic events and made peace with those who hurt me deeply, even the ones who are no longer on this Earth. I am learning to heal from within.

    The process started with you and then once I opened my heart and my soul and started asking more questions, a world of people, books and information came into my life that has taught me so much about my life and purpose on this Earth. For that I am grateful and would like to say thank you. I feel we don’t say thank you often enough these days.

    I’ve worked in New York for 16 years, and I never before realized what a negative, toxic environment it really is until I became a positive person (considering I’ve been an extremely negative person most of my life). I’m not saying it in a bad way, I’m saying you basically find aggravating people and circumstances all around you. It certainly makes positivity stand out.

    I find when we have down time, or time alone, or are home in our comfort zone, it is easier to remember who we are and learn to connect more with our soul and our higher self. However, once I step out of that comfort zone, the every day challenges are still there and sometimes it’s easy to lose focus of what’s really important and still fall into that negativity zone (even it it’s just for a few minutes).

    What advice does the council give to keep ourselves on track (for lack of a better word)? What can we do to help remind us of the much bigger picture that is the Universe and our role in it and not fall into the little ridiculous things that we do everyday at work, during our commute, while dealing with other people? How do we remind ourselves that anger, fear, frustration and so on…are useless and will lead us nowhere at the exact moment when we are feeling those things or living those circumstances?

    I also wonder what is the best way to truly communicate with our spiritual guides and teachers when we sometimes need guidance? Prayer? Meditation? Intuition? How can I teach others what I have learned when they are so close minded? I feel like I can help others going through the process but feel that people are so close minded that they won’t even consider the possibility. What can I do to help others step our of their comfort zone and consider the possibility that there is something much better and brighter right inside of them?

    As I move on with my spiritual journey of discovery, my heart keeps pointing me to Ireland, a place I have never been to and know nothing about. I’m considering going there….is there a reason my spirit keeps pointing me in that direction? Should I follow my intuition and go?



    Comment by Anonymous | July 16, 2015

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