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Bringing Love Into Negativity

This post answers several questions from an anonymous reader named D, who says it’s been a while since she last spoke to us, but feels she’s moved mountains since then and is finally learning to heal from within. D continues that once she opened her heart and started asking questions, she discovered a new world that taught her about life and her purpose on Earth.

D’s has worked in New York for 16 years and says she never realized how negative an environment it was until she became a more positive person. The Council says D speaks of negativity as if it’s something unwanted, but there are many many people who can’t get to a positive place until they experience negativity. And when they become positive there’s great appreciation for what the negative has taught them.

D finds it’s easier to connect with her higher self when she’s in her comfort zone. And The Council says it’s in this quiet time you can hear your guides, stay connected to source, and get help with what you experience as negativity. They go on to say that you create this negativity to see how you can bring the love you are in spirit into these situations. They advise sitting for 5-10 minutes a day in this quiet and she will hear what she needs to hear, feel what she needs to feel, and connect to who she truly is.

The Council says many people don’t understand what most people call negativity is really something we as spirit have brought into our reality. What we consider annoying people or situations are really wonderful souls who choose to be part of our negativity and allow us to see these situations differently, bring love into them, and grow.

D asks if prayer, meditation, and guidance are the best ways to communicate with spirit guides when we need advice, and The Council says yes. When I asked the difference between the three The Council said prayer is asking and talking, meditation is listening to your higher self, and intuition is the voice of your higher self.

D asks how she can teach others when they’re so close-minded. The Council says people aren’t close-minded; they are searching and growing at their own pace. Teaching is more than words, and some people aren’t ready to hear what you say. You teach by your actions and by example. When you show love, when you show how you’ve grown and how you handle things differently, that teaches more than words.

D says her heart keeps pointing her to Ireland, a place she’s never been and knows nothing about, and asks if there’s a reason her spirit keeps pointing her in that direction. The Council says if she feels this in her heart, this is her intuition and why wouldn’t she go.

The Council suggests D move forward with the main reason she came into physical reality: to bring the love she is in spirit into it. Her negativity is there to teach her to turn it around and help her grow. It may be hard for her to believe that when she looses patience or is angry with someone, it is another part of her in this other person, coming forward to give her more understanding. We are all connected.

Listen to the entire 26-minute session with The Council to hear all their guidance during this wonderful session.

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  1. Hi Cynthia, Bob and the Council…
    I’m following up with more questions from my original message back in July.
    I followed my intuition and went on the trip to Ireland as the Council suggested. I would like to say that it changed my life forever and I will never be the same person again after coming back from that trip. I was at the right place at the right time and there was so much for me to learn there. It helped to put my life into perspective and I connected to Ireland and the people and the land on a soul level that I never felt before in my life. I believe I left a part of my soul there (or it was there all along from a previous life). My heart is telling me I should move there, that I belong there.

    However, it’s not easy to just get up and go…. I have many things and responsibilities that tie me down to the US and I’m raising a child on my own. My ego is still stronger than the voice of my soul and brings lots of doubt and fear into my mind. What if I go and then can’t provide an environment of safety or stability for my child? Making decisions when you are alone is very different than making decisions when you are responsible for someone else under your guidance.

    My mind is pulling me in one direction and my heart and soul are pulling me in another. I can’t seem to get past my fear to make a decision with a clear mind. Is Ireland a part of my path in this life? Am I really meant to go there and follow my heart? Will my child be happy there? Can the Council help me with clarity of thought?

    Much love and light,


    Comment by Anonymous | September 26, 2015

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