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This session is inspired by a reader named Sam and her questions about a relatively recent pregnancy she terminated. She says there are a lot of loose ends around the termination, and The Council begins by saying these loose ends Sam is talking about are all part of the learning and moving forward.

Sam says ever since she  learned she was pregnant she’s been feeling a sense of wholeness and love for herself and she asks if this love is coming from the soul of her child. The Council says while the child’s soul is constantly sending her love, the love Sam is talking about is Sam loving herself because she has followed her pre-birth spiritual plan exactly the way she intended.This love is part of who Sam truly is as a spiritual being. The Council says Sam stepped forward to help this soul, who desired to briefly experience what it was like to be in a human body, and then leave Sam’s body quickly.

Sam says the father of this child wasn’t really there during this pregnancy and isn’t currently in her life. She asks if there’s any meaning to why he was never part of the pregnancy and termination. The Council says the father also agreed in spirit to help this soul experience a brief physical life, but it was never agreed he would stay with her and be a family. Sam says sometimes she thinks about the father and wishes she could tell him all she’s learned from terminating this pregnancy. She says part of her doesn’t think he deserves to know and part of her thinks she should tell him, and Sam asks The Council what she should do.

The Council says in Sam’s spiritual pre-plan, this soul would play the part of the child’s father and then leave Sam’s life. If she chooses to involve him at this point, they say she’d be drifting from what she originally pre-planned, but they add this is okay. This is part of the choice she has in her current lifetime and they advise Sam to think about this choice. She is able to communicate with the father non-verbally and she should know on some level this communication is received. When this information is needed by him, he will have the benefit of whatever she has spoken to him about.

Sam says she’s learned not to look at this experience as a mistake, but part of her feels sad and she wonders if this is from loosing the child or from what she describes as poor decisions she’s made in her life. The Council says if Sam feels she’s made poor decisions, has she learned from them. If she had the opportunity to make these decisions again, would she decide differently based on what she now knows. And they add that this is what life is about – learning and moving on. They also tell Sam it’s important to look at the choices she’s made that have worked out for her and that she feels good about.

When Sam says she feels like she’s running away from her true self, The Council replies there’s nothing wrong with the way she’s handling her situation and they advise her to be open, accepting, and move forward. She will learn from this experience. They advise Sam to feel good about herself, look forward to having more understanding, and feel that it’s safe to let her energy expand rather than holding it close to her physical body.

Sam asks if she shouldn’t feel ashamed for hiding this pregnancy from her parents, and The Council says she is here to experience the love of spirit and there is no purpose to feeling ashamed. There is nothing wrong with the choice she made to terminate this pregnancy.

At the end of this session The Council makes the point that they answered Sam’s questions long before she wrote them on our blog. But was she able to let the answers in? Was she able to sit quietly and understand that her thoughts and feelings or the things she suddenly understood, is spirit reaching out to her with the answers to her questions?

The Council points out that when you have a question, spirit provides you with answers instantaneously, but are you receptive to them? In Sam’s case she had these answers, but she needed them to come in a different way. So she created the answers through this blog. The Council explains we have yet to fully develop to the point where we trust our intuition, and our thoughts, and our feelings. And they add that this is why we are here in this physical reality.

The Council asks Sam to let go of any shame, any regret, or any thinking of wrong doing on this situation she is coming through. It was pre-planned by her in spirit and she executed it beautifully in her physical reality. And they remind Sam to hold on to the feeling of self love.

This session offers much guidance on many aspects of terminating a pregnancy. Listen to the entire 16-minute recording below to hear all of The Council’s advice for Sam and anyone interested in this subject.

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  1. Am I able to get a long awaited answer to a question that has followed me for years ??? I had a mighty loud crashing wind blow into my bedroom window that crashed so heavy thru my house that it knocked over stacked boxes in the last bedroom down the hall……an audible voice said ..Linda…get on your knees ……I did not move ! I was scared and now realize it may have been the Holy Spirit …….have I lost my connection now ? Will I ever be filled as fully as I would have been had I kneeled down ? Have I committed a bad decision that will affect me forever my connection with Spirit ? I want so much to hear Spirits voice !!!!!! Can you hear an answer for me ? Will the Holy Spirit ever forgive me ???? Linda


    Comment by Linda | June 19, 2016

  2. Hi, Flower. We’ll be happy to ask The Council if the soul in your terminated pregnancy was part of your soul or another soul. Either way it seems from what The Council has said to other women who’ve terminated pregnancies, there are no irreversible consequences, no negative karma, and no interference with nature. We understand you are troubled by these thoughts now and we’ll post the The Council’s session on your questions as soon as we can. Keep reading and listening to our blog in the meantime if it brings you comfort. Love & Light, Bob & Cynthia.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | June 3, 2016

  3. Dear Bob, Cynthia and The Council,

    My question relates to a great extent to many questions already asked here. I find that it really inspiring and in fact a true wonder that I have found your blog online and I am dearly astounded that you answer questions and help people for free. This is something very rare these days – but a Light in the tunnel!!!

    I have terminated a pregnancy about 3 weeks ago and my question to The Council is whether there was a soul involved or it was just a part of my soul and energy (I have read here about the case of Beth, who had terminated her pregnancy as well, but there was no other soul involved but hers only). What I am also concerned is whether this event has had irreversible consequences on my etheric body and karma. I have read in many sources that intentional abortion carries negative karma and is considered an interference with nature. All these thoughts haunt my head and if it is true, I certainly will find it hard to forgive myself for my deed.

    I really hope The Council will give me some sign and guidance about my fate.

    Many thanks,
    Love and light!


    Comment by Flower | June 2, 2016

  4. Hello all. I have a curiosity in my life currently. I became single 6 months ago, out of a bad relationship where I believe I finally learned my lesson when it comes to caring about myself. I found that I didn’t want or need companionship from the opposite sex, and was content to work on myself until the next person came along.

    A few months after leaving my ex, I started a job that seemed to be divinely created. The chances of me finding it, getting it, and it working out were slim. There I met a beautiful soul. Interesting things have happened here, like his parents wanting to name him my name were he a girl…but instead gave him the reverse. We have almost identical senses of humor, lifestyle, personalities, etc., and we work SO well together in every imaginable way. He also found the job on an off chance. I guess I don’t need 1,000 words to say that I feel a POWERFUL familiarity and connection. I’m always open to this stuff, and I’ve had previous soulmates that helped me grow…but this person…I feel true unconditional love for. I’ve never felt so free and content just knowing him and knowing he exists.

    The only catch is that he is married. I can see no unhappiness there, and while I know he feels something, I have no idea what it might be. I continuously ask for signs…and am confused by what I’m getting. Do I let it go, give no energy to the idea of being with him one day, and move on? Or do I sit back and wait for the right time? Why have we come together? Have we lived past lives together? I think I just really want to know his purpose in my life.

    Thank you very much,


    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Anonymous | April 6, 2016

  5. Hi Bob, Cynthia and The Council.

    Thank you so much for your time and answering my questions. I have a lot more clarity and your last point was correct (it kind of freaks me out). You were right in saying that you answered my questions long before I wrote them, a part of me has been feeling sad and painful (perhaps because morally I sacrificed the life of someone else due to my reckless behaviour), BUT a bigger part of me has been feeling content and happy (because just like you said, I had done what was meant to be done). I think society sees these things as devastating and morally wrong or “sinful”… but I was battling between how I *thought i should feel* VS. how I *truly felt*.

    This is a new journey for me, and to be honest, I am grateful for it and learning so much. I love hearing you say that being jobless through this journey is great because it offers “endless opportunities” .. as I feel this journey will bring me closer to my soul, helping me accomplish my dreams in life.

    Thank you again, so much. Really appreciate all your help and support.

    Warm regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Sam | April 1, 2016

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