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A Pre-Birth Plan With a Manic-Depressive Mother?

This post is inspired by questions from a reader named Susan about her and her mother’s pre-birth spiritual plan for this lifetime. Susan says her relationship with her mother was often painful, especially when she was younger, because her mother was a bi-polar manic-depressive. And she asks why didn’t family members step in to protect her.

The Council says Susan planned it this way. And her planning comes from another life she and her mother shared as orphan boys living on the streets and stealing to survive, maybe around the early 1800s. They both experienced a lot of violence and hate in that lifetime with no understanding and no love, just a will to survive.

When they both left that reality, as spirits they thought it would’ve been good if they learned how to forgive and understand. And so they decided to create this life together where her mother would be harsh and she would experience a desire to care for her and learn to forgive her. And what she learned about forgiving she would share with her mother when they returned to spirit.

The Council says knowing about this past life will help Susan a great deal with her relationship with her mother in this lifetime. And they ask, can she forgive her mother for the manic-depression she created so Susan could have an experience of that. Can she love her mother because she was willing to go though this disease to push Susan to understand and find forgiveness in her heart? That is what Susan wanted to experience in this lifetime. And if they follow through with their intentions, they will reverse the roles in a future lifetime and Susan will be harsh so her mother can learn to forgive.

Listen to the entire 9-minute session (below) to hear all The Council’s guidance for Susan. We find this session to be particularly fascinating.

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  1. […] invite you to listen to the actual recording of Cynthia as she channeled The Council’s wisdom with all its detail, while her husband Bob presented my […]

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  2. Reblogged this on Life Is A Journey… Not A Guided Tour and commented:
    Children are not innocent and are never victims. We tend to see children who suffer through terrible hardships as victims. The paradox is, they, as a soul, have lived many lives and specifically chose these experiences for the purpose of soul growth. Growth is often painful. Helping me to heal my own childhood, I wrote a question to The Council (a group of wise non-physical beings who dispenses counsel) and here is their reply. The audio provides The Council’s advice as it was given, channeled by Cynthia.

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    Comment by mariner2mother | August 2, 2016

  3. Thank you so much for your insight and wisdom! This information is very helpful for me. Since my mother passed away back in 2012 I’ve been doing a lot of healing work on myself, and I’ve come a long way on the path of forgiveness with regards to my mother (and other family members). There are still “orphan” pieces of me that I’m still retrieving, and this recording of your session with the council is helping me understand my life from the broader, spiritual perspective. Blessings to you Bob, Cynthia, and The Council.

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    Comment by mariner2mother | August 2, 2016

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