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Why is My Life So Full of Roadblocks?

This post is inspired by questions from a reader named Hadassah who feels like her life has gone backward since she married her husband. Hadassah says she and her husband were both successful before they married, but now they seem stuck and have become roadblocks for each other. Hadassah wonders why this is the case and asks The Council for guidance.

The Council starts by saying that Hadassah and her husband are experiencing a wonderful roadblock, but can see how she might be experiencing this negatively. They say she and her husband agreed in spirit to come into each other’s lives and help each other reach for their dreams. In discussions with her husband she should plan with him and help him come up with ideas to move in a direction he would like, and he should do the same for her.

The Council says as the two of them work to support each other’s desires, their energy becomes positive, there is more love in these situations, and they will see this roadblock disappear. Their desire was to come together and focus on each other rather than themselves, and to be of service to each other. They say Hadassah will experience much love when she focuses on the feeling of helping her husband move forward toward what he wants from life. And because her husband is focusing on her and helping her move forward, she will have success with new ideas she comes up with.

The Council encourages Hadassah to have fun with being supportive to her husband and vice versa. They say this situation is not about Hadassah falling apart because she’s with her husband and nothing is working out. That is what the both of them created in spirit to get to this point where they can find the love within themselves and help each other reach for their dreams. They say that’s how the two of them wanted to be of service in this lifetime.

The Council says it’s important to really listen to her husband and come up with genuine ideas that help him reach his goals, and he can do the same for her. Bring the fun and the love and the joy into this and it will move much quicker than they think.

The Council says Hadassah and her husband are at a turning point where they can learn to be there for each other and want each other’s desires to be fulfilled. And The Council promises they will see a gigantic change when they bring the love from spirit into their lives and experience the feeling of really wanting each other to succeed.

Listen to our entire 14-minute session with The Council to answer Hadassah’s questions. We feel there’s a lot of guidance in this session for anyone in a relationship.

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  1. Hi, S. We’ll ask The Council about your relationship with your friend and the pregnancy, and we’ll post their response as soon as we can. Thanks for your question.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 2, 2016

  2. Hello!

    I posted a question for you guys a year ago about an abortion I was debating having, that I did end up going through with. I was leaving an abusive relationship, and the abortion felt like the right choice. All of your input was so, so appreciated.

    Exactly one year to the day, I believe I’ve conceived again. It’s too early to tell via pregnancy test, but it’s something I’m certain of.

    I’ve been having an intimate relationship with a friend. He is clear that he has a “wife type” that he envisions, and there has never been any intention of dating on his part that I’m aware of. I, however, have been drawn to him for unexplainable reasons and even though I’ve tried ending the “fun friend” bargain, I don’t feel like I should. Now, I’m pregnant and incredibly confused on why I’ve created this for myself and where it’s headed with him. It seems as though I’m not what he sees for himself at all, I think mostly because he is religious and I am not. How much power do I have in creating an outcome and how do I know what I should focus on creating? Being with him as a family or not? I’ve never been so confused!

    I also really feel as though it’s a girl, and that it may be the same soul that I snorted a year ago. I conceived in the exact same date by chance, and even took measures to make sure I didn’t become pregnant. Is this all intuition of some sort or am I fooling myself?

    Thank you so much for your input.


    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by S | September 29, 2016

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