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How to Navigate Through a Period of Standstill

This post is inspired by questions from a reader named Sarah who feels like after being drawn to experiences like lucid dreaming, meditation, and connection with her spiritual self, her life has come to a standstill recently and she asks The Council how to navigate through this period of feeling stuck.

The Council says what Sarah is experiencing is what some people call the void. She will feel stuck and cut off, but while she’s in what she calls this stuck place she should review what she’s learned, go deeper into it, and use it in her everyday life.

While Sarah is in this stuck place her spirit is very busy planning the next phase of her life. She is figuring out on a deeper level her path and the direction she wants to go, who she wants to pull into her life, where she wants to live, and what she wants to experience. The Council says Sarah is in a very good place and recommends she have more understanding with people she brings into her life.

Sarah asks how she can connect more deeply with herself and manifest more quickly. And The Council recommends sitting in a quiet place and figuring out how she can know her spirit loves her personality self, but without using any words, just feeling this love in her heart. This will eventually help her feel more connected.

Sarah asks what lessons she’s here to learn. And The Council says her lessons now are to be independent, be loving to herself, and push forward on her path of spiritual growth. And they say on this path she will bring in the right people to help her along her way. Do not look for approval from others. Approve of yourself and you will see yourself move forward.

Sarah asks what she’s struggled with in past lives. And The Council says the past life that’s affecting this life is one of slavery where she suffered without having the freedom to go and choose what she wanted, and feeling very oppressed. In her current lifetime she wants to spread her wings, learn more, be independent, and not need approval from others.

Listen to our entire 7-minute session with The Council (below) on Sarah’s questions to gain a deeper appreciate for The Council’s guidance for Sarah and the rest of us when we feel stuck in the void.

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  1. We agree, Jan. It seems we often need a reminder we’re always connected to spirit and the spiritual part of ourselves is always looking for ways to move us forward on our path. Bob & Cynthia

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    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | December 17, 2016

  2. Many thanks. I look forward to reading it.
    Jan x


    Comment by janonlife | December 12, 2016

  3. Hi, Jan. Of course we remember our session with you about Will, and we’re always glad to hear that The Council’s guidance was so helpful. We’ll be glad to ask them about remote viewing, how it works for Will, and for their suggestions how you and Will can use his talents to help others. We’ll post our response when it’s ready. Cheers, Bob & Cynthia.

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    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | December 12, 2016

  4. Dear Bob, Cynthia and members of The Council,

    Maybe you remember, several years ago, doing a private reading for me about my relationship and life purpose with William, a young man I had taught and mentored as a child, but who had withdrawn into himself and would have no contact with me or anyone else.

    The gifts you gave me during that reading, and a couple of others, were beyond price. I’m sure it will come as absolutely no surprise to you that everything The Council told me would happen has turned out just the way they said! I often meditated on their words and spoke to my own guide when I needed further clarification.

    The Council told me Will and I had shared an Atlantean life where we were again teacher and pupil, and he had helped me to teach small children telepathic communication. They advised me to use this knowledge to determine our intention in this current life, as there was something we both wanted to explore which related to it.

    I was inspired to explore remote viewing with him and not only did this seem to pull him out of himself and give him a renewed interest in physical life, it also brought the two of us together again. The Council told me it would be a long while before we met face to face, but he would be happy to use a phone. Sure enough, we have been carrying on long and fascinating conversations via text for several years!

    Finally, last weekend, he felt able to meet with me for a short time and to discuss aspects of the remote viewings he does as well as to consider how best to use this skill for the benefit of humanity. He also expressed a strong desire to understand how it happens, as he is quite mystified by his ability to ‘know’ about places I and others visit in the past, present and future.

    So once again, I’m turning to The Council for some guidance and clarification. Are they able to explain how remote viewing works? Also can they suggest how Will and I can use his abilities in a practical way that would be of value to others.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful work you do.

    Very best wishes and seasonal greetings,


    Comment by janonlife | December 12, 2016

  5. What a lovely, reassuring message. So good for us to be reminded that Spirit is always busy on our behalf, even when we can’t sense it at a conscious level.

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    Comment by janonlife | December 12, 2016

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