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What Are Soul Mates and Soul Families?

This post is inspired by questions from a reader named Darla, who asks The Council about soul mates and soul families. Also Darla was told by a psychic that her mother in this lifetime was her mother-in-law in another lifetime, and her husband was her daughter in another lifetime, and she asks for any information about this.

The Council says they love questions about soul mates. So many humans are searching for their soul mate, but what they want us to know is that we have many soul mates. In some lives a soul mate can be a good friend, or a strong teacher, or your child. A soul mate isn’t necessarily just the romantic partner that many people are looking for. In a certain respect we are all soul mates to each other.

The Council says we have soul groups or soul families. People you find you’re at ease with are usually someone you’ve traveled with before and are in your soul group. Some groups are small, about 9 or 10 souls, and some groups are larger, containing perhaps 100 souls. We constantly travel with these groups, and yet we have the ability to change groups a lifetime at a time.

The Council does see that Darla’s mother was her mother-in-law at a time when they lived on a farm as America Indians. And her husband in this life was her daughter in a life where her daughter was an opera singer in Italy. The Council asks Darla if her husband has singing ability or is interested in music in this lifetime.

Listen to our short, but information-filled, 5-minute session with The Council (below) to receive all their guidance on soul mates and soul groups, and let us know what you think.

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  2. Dear Cynthia, Bob and the Council,
    I met someone some time ago and we became, so I thought, good friends. After spending some time together I had a strong feeling we had known each other from another life time; maybe two. Can you please confirm if my feelings are accurate and if we were, what were we to each other. The friendship was short-lived but this person has made an imprint in my life. Will we ever reconnect?
    Also, in other life times did I ever dabble with herbs and healing? I feel this is the path i’m meant to be on in this lifetime and it feels familiar to me. I would love to hear from you and much love, A.

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    Comment by Anonymous | March 19, 2017

  3. Thank you!


    Comment by truthjournal | March 16, 2017

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