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What’s The Best Way To Ask For Something You Want To Manifest?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Jess, who says: I recently saw a video about manifesting your desires and I was wondering something. In this video a person said the more detailed and specific you are with your desired outcome is a slippery slope, especially during challenging times.

For example, instead of saying you want wealth and abundance, you say you want a specific amount of money by a certain date. They say it’s okay to be detailed and specific with your outcome, but your specificity is limiting the universe. Another example is, you say you want a specific person for a romantic partner. By doing that you’re limiting the universe to one specific person, even if you love this person, their knowledge, and insight.

I was thinking about this because I also read a book called, It Works, by R. H. Jarrett. In it the author talks about being very detailed in your desired outcome, including when you want it to happen. I love this book and most of the information in it, but these are two conflicting ideas about manifesting. I was wondering what The Council can tell me about manifesting. Is it better to be more detailed? Or is it better to just say you want wealth and abundance instead of saying you want a million dollars? Are you limiting the universe by being more specific and detailed in the desired outcome?

Council: We say here that it’s all according to your belief. There are many people that have a strong belief that every detail they can want, they can manifest. And that will work for them. Other people would say you’re limiting the universe by asking for something very specific.

The universe knows what you want, and it will send you the visualizations you put out into the world. You can say to the universe, I want a partner in my life and I want you to send the most perfect person for me. And that will work for that person because that’s what they believe.

Either way works. You have to choose what’s more comfortable for you. When you think about what you want, what gets you more excited? What makes you happy to think about it? Is this person tall? Are they blonde? Are they skinny? Are they a millionaire? Or you can think, go ahead universe, you know what I want. Send me the most perfect person. Both ways work. It’s all according to what you believe and what makes you feel good.

There was one person who put out to the universe that they wanted a partner, and got the most wonderful partner that they could have created with their own mind. There was another person that went detail by detail with their outcome. In two weeks this woman wanted to meet the most perfect man in her life. He had to look a certain way. He had to have certain characteristics. Everything was wonderful, but because she went detail by detail, she forgot to specify anything about this partner having a job. She attracted a partner who was perfect, except he didn’t have a job, and this caused the relationship to fall apart. If you’re afraid you’ll forget something, just ask for the most perfect person for you.

You can’t limit the universe. The universe knows what you want and it will go by how you feel. Just know that what you are asking for is coming to you and be happy with that.

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What’s Blocking Me From Attracting A Romantic Partner Into My Life?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Eden, who asks, What is blocking me from attracting a romantic partner into my life? I’ve been single for years now and I’ve done a lot of work on myself during this time in order to welcome in a partner to enhance my life. However, I’m still not attracting in the right person. I feel as though I might have an unconscious block or a limiting belief, which is stopping me from attracting the right person. Could you please shed some light on this?

The Council says in one particular lifetime in the early 1800s you were a wife in a very lovely marriage with children. But your husband died unexpectedly and left you broken-hearted for this whole lifetime. You became a totally different person, sad and obsessed. You always wished your partner was still there.

In your current lifetime, subconsciously the fear is there that if you find the perfect partner, the relationship would end prematurely in your partner transitioning to spirit. That’s the belief that comes into your current lifetime. That’s the belief you wanted to work on and heal.

We ask you to not only visualize what you’ve lost now that you have this information, but think about how wonderful your relationship was. Meditate on this and ask for information about your marriage. How do you think your life would have been with a husband and children? Bring that relationship into your current lifetime. It was beautiful and it ended early, but that was then. Now you can have another beautiful relationship and it will last your entire lifetime.

There’s the belief of worry, and fear of being abandoned again that’s stopping you from pulling in someone who you want to have a relationship with.

We can tell you that in spirit you planned to have a relationship in your current lifetime with the spirit of the husband you lost in the lifetime we mentioned. It’s there for you. We suggest you concentrate on the joy that you’ll have the opportunity to be together again, and have another lifetime together, and create as you both go along.

Stop worrying about not finding the perfect person, what is wrong, and what’s blocking you. You now have the answer to those questions. But you also know now that in spirit you and your husband from a past lifetime have both agreed you’ll come together to have another great relationship, to live out another wonderful life. We wish you well on this. Meditate on it and feel the happiness and excitement that you’ll meet this person again.

Eden closes by asking, Is there a partner out there for me with whom I can create a beautiful and fulfilling relationship, which is really what my heart yearns for? The Council says this relationship is there for you. Now create it.

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What Are Soul Mates and Soul Families?

This post is inspired by questions from a reader named Darla, who asks The Council about soul mates and soul families. Also Darla was told by a psychic that her mother in this lifetime was her mother-in-law in another lifetime, and her husband was her daughter in another lifetime, and she asks for any information about this.

The Council says they love questions about soul mates. So many humans are searching for their soul mate, but what they want us to know is that we have many soul mates. In some lives a soul mate can be a good friend, or a strong teacher, or your child. A soul mate isn’t necessarily just the romantic partner that many people are looking for. In a certain respect we are all soul mates to each other.

The Council says we have soul groups or soul families. People you find you’re at ease with are usually someone you’ve traveled with before and are in your soul group. Some groups are small, about 9 or 10 souls, and some groups are larger, containing perhaps 100 souls. We constantly travel with these groups, and yet we have the ability to change groups a lifetime at a time.

The Council does see that Darla’s mother was her mother-in-law at a time when they lived on a farm as America Indians. And her husband in this life was her daughter in a life where her daughter was an opera singer in Italy. The Council asks Darla if her husband has singing ability or is interested in music in this lifetime.

Listen to our short, but information-filled, 5-minute session with The Council (below) to receive all their guidance on soul mates and soul groups, and let us know what you think.

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