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What Profession Suits Me Based on Previous Lifetimes?

This post in inspired by a follow-up question from Vacha about what career she is best suited for based on her experience in her other lifetimes.

The Council suggests the best way to decide what career to choose in this lifetime is to do anything and determine how she feels about it. Do you love it? Does it make you feel good? There’s no one career Vacha planned to have in this lifetime.

What did you enjoy as a child? What do you truly love? What brings you peace? What makes time go by without you even realizing it? The Council is here to help her expand, but she won’t expand if we tell her what to do. She is still creating and there are lots of things that go into putting her life together. How to find her way is by loving what she does.

The Council says they’ll send Vacha support and loving energy to bring her to the right place. She’ll grow and have more confidence in herself as she finds her way. Ask herself the questions The Council suggests and meditate on the answers. Experiment and she will find her way.

Vacha also asks what kind of previous lifetimes she’s had and how they affect her in this lifetime? The Council says she’s been a dancer, she’s taught different religions, she’s been a caretaker, and she’s been a rebel. In this lifetime The Council gives Vacha a clue and says she wishes to experience peace. Look in this direction. Meditate on this and she’ll find answers.

Vacha says one of her spiritual leaders in India where she is living said her life would be very different after 50 years old and she’s looking for clarification on this. She also says after her recent abortion and leaving her abusive husband in the USA, she’s been reading about spirituality and feels like she’s growing spiritually.

The Council says Vacha’s life is changing now. It is sometimes said that women don’t blossom until they reach 60 years old. And The Council says if you believe that, then she’ll wait until she’s 60 to blossom. But she’s blossoming now. Look at what she’s creating. And if she’s not fond of what she’s creating, then create again. It is all there for her, The Council says.

Listen to our entire 9-minute session on Vacha’s questions to hear all their guidance for her and the rest of us, and let us know what you think.

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  1. Hello Bob,Cynthia and Counsel,
    Thanks a lot for all your guidance and I keep on listening to all the advice that you have given me over and over and that is giving me immense strength.

    I am concerned about my Mother and father now. My mother is a strong woman and in the past she used to be the strongest(emotionally) in the family. But off recently, she has been through tough experiences.

    My first divorce, my second difficult marriage and also she has faced bad treatment from her own father(my grandfather) and her sisters. She has worked hard and has been a support to all her family members but they have treated her badly later in life.
    Because of all of this, she keeps crying and I fear she might go in the depression or would develop some severe disease. She also constantly worries about me and my future. She and my daddy don’t have a very good relationship from the beginning but she treats him badly as well because of all the negativity.

    Can the counsel please send love and light to my mother and our family so that we can survive the situation. I would also appreciate if the counsel can give me some advice on to how can my mother and father feel better. I am not aware what sort of lessons they need to learn as all their life they have never truly got happiness from ANY relationship and always faced betrayal from their closed ones.

    Thanks so much,


    Comment by learningsoulsite | April 1, 2017

  2. Thanks so much council and Bob and Cynthia. Really glad to read the council’s advice, one thing struck me was if I am not fond of what I created then create again.
    I want to understand that is my marriage finally over or should I give it a second chance. Is there a chance that if I give my second marriage good thoughts and positive energy it can still work out. It might be that it will continue to fail and create troubles for me later if I give it a chance now.
    I just want to understsnd is it happening for good and I should Move on or should I give it a second chance and it has bright future and possibilities of improvements ahead.
    I am asking because my husband and I did talk few times after I came here but whenever I tried to talk about the issues , he never calls me back or realise his mistakes. It might be that he is under the influences of his parents and sister and behaving this way . Is it true ~ I mean I just wanted to know should I finally put an end to it and move on. Or should I keep trying for this for my son and give him his father ‘s love.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by learningsoulsite | March 31, 2017

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