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Are We Really Channeling Divine Energy When We Perform Reiki?

This post is inspired by some excellent questions from a reader named Marie about a healing technique called Reiki. Marie asks about Reiki’s validity, whether she’s really channeling divine energy when she performs Reiki, and whether the person receiving Reiki can receive the same energy just by meditating and visualizing the energy coming to them.

The Council says there’s a single great healing force. And because of the existence we’ve created on Earth, people are able to tune into this healing energy through many different paths, including Reiki, and we are drawn to the path we’ve used in other lifetimes or feels familiar.

The Council says when you believe you’re able to heal without any formal training it can be done. They say healing occurs by intention, by wanting the best for the person receiving the healing, seeing them whole and getting them to see themselves as whole and healed. Healing happens when our spirit decides to accept this energy.

The Council points out we are already healed and whole. They say what we’re going through creates the sickness because there’s something we need to learn from going through this, but as soon as we remember who we truly are as spiritual beings and decide to let the healing energy in, the wholeness is remembered and the healing occurs.

The Council says many people love the idea of going to school, but they say healing happens whether you are trained or not, because the healing is all around us. They recommend we enjoy the different healing modalities. When we feel the healing, know it’s always there for us and that we’ve decided to let the healing energy in.

In Reiki there are certain healing symbols that are used and Marie asks if they’re necessary. The Council says they aren’t necessary, but if they help you believe you are working with the healing energy and it helps the recipient feel this energy, by all means use them. They add that whatever it is that helps us connect to the idea we can help another, use it.

Marie finishes up by saying after she received Reiki training she felt the formality of the training was becoming obsolete and asks if this is the case. The Council says this is a belief. Believing the formality is necessary makes it necessary, but if you believe the formality isn’t necessary it becomes unnecessary.

The Council says Marie has done healing in other lifetimes and Reiki is how she’s connecting to this healing in this lifetime. If her training enables her to connect with something magical and powerful, they suggest she use the formality.

At the beginning of the session one of our cats began playing with a toy and making noise. When Bob got up to stop the noise, The Council said it’s a vibration of fun and happiness that should never be eliminated and to let the cats enjoy themselves. This is included in the recording below as, 1. “Prelude”. Listen to the entire session with The Council to hear all their guidance on healing for Marie and the rest of us, and let us know what you think.

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  1. This message was particularly meaningful for me today. Thank you so much. More and more I see that all healing modalities are permission slips of sorts for us to allow healing to happen. The more we trust in ourselves and our own ability to see intuitively and our own ability to create meaningful change in our lives, the more we can do it simply because we desire it. Finding the way for it to happen becomes easier and easier. I believe this message will speak to people in many different levels at the same time. Thank you so much.

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    Comment by mariner2mother | April 1, 2017

  2. I am so glad to have these answers to something that has been on my mind since taking Reiki training. Just intuitively I kept wondering if the formality was still necessary because the energy of life just felt like it was changing quickly. To have validation truly feels like being able to take a step forward. Thank you again, Cynthia, Bob and the Council. BTW – I LOVE cats and thought it was adorable to have them join the session.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Marie | April 1, 2017

  3. What a fascinating question – and a great answer! I’ve been told on several occasions that I’m a ‘natural’ healer’ and have often wondered whether I needed to learn the disciplines of a particular modality, while suspecting that they wouldn’t be needed in my case, although for others, they are very helpful. Thanks for the validation!

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    Comment by janonlife | March 31, 2017

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