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How Can I Help My Mom and Dad Heal Their Health Issues?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, LookingForGuidance, who says their Mom and Dad live far from them and recently learned they have health issues and want to know how they can help them get better.

The Council says these physical pains are a way to get your parents in touch with more healing that is energy oriented. Yoga is a wonderful idea and chakra breathing is necessary for both parents, especially the areas of the chest and solar plexus. They are both a little stagnant in the heart area. When the energy moves more in this area it will have a beneficial affect the shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers. Click on this link to be taken to a post we wrote with a chakra breathing meditation The Council gave us.

Any sort of application of heat will be a benefit to your parents. Whether it’s swimming in a hot pool or lightly applied heat packs or a heating pad on the shoulders, back, and chest.

Any reading on energy healing and classes on Yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Reiki, Reconnection, Polarity, and anything else that works with energy is needed at this time and will be useful.

The Council says these physical health issues have been created by them to lead them on a more spiritual path and learning about energy. This is how people learned how to heal many years ago. There’s a desire to go on this natural way and that’s why these issues have manifested.

Listen to the entire 3-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for LookingForGuidance and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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How to Stop Taking On the Pain of People I See as a Therapist?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Frankie, who says it seems she’s on a shaman’s path. She’s a full-time social worker and therapist who feels like she’s taking on the trauma and pain of the families she works with, and she’s spiritually working through trauma and painful emotions of her own. She feels connected to her spiritual path, but also feels overwhelmed by the pain and trauma of her clients and family.

The Council says it was Frankie’s desire in her current incarnation to deeply feel what her clients, friends, and family go through. When you truly understand, not just by listening but by feeling, you become a great healer that finds the right words because you understand the pain and what these people are going through. Now that you’ve felt what these people are going through it’s not necessary to keep absorbing these people’s pain while you work with them.

Review within yourself all the different feelings that come up and what they’re teaching you. Put out into the universe it’s not necessary to experience this physically any more. But when others come to you and speak of their problems you’ll fully understand because of what you’ve done so far by taking on the physical and emotional feelings of others.

The Council suggests Frankie learn some different physical healing modalities. There’s one called, Reconnection, that would be helpful. Reiki is another good modality to work with. Work with these energies. And when you’re speaking with people you can put this energy around you so you don’t absorb others feelings.

Frankie says she feels anxious and sad sometimes, but she doesn’t always know why. The Council says Frankie chose to experience these feelings to have a greater understanding of them rather than just reading about them in books. By processing her own pain from what she’s personally gone through she’d get a fuller understanding. And with a fuller understanding of herself about what these emotions are like, greater healing energy can come through to work with these other people.

The Council advises Frankie to meditate before you work with others. Ground and put yourself in white light. Ask for help from whatever you believe in, whether it’s angels or guides or God. By doing this you put yourself in a better mindset and then go into this work.

Frankie says she’s had intuitive dreams and insights that have come true. The Council says this will increase because it’s something you’ve done in other lives and bringing this gift into this lifetime will help you expand. Meditation will make you more open to these dreams and intuitions and help you with yourself and others.

Learn different ways to meditate and each one will take you a step further. A group isn’t necessary, but try to make it at the same time each day. Light a candle and make it a ritual so that your body and your spirit knows it’s time to meditate. As you do this every day it will become easier.

Practice Reconnection and Reiki often, even if it’s just on yourself, and you’ll get the feeling of this good energy around you. As you work with other people you won’t pick up so much of what you call “their stuff”. It’s really all of our stuff, but you’re tuning into it now to learn from it.

Frankie asks if she should do a vision quest of some kind. The Council says you can go out into nature and meditate or just look around and that would be the beginning of a vision quest. As you become more able to do this it’s a good idea to ask yourself certain questions and while you sit in nature you’ll begin to receive answers.

The Council says as Frankie becomes more familiar with bringing in good energy she’ll begin to have more clarity. Your Third Eye will open and you’ll see more of what stuff is yours and what isn’t.

Listen to the entire 9-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Frankie and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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How Do I Interpret My Recent Dreams and Enhance My Psychic Gifts?

This post answers questions by a reader who goes by the name, SoulSeekingPeace, who asks The Council to interpret a dream they had where a wolf wants to get into their house, but SoulSeekingPeace is afraid and the wolf runs away. The Council says the wolf represents the teacher, and their higher self has sent this dream to open new doors and to teach them new ways.

A couple days later SoulSeekingPeace had another dream where they heard the words, “Everything is energy.” The Council says this voice and the wolf from their previous dream is to help SoulSeekingPeace become aware of energy by hearing it, feel it, and possibly even tasting it.

Even though SoulSeekingPeace hasn’t mentioned anything in their Comment about hands on healing, which The Council says is there for them if they think they’d like that, The Council suggests they read the book, Hands of Light, by Barbara Brennan. If they read this book it can put them more in touch with how energy works, how they can see and feel it, and this book will help to bring SoulSeekingPeace along their path.

SoulSeekingPeace asks what they should do to get rid of the fear they have of energy and psychic knowledge they feel coming from other lifetimes? The Council says these fears usually means that in a past life you misused these gifts in some way. You regretted this misuse and wish to have another chance in your current lifetime to work with energy and psychic knowledge in a positive way.

The Council advises SoulSeekingPeace to learn as much as they can about the chakras and experience different types of energy healing until you can feel what you’re drawn to. They specifically mention Polarity, Reiki, Reconnection, and Acupuncture as a starting point.

SoulSeekingPeace says they think they’re telepathic and empathic, and The Council says these gifts are definitely there. As you progress along the path The Council recommends, you’ll see how you’re able to pick up other people’s energy, which you’re already able to do to some extent. And you’ll become more psychic with meditation.

They suggest learning the meditation taught by the famous psychic, Edgar Cayce, with the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE). It would be good to join the ARE and search their records on energy, healing, and almost any subject you can think of. This is how you can advance in your psychic work in a positive way. This is happening in your life right now because you’re ready to experience this.

Listen to the entire 7-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for SoulSeekingPeace and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it.

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Are We Really Channeling Divine Energy When We Perform Reiki?

This post is inspired by some excellent questions from a reader named Marie about a healing technique called Reiki. Marie asks about Reiki’s validity, whether she’s really channeling divine energy when she performs Reiki, and whether the person receiving Reiki can receive the same energy just by meditating and visualizing the energy coming to them.

The Council says there’s a single great healing force. And because of the existence we’ve created on Earth, people are able to tune into this healing energy through many different paths, including Reiki, and we are drawn to the path we’ve used in other lifetimes or feels familiar.

The Council says when you believe you’re able to heal without any formal training it can be done. They say healing occurs by intention, by wanting the best for the person receiving the healing, seeing them whole and getting them to see themselves as whole and healed. Healing happens when our spirit decides to accept this energy.

The Council points out we are already healed and whole. They say what we’re going through creates the sickness because there’s something we need to learn from going through this, but as soon as we remember who we truly are as spiritual beings and decide to let the healing energy in, the wholeness is remembered and the healing occurs.

The Council says many people love the idea of going to school, but they say healing happens whether you are trained or not, because the healing is all around us. They recommend we enjoy the different healing modalities. When we feel the healing, know it’s always there for us and that we’ve decided to let the healing energy in.

In Reiki there are certain healing symbols that are used and Marie asks if they’re necessary. The Council says they aren’t necessary, but if they help you believe you are working with the healing energy and it helps the recipient feel this energy, by all means use them. They add that whatever it is that helps us connect to the idea we can help another, use it.

Marie finishes up by saying after she received Reiki training she felt the formality of the training was becoming obsolete and asks if this is the case. The Council says this is a belief. Believing the formality is necessary makes it necessary, but if you believe the formality isn’t necessary it becomes unnecessary.

The Council says Marie has done healing in other lifetimes and Reiki is how she’s connecting to this healing in this lifetime. If her training enables her to connect with something magical and powerful, they suggest she use the formality.

At the beginning of the session one of our cats began playing with a toy and making noise. When Bob got up to stop the noise, The Council said it’s a vibration of fun and happiness that should never be eliminated and to let the cats enjoy themselves. This is included in the recording below as, 1. “Prelude”. Listen to the entire session with The Council to hear all their guidance on healing for Marie and the rest of us, and let us know what you think.

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