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A Mother-Daughter Relationship – Past and Present Lives

This post is inspired by a question from a reader named Merry, who says she’s always had a tumultuous relationship with her mother and asks The Council to shed light on the relationships they’ve shared in other lifetimes. 

The Council begins by saying Merry and her mother had very good relationships in other lifetimes and they remind her when the lifetime we share with a person is challenging, it’s not always considered a bad lifetime.

The Council says Merry and her mother were mother and daughter in a lifetime around the 1400s and were very close. At that time there were witch hunts and because her mother was good at making medicines for people someone accused her of being a witch. When this happened her mother tried to hide her daughter, but she was found and was drowned as the child of a witch, and her mother was locked in a cell for the rest of her life.

Merry and her mother agreed in spirit to return in their present lifetime, but her mother brought the memories of this previous lifetime with her. Instead of working with Merry to have a wonderful life, she turned off her emotions because she was afraid Merry would be taken away again. The reason Merry feels coldness from her mother is that her mother was afraid of being connected to her.

When Bob asked if there was a way to break down these barriers Merry feels with her mother, The Council said it would be difficult, but she should try to show her mother love and help her with everyday challenges. Love conquers everything. Show her mother signs of love in the littlest thing she does and the barrier Merry feels will begin to change. The purpose of this lifetime is to figure out ways to get close.

Merry says her mother is kind of her best friend, but her role as Merry’s mother ended when her brother was born. The Council says if Merry feels her connection with her mother now is one of being friends, can she learn to appreciate this? Can Merry see how her mother needs her as a friend? As Merry begins to appreciate this friendship the relationship will be able to develop further.

The Council says because both Merry and her mother were trying to make this lifetime work, they brought in a lot of fears that they are trying to overcome. Merry can meditate on what she’s gone through. She is strong. By asking about these challenges Merry knows there is more to what she’s experiencing in this lifetime. This shows she’s on the right path because a part of her that’s questioning knows there’s more and wants the answer. This is Merry’s connection to her higher self and is her spirit trying to get her to understand what The Council is talking about. Now, going forward, how does she handle things?

The Counsel closes by saying that through understanding what her mother has gone through and through meditation Merry can show her mother more compassion and more love, and when she can do this her situation must change.

Listen to our entire 17-minute session on Merry’s question about her relationship with her mother to hear all The Council’s guidance for her and the rest of us, and let us know what you think.


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  1. Hello Cynthia, Bob and Council!

    I recently turned a very psychic/intuitive/spiritual friend onto your wonderful site and she apparently posed her own questions that she’s excited to hear back about…

    But MEANWHILE, I have ANOTHER question for you regarding her and me! She (Melanie [Mel]) and I have been in the same distant circle of friends for years (she was one year ahead of me in school). But it wasn’t until maybe 18-24 months ago that we started directly engaging each other (when she *knew* I was in a [then, private] dire health situation, she reached out to support me).

    Ever since then Mel and I have synched in ways so quick and so fast that I’ve never experienced before. We understand each other’s (too eerily similar) dysfunctional family dynamics, our health issues, our histories, our strive for wholeness, our hearts — we even LOOK very similar, despite ethnicity differences! We mentor each other and challenge each other to improve our situations; she’s the most healthiest friendship I’ve ever had with ANYONE!

    I understand that some things are not meant to be understood in our current lifetimes about our past lifetimes; but, would the Council be willing to confirm that we indeed shared previous life/lives together? And if so, in what capacity?

    Thank you again! Keep spreading the Truth!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Merry | October 28, 2017

  2. We’re glad you liked The Council’s answer, Merry. Your thoughts of supporting us are all that is necessary. We appreciate your letting people know about us. Love, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 25, 2017

  3. Oh goodness! Thank you so much for addressing my (multiple) questions!!! I am so honored!!! I’m sharing this with everyone on my FB account and my email contact’s list! I’m so thankful! Is there any way I can otherwise support you two (and Council) for further readers’ questions?


    Comment by Merry Tremaine | April 24, 2017

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